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Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/4/08
Hey yall im the cooking club captin (I Hope) ,I am the fashion club captin , also the ela teacher 4 and i also hanppen to be a mooding in this group

As u no we are a school and teachers can't a handle all of u so we need assiants 4 class and club afterschool

So if u want a job and the job u want is taken you can always feel free to be an assanit or a student.

from ur assaint princpal
P.S iwill be lookin at the post everyday so if u want a job u will getit right away or maybe a day or 2 later Hope u like the school!!!!!!! Most assiants each class/club can have are 3-5assiants

P.P.S I can also hlep with jod seeking we need mods.!!!!!!


Gym : Teachers- Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Cookin : Teachers-Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Math : Teachers- Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
ELA : Teachers-Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Star Gasing :Teachers- Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Mage : Teachers- Assiants-Need 5 aasiants


Cookin:Captin- Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Cheerleading :Captin- Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Fashion :Captin- Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Warriors ;Captin- Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants
Magical Animal Care;Captin- Taken Assiants-Need 5 aasiants

**********I sometime only do the assanties so if u want to be a captin or teacher or a student u go to the creatoror the other jobsign up post

How To Get The Jobs
tell me your username
give me a pic.that either realates to the job u door or any pic u big as u want but no huge huge
(I would like u to the pic that realtes to the job)
and the job name (any order)

*****EX- UserName- Xpcopo

Most Important
HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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24 / F / NY,USA
Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/3/08
yo peps who wants a job
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Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/2/08
I want a jobb! xD Wow super late reply though Lol

Well there aint alot of members right now so got no clue whats going on, ahahah...
Um maybe we can wait awhile until we got alot of members(That are active) then we can do this? ;D
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