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Post Reply What do you like most about Kukai?
Posted 7/20/09 , edited 7/20/09
Cool! : D
hehe, i see^^
I have even dreamed about him >.< i did it yesterday!
I was dreaming that he was in my school and we were friends and played together^^ xD
I cant believe thet i dreamed that x)

PS: sorry that i didnt answer befor now .....
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Posted 12/28/10 , edited 12/28/10
at 1st i hated alll the guy charcters and was mad cuz amu liked tadase even though she never even spoke to him...and then there was another guy ikuto i thought alot of ppl like him and i didnt feel like liking him (but i do but not as much as kukai) and there was like one last guy and i was like like him i was pretending and then he was realy funnny and made me laugh and i strted to like him more and then i found out he was into sports like me and he has a outgoing personality and even amu strted liking him xD but wen he graduated i was mad!!! then i found out he was my fave guy char and my friends at school think i have an obsetion over him ehehehe there not wrong xD
i just love kukai for his personality and he makes evrey one laugh like me he loves sports (like me xD) and i understand how he feels xD cuz im like like that funny sporty HYPER and i talk alot xD
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