Casting Twilight yourself...
Posted 9/2/08 , edited 9/3/08
Just for fun, tell who you would choose... what you think of the other choices here, or what you think of who they actually cast.

I would choose....

Hayden Christensen for Edward.

I know choosing him must seem a little stereo typical... I mean who else has played a brooding, sexy, mysterious, young man with supernatural abilities in the past decade?
but still... he's the closest to what I pictured Edward like... though Robert is great, don't get me wrong.

Christina Ricci for Alice.

I think she'd be perfect.

For Jasper I like James Franco.

He's exactly what I pictured... and the actor officially chosen looks and talks alot like him.

I couldn't really find anybody that I thought would be good for Rosalie... I envisioned something like a mix between these two.

For Emmett Andrew Cooper was suggested to me... I like the idea...

I think Clair Danes would make a wonderful Esme.

And Carlisle was the hardest to find but a very perfected Aaron Eckhart come closest to what I thought he looked like.

So there you have the Cullens.

Now for Jacob I really had a hard time choosing between Steven Strait and a young Eric Schweig... But Strait just wasn't as close to my mental image of Jake.

I couldn't really find anyone who matched what I pictured Bella like... so maybe you'll have somebody in mind that I didn't think of... Anyway...
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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/13/08
I think your choice for Emmett and Esme is really nice
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