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Bamboo is a Filipino alternative rock band founded in 2003 by the former vocalist of Rivermaya, Bamboo Mañalac.

the Band's Origin:
Bamboo Mañalac serves as the band's frontman. Contrary to popular belief, the band is not named after him. According to Ira Cruz, the guitarist, the word bamboo relates to strength and durability with an island feel to it.[1] Also, it's very Filipino and Asian at the same time. Their first priority for a band name during the 2000's was "Audio Barangay" which means "Audio Neighborhood" in English. However, they realized that its a bit hard to pronounce and it is not that catchy compared to just "Bamboo." They also dropped the name "Audio Barangay" because Audioslave was formed roughly the same time during their band's formation, to avoid confusion.[citation needed]

Four years after their departure from Rivermaya, Mañalac and Azarcon caught up again with each other, during which Azarcon introduced him to Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado. Two of its members, Bamboo Mañalac and Nathan Azarcon, were formerly part of Rivermaya. The other two members, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado, were former instrumentalists of another band, Passage. Ira Cruz and Nathan Azarcon were also former members of the band Kapatid during that time.

Bamboo's Music Career:
Bamboo's debut album, As The Music Plays, was released in February 2004 where it received positive response from fans and critics alike. The album also won numerous awards at the AWIT Awards, NU 107 Rock Awards, and MTV Pilipinas 2004.

Their second album, Light Peace Love, which was released in 2005, consists of ten songs with differing moods and subjects, and took only 3 months to record. This album has a softer sound with both its lyrics and delivery. For this album, the band added more strings and a variety of other instruments, including a trumpet. The band admitted that this album had a personal feel to it. They experimented with several new styles that may please new listeners, at the risk of disappointing fans of the more conventional rock of their first album.

Their third album, We Stand Alone Together, was released in 2007. It contains revived local songs such as Buklod's "Tatsulok" and international songs such as Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" from different generations. It also includes bonus tracks like unplugged versions of their hit songs from previous albums such as "Mr. Clay", "These Days", and "Hallelujah". Once again, opting to do away with the conventional rock image that was attached to them , they produced sounds which were more jazzy than expected.

Star Records--backed up by ABS-CBN TV Production and MYX--produced and created the official soundtrack for the tele-epiko "Rounin", wherein the title track “Argos” was performed by Bamboo. A new avenue was opened to the band, as “Argos” is said to be the band’s first venture to record a song for a primetime television show. It is also the first time for the multi-awarded band and Star Records to work together.[3]

The band is also part of the “Days of Peace” Campaign by UNICEF with Gary Valenciano.


* As The Music Plays (2004)-Double platinum
* Light Peace Love (2005)-Platinum
* We Stand Alone Together (2007)-Gold
* Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday (2008)


* Full Volume:The Best Of Pinoy Alternative (2005 EMI Philippines)

includes As The Music Plays (Jam Version)

* Rounin OST (2007 Star Records)

includes Argos

* Astig...The Biggest OPM Hits (2008 Universal Records)


SOP Music Awards 2005

* Strictly Alternative Category Winner: "Hallelujah" - Bamboo

SOP Pasiklaband 2006

* Best Rock Band: Bamboo
* Vocalist of the Year: Bamboo Mañalac

MTV Pilipinas 2004 Music Awards

* Favorite New Artist/Group: Bamboo for "Noypi"
* Favorite Song: "Noypi" - Bamboo
* Favorite Group: Bamboo for "Noypi"

MTV Pilipinas 2005 Music Awards

* Favorite Media Soundtrack: "Fiesta Amazing" (Smart) - Bamboo

MTV Pilipinas 2006 Music Awards

* Favorite Group: Bamboo for "Much Has Been Said"
* Favorite Pop Video: Bamboo for "Much Has Been Said"
* Best Cinematography in a Video: Bamboo for "Much Has Been Said"

18th Awit Awards 2005

* Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist: "Noypi" - Bamboo
* Best Rock Song: "Noypi" - Bamboo
* People's Choice Favorite Song: "Noypi" - Bamboo

19th Awit Awards 2006

* Album of the Year: Light Peace Love - Bamboo
* Best Performance by a Group: Bamboo
* Song of the Year: "Hallelujah" - Bamboo
* Best Ballad: "Much Has Been Said" - Bamboo
* Best Rock Song: "Hallelujah" - Bamboo
* People's Choice Award: Bamboo
* Most Promising Entertainer: Bamboo

NU Rock Awards 2004

* Vocalist of the Year: Bamboo Mañalac
* Song of the Year: "Noypi" - Bamboo
* Drummer of the Year: Vic Mercado of Bamboo
* Listeners' Choice Award: Bamboo
* Band of the Year: Bamboo

NU Rock Awards 2005

* Vocalist of the Year: Bamboo Mañalac
* Album of the Year: Light Peace Love - Bamboo
* Listeners' Choice Award: Bamboo

NU Rock Awards 2007

* Guitarist of the Year: Ira Cruz
* Bassist of the Year: Nathan Azarcon
* Drummer of the Year: Vic Mercado
* Best Live Act: Bamboo
* Artist of the Year: Bamboo
* Listener's Choice Award: Bamboo

93.1 RX Year End Awards 2004

* Song of the Year: "Masaya" - Bamboo
* New Local Artist of the Year: Bamboo
* Local Group of the Year: Bamboo

89.9 TM Year End Awards 2004

* Song of the Year: "Masaya" - Bamboo
* New Local Artist of the Year: Bamboo
* Song of the Year: "Noypi" - Bamboo

19th ALIW AWARDS 2006

* Most Promising Entertainer - Bamboo
* Best Major Concert - (Group) Bamboo


* Most Clickable Band - Bamboo

2007 Box Office Entertainment Awards

* Most Popular Recording Group - Bamboo
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