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Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/13/08
1st- Name: Taro~san
2nd- Side: Pirites
3rd- Wea pon of choice: German war rifle (16 s.p.s.)
4th- history: Comes from a long line of pirate generations. Cheated death by escaping the noose when tricked by the navy.
5th- pic
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26 / M / NY and hentai world
Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/13/08
1st- Name:knight
2nd- Side Pirites
3rd- two katanas
4th- age 15 went and expored the world now gose after treasure and glory
Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08
Name: Mizuki
Wepond of choice: sword of eternal ice
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24 / F / Dubai
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09
1st- Name:Kurosakii Akane (last name, first name)
2nd- Side: Pirites
3rd- katana
4th- was an orphan, wandering around the darkest alley of a coastal town called Pirate Harbors. Now, Pirate Harbors is no ordinary town, it's a dump where pirates of all nationalities gather to stock up their goods and get ready to set sail; of course that's not the only thing that happens in a town filled with pirates. There are raids, fights/duels, slave markets, pubs, thievery and all sorts of trouble lurking in the dark. Considering that a child of the age of 6 survived in that chaotic town or 7 years meant that I'm no ordinary child, i have the 7 Devil's luck and a little bit of magic in my blood. However, on my 13th birthday, human's greatest fears came to life; vampires!!!!! That was the day that the town bathed in more blood than ever before............ for me........ i was never the same since then........



I am........ a black-blooded vampirate...........
Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/16/09
I have two characters

1st- Name: Tara
2nd- Side: Pirites
3rd- Wepond of choice: Claws
4th- history: Tara views herself as a great pirite captian when she dosent even have a ship. Tara is cool and funny, but acts miles before she thinks. her past is very cold and filled with pain, but her smile seems to always be happy and pure.
5th- pic:

1st- Name: Haroku
2nd- Side: Pirites
3rd- Wepond of choice: demension sword
4th- history: Tara's little brother. Haroku might be young but already has a mastery of the dark arts. Haroku also has a heart condition that if he dosent watch himself will kill him, so Tara usually fights for him. Haroku is kind to Tara but distant and shy to others.
5th- pic:
Posted 2/19/09 , edited 2/20/09
1st- Name: Xavior
2nd- Side: Navy
3rd- Wepond of choice: Pistle
4th- history
5th- pic:
Posted 3/2/09 , edited 3/3/09
Kana_ wrote:

Name: Ren
Side: Pirates
Weapon: swords
History: cant seem to remmber
Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
I have a couple two...

Name: Macara
Side: Pirates
Weapon of Choice: Twin Swords
History: Macara grew up in a pirate society and is now a captain.

Name: Kamen
Side: Pirites
Weapon of Choice: Sword
History: he was originally a wolf that died in the wild, but Macara put his spirit into a dead body and he has been loyal to her ever since. He doesn't trust anyone except Macara.
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09
1st- Name: Gina
2nd- Side: Rebel
3rd- Wepond of choice: Sword
4th- history: the ultament arch angel ever....Gina is Tara's Gardian angel and is single handedly the strongest angel around.
5th- pic:
Navy Captian
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27 / M / ...loveless place...
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/13/09
1st- Name: Akuma
2nd- Side: ?
3rd- Wepond of choice: Insanity
4th- history: his history dates to far to tell. Akuma is know as the omage (beginning). his power is that of insanity. not much else is known about him. he has 4 forms that represents his stages of sannity.
Kid form:
Demon form:
Sinner form:
True form:
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/20/09
I have a couple more.^^

Name: Kaname
Side: No side
Weapon of Choice: Sword
History: Macara's daughter, but doesn't always agree with what her mother does. According to her mother, her father abandoned her at birth, along with her twin sister, Shiori. Kaname was always helping out crew members and ended up becoming her mother's first mate, though she doesn't consider herself one.

Name: Shiori
Side: No side
Weapon of Choice: Magical Staff
History: Also Macara's daughter and Kaname's twin sister. Their father is nowhere to be found. She found no friends among the crew, so she hid under the deck most of the time.

Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/31/09
1st- Name: Reusaki
2nd- Side: Churchof alteria (a group agenst everyone)
3rd- Wepond of choice: lots of wepends to choice from
4th- history: the youngest of the Church alteria's main units....his goal is to kill all with the scarlet iago curse
5th- pic
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25 / M / In The Grey Betwe...
Posted 10/3/09 , edited 10/3/09
Name: Alexander Monteiro
Side: Any
Weapons Of Choice: Two hidden blades and the firing mechanizm in his left one
History: When he was very little he was a thief and he became a masterful one. By the time he was ten he became a stowaway and over time he learned many fighting styles for all kinds of weapons. He stopped on on island and worked with a blacksmith and learned how to make guns ad swords. He made himself two hidden blades and gave one of them a firing mechanizim so the blade can be fired at a person. Alex then move from ship to ship till he was 19. At 19 he used the money he gained on the ships to buy himself some clothes. Now he wanders looking for a crew he will stay with.
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