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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/4/08
This was translated from the Thai subs.

Host: It’s a very special day today because I brought you to SM in Korea and interview with Super Junior Happy!

LeeTeuk: 1..2..3 (All) Sawaddee Krab, We’re Super Junior - Happy!
Host: And this is Super Junior-Happy. First of all please tell us how this project started and why do you call it “Happy”
LeeTeuk: Well, this sub-unit is the fourth unit already.. called SJ-Happy.. I think it kinda fits Thailand too. It is now Summer in Korea so we made this album that you can listen and relax

Host: Let’s talk about the first MV - Cooking Cooking! Many of you have seen that the girl in the mv can’t cook at all.. what if that happens in real life? What would you do with that kind of girl?

ShinDong: If my girlfriend can’t cook.. umm.. I’ll cook for her.. both of us will probably starve (haha) it will be a good way to diet too..
EunHyuk: For me, even though the taste is horrible I’ll keep asking her to cook for me.. because the more you cook the better you get so I’ll ask her to cook more often
ShinDong: So then you have to keep eating horrible food!?
EunHyuk: Then we’ll eat together.. like.. here, you taste it
LeeTeuk: Aren’t you afraid you’ll get fat?
EunHyuk: I wanna get a bit chubbier..
ShinDong: I envy you…
SungMin: But Eunhyuk.. you’re picky on your food, aren’t u?
EunHyuk: No..
ShinDong: Don’t can say cos you don’t have a girlfriend now..
EunHyuk: said i’d eat it!!
SungMin: LOL

SungMin: I would cook for my girlfriend too.. If she can’t cook then come here.. look.. I’d teach her.. show her first
ShinDong: then you’d become a permanent cook in your house
SungMin: but my palm doesn’t say so…
SungMin: ah..

LeeTeuk: For me, if she isn’t good at cooking just tell her that.. I’d tell her straight if the food tastes bad..
ShinDong: tell her that?
LeeTeuk: right.. but i’ll treat her a meal instead.. I’ll make a lot of money and pay for her
All: ohhh… so cool…

Host: So the next song is called Pajama Party? How was the making of MV? Was it fun?
ShinDong: Ah.. if you look in the mv you’ll see that these guys are so mean to me.. Because there were only 4 girls there and they match me with Kangin so the rest can be with the girls.. I was so bored you know that? So do you like it?
EunHyuk: umm, it’s hard to say.. hehe….. Shindong’s hair right now.. is very much like a girl’s.. I think Kangin must be feeling as if he’s been matched with a girl anyway..
ShinDong: Just like that?? do you wanna try? why don’t you?
EunHyuk: LOL

Host: Many of you in Super Junior also work as DJs.. Do you believe that a lot of Thai fans listen to you guys on the internet and send you messages.. Have you seen or read any of their messages?
LeeTeuk: Yes, many of us are DJs and know that a lot of Thai fans love to listen to us.. they also come to our Homepage.. so I talk to our producer and are thinking we’ll create something in Thai to repay that.. Soon the Thai fans will see something that we do just for Thai fans

Host: Yesterday must be really fun with the SM Town concert. How was it? I heard it rained but everyone still continued to have fun..
SungMin: The concert yesterday has ended already.. All of us SM Family got to be together was just like a mini-festival… and the event was held at Korea’s biggest stadium too.. very honored for that.. and a lot of fans came to cheer us which was very impressive

Host: It must be so true to say that you guys come to Thailand pretty often.. Have you ever thought that you’re bored of Thailand..don’t wanna go anymore? and do you have any plans to go back to Thailand in the future?
LeeTeuk: We’d also like to ask the same question to our Thai fans..(All: yeah…) because we go there so often, are you guys bored of us?
SungMin: “aiyy.. these guys come so often…”
LeeTeuk: yeah.. something like that.. but we actually feel really good.. instead of feeling like we’re flying to a foreign country, it feels like we’re flying home.. we really like it.. And next month there will be a 50th anniversary of Thailand-Korea relationship.. we’d like a lot of Thai fans to come and see us.. we’ll be showing the bessstttt of us.. wait, i think it’s very near now huh?
EunHyuk: Yeah.. and all 13 of us will be going right? (yeah yeah.. nod nod nod)
ShinDong: Be prepared to see us!

Host: Lastly, please say something about your project and some greetings to our audience
LeeTeuk: Thailand is a country where all of us Super Junior are very thankful for.. whenever we feel upset or stressful, I’d bring a clip of Thai fans I keep in my cellphone out and let them watch

LeeTeuk: everytime I watch this I’d feel very grateful.. very happy.. thank you so much.. For Super Junior, Thailand is the country of happiness.. we’ll keep working hard.. please continue to love us.. we will love our fans as much as you love us… and this is us.. Super Junior - Happy!

Host: It’s not easy for our show to come to SM.. so before we leave.. I have a small gift from our Thai fans… These are “Pa kao ma” that Thai guys use to take a shower with, as a scarf, etc.. very useful.. Today I brought one for each of you so that you can use when you visit Thailand too

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