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[Game] nagehiko x amu story
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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/4/08
amu was going to her first day of school when she bumped into a guy with sorta blue hair
i could not make it out he help me up and asked is i was lost i was to lost in his eyes
they were like hunny brown...
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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/4/08
The boy smiled as Amu gasped.
"Nagehiko?! Is Nadeshiko back yet?!"
Nagehiko shook his head and grabbed Amu's hand.
"Nope, nto yet! But let's go somewhere fun!"
Nagehiko laughed and started running as Amu whined.
"Noooo! School! SCHOOL!"
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21 / F / I live in my house.
Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/4/08
nagehiko:oh its not open
amu:nagehiko say what
nagehiko:i guess tadase did not tell u then
amu:well ok but let me change
Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
Nagehiko: whats wrong with what your wearing now?
Amu: i-its just that I would like to change out of my school uniform...
Nagehiko: Won't your paaretns freak if they see me?...
Amu: Just pretends to be Nadeshiko for a the time being
Nagehiko: ok then ^^
Nagehiko drags Amu to her house....
Amu: okay then...
Amu's dad opens the door.....
Amu's dad: A B-BOY...With my Amu-chan...My Amu-chan has a boyfriendo NOOOOOOO
He runs away aka in the bathroom...XD
Nagehiko and Amu:
Amu: Dad don't worry its a girl...
Amu's Dad: Huh?.....
Nagehiko quickly ties up his Nadeshiko
Nagehiko: Nice to meet you I'm Nadeshiko ^^ (in a girly voice like Nadeshiko's)
Amu's dad: OOOh Thank goodness I thought my Amu got a boyfriend
Amu: Dad....

Continue please ^^
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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/24/09
[This will be like episode 62, except no Rima in it. This part was too cute. :P]

Amu's Dad: Well I'll let you two go now.

After they enter Amu's room..

As Amu was looking for clothes to change into, Nagihiko looks around the room and spots the marriage loveknot charm and picks it up.

Nagihiko: You kept it after all.

Amu: I kept what after all? [Was still looking at her clothes]

Nagihiko: The loveknot charm.

Amu: Of course I did! It was the first time we met right?

Nagihiko: That's right. ^-^

Amu: Do you still have yours?

Nagihiko: Yup, on my top drawer I believe.

Amu: I think I'll change into this outfit. What do you think of it? [It's one of my favorite!]

Nagihiko: I think whatever you choose will be great on you.

Amu: Aw, thanks Nagihiko. Well I'll be right back!~

As Amu is gone.. Ami comes to Amu's room.

Ami: Onee-chan! Eh? Where's Onee-chan?

Nagihiko: She went to go change.

Ami: Oh well, you should look at Onee-chan's album with me while we wait for her.

Nagihiko: Sure.

As Amu was returning, she could hear Nagihiko laughing.

Amu: What are you laughing at?

Ami: We're looking at all your pictures when you were my age. :P

Nagihiko: Aw, you have your teddy bear with you a lot.

Amu: Isn't that a coincidence?

Ami: Look, it's Amu's teddy bear!

Amu: Geh, Ami!

Amu: *trying to laugh it off* Haha, so we better get going Nagihiko.

Nagihiko: I think Ami had a question for you Amu-chan.

Ami: Um.. I forgot. [Due to too much fun embarrassing her sister.]

Nagihiko: Ok let's go!.. Where exactly?

Amu: It's around 5 now, and I kinda want to see a movie. Alright with you?

Nagihiko: Sure

Amu: Mama, Papa, I'm leaving, should be back around 8!

Mama and Papa: Ok, have fun dear!

What happens next? :P
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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/24/09
Nagehiko and Amu: *walking to the movies*
Nagehiko: *holds Amu's hand* Hey, Amu, what movie are you going to watch?
Amu: *doesn't notice Nagehiko holding her hand* Well, I want to watch something different from what types I usually watch. So a scary movie!
Nagehiko: I'm alright with that. *they arrive at the movies and take there seat*
A scary scene comes~
Amu: *scared so she buried her head into Nagehiko's chest* Eek!
Nagehiko: *whisper* A-Amu?
Amu: *pulls her head out quickly* G-Gomene..
Nagehiko: It's alright *puts hand in the popcorn packet*
Amu: *puts hand in the popcorn packet at the same time and there hands touch* Uh..
Nagehiko: *smiles and takes his hand out* -whisper- Gomene, you can go first


Sorry, a bit of romance in that one and isn't there already a NagehikoXAmu story?
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Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/26/09
Amu: Th..thanks.

After the movie..

Nagihiko: I didn't like the ending, too gruesome with no resolve. What did you think of the movie?

Amu: I don't think I want to see another scary movie for a while.

Nagihiko: *looks at his clock* hm, it's around 7 now, we still have some time. You want to get a snack and talk?

Amu: Sure, I am kind of hungry.

Nagihiko:*grabs Amu's hand* lets go to our usual place. [Ep. 20 Restaurant]

Amu: O..ok. *he took my hand!*

When they reach the restuarant..

Amu: Wah, we haven't been here in a while.

Nagihiko: Yea, hey look they added something new to the menu!

Amu: Oo, I wonder what wings taste like here.

Nagihiko: Me too, want to share it?

Amu: Ok.

The waiter comes.

Waiter: What would the lovely couple like to order?

Amu: eh? what? um.. we're not..-

Nagihiko: We'd like an order of your wings and two cokes please.

Waiter: Ok, it'll be ready soon. [The waiter leaves]

Nagihiko: Ah, Amu-chan, my sister told me to tell you, "I have an aim account now so you should add me!"

Amu: *still in shock of what the waiter said*

Nagihiko: Amu-chan?

Amu: Eh, gomen, can you say that again?

Nagihiko: I know how you still miss Nadeshiko so I asked her to make an aim account, it's called "Nade76" I think.

The waiter arrives. Here you go you too!

Nagihiko: That was fast thanks.

Amu: Looks delicious!

As they eat,

Amu: Yay Nade! I hope she'll be online tonight. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask your screen name.

Nagihiko: It's called "Yo_Nagi" What's yours?

Amu: It's "RMS_Amu" I couldn't think of anything else, RMS stands for ran,miki, suu.

Nagihiko: lol cute.

Amu: Cute? :O

Nagihiko: It's nothing, I shouldn't lose this napkin. [Has her screen name]

Amu: Yeah, me too.

As they finish the appetizer..

Nagihiko: I'll pay for it, after all, I did ask you to come with me.

Amu: No, it's ok, I'll pay for-

Nagihiko already pays for the meal before she could finish saying her sentence.

They walk out the door promising each other they'll talk later that night and go their separate ways.

As Amu walks home..

Amu: Yay!~ I can talk to Nadeshiko after so long!~

Ran: And Nagihiko eh?
Miki: I second what Ran said.
Suu: Me too desu~

Amu: Eh? Why would you think that?

Miki: You totally ignored us the whole time!
Suu: Sure did desu~
Ran: Go Amu! A girl with many loves!

Amu: You guys! Well, I'm glad I can finally talk to my best friend after so long, she can help me with my boy problems.

Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/27/09
lol nice ^^

~There conservation~


Nade76: Amuuu-chan its been a bit long now hasn't it?

RMS_Amu: Nadeshiko when are you coming back?

Nade76: I don't know amu-chan......

RMS_Amu: Nadeshiko.....I don't know who I like....can you help me?...

Nade76: Sure Amu-chan what are the choices?

RMS_Amu: Well......all of the guys.....

Nade76:........All of them...O__O" Even my brother?! O_____O" see......yes...

Nade76:..............Well.....what do you like about Tadase?

RMS_Amu: I don't know hes sweet and nice...

Nade76: Ikuto?

RMS_Amu: He has a soft spot kind caring spot as well...

Nade76: Karir?.....

RMS_Amu: Well.....hes mature, and hes a really caring guy

Nade76: My brother?.....

RMS_Amu: hes like my best guy friend and I don't know I guess....I fell for him as well and hes kind and caring he also watches out for me and hes just a really nice guy

Nade76:.......You my brother?......O_____________________o".........

RMS_Amu: Nooo....but ehehe?....I never said that.....

Nade76: Gtg amu dance pratice just follow the person who your heart says so

RMS_Amu: Bye Nadeshiko....-___-" and tys
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/27/09
Amu: Well that wasn't that great of advice. My heart wants me to follow so many people.
Miki: Hey look, Nagihiko is on.
Ran: So are Kukai and Tadase
Suu: And look, Rima, and Yaya are on today~ desu~
Amu: I should get talk to them all in one chat, since I can't make it to the next Guardian meeting, I promised mama and papa I would babysit Ami while they're on their "date."

[Amu invited Yo_Nagi, SoccerGuyKukai, GagQueenRima, Baby_Yaya, and Tadase_Rules to a chatroom]

Yo_Nagi: What's up Amu?
Baby_Yaya: Hey Amu-chi, Nagi.
SoccerGuyKukai: Yo.
Tadase_Rules: Greetings everyone.
GagQueenRima: Hey.
SoccerGuyKukai: Geez Tadase, even online you're so formal.
Tadase_Rules: That's just how I am Souma-kun.
SoccerGuyKukai: Use smileys or something, loosen up.
Tadase_Rules: No, I'm good.
SoccerGuyKukai: There you go.
RMS_Amu: Well anyway... I asked you guys to come here since I can't make it to the next Guardian Meeting.
SoccerGuyKukai: Why did you invite me if just to say that?
RMS_Amu: Because uh.. you're awesome like that.
SoccerGuyKukai: Haha, ok.
GagQueenRima: Aw, why's that Amu?
RMS_Amu: I have to babysit for Ami while my parents are out dating.
Yo_Nagi: What a nice thing to do for your parents.
Baby_Yaya: Why don't you just bring her to the Guardian Meeting, she sure had fun last time.
RMS_Amu: Uh.. Maybe, I'll ask her.

Amu: Oy, Ami, do you want to go to the guardian's meeting with me tomorrow?
Ami: :O Yay!! Onii-chan it will be so much fun!~ I can see all the sugoi charas!
Amu: I thought you would say yes..
Mama: Ami, time for sleeping!
Ami: Coming Mama! *Ami zooms past her mom*
Mama: Thanks again for agreeing to take care of Ami, Amu.
Amu: It's nothing.

RMS_Amu: Well looks like I will go to the meeting with Ami after all.
SoccerGuyKukai: Well, if that's all, I've g2g, early soccer practice tomorrow. cya! *logs off*
Baby_Yaya: My mom's calling me to get off, see you all tomorrow! *logs off*
GagQueenRima: There's a new comedy show tomorrow morning, seems interesting, so I'm heading to bed now too. Later. *logs off*
Tadase_Rules: I've got to study for that math test for a bit, so logging off before distractions come. Night Hinamori-san, Fujisaki-kun.
RMS_Amu: You leaving too Nagihiko?
Yo_Nagi: Yea, sorry if you wanted to talk more, and I hope that waiter didn't shock you too much you can't sleep. Good night Amu-chan. *logs off*
RMS_Amu: Hey I was not that shock- ah he logged off already. I might as go to bed as well.

Miki: You ought to study for that math test like Tadase.
Ran: Go Amu-chan Go!
Suu: *Yawn* Yeah, you should.

Amu: Ahh, I totally forgot!!
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/27/09
Next day after the test...

Amu: Ahh,that test was hard...

Nagihiko: You did fine Amu.

Amu: Maybe...let's go to the Royal Garden now!

Nagihiko: Sure.

Amu: Oh wait,I have to go pick up Ami now. Want to come Nagihiko?

Nagihiko: Sure.Let's go.

On the way to Ami's preschool...

Amu: Ahh..I wonder what we're going to talk about in the guardians meeting...

Nagihiko: Who knows? *smiles*

Amu: *blushes*

*Then all of a sudden Amu trips*

Amu: Ahhh!!

*Nagihiko catches her*

Nagihiko: Are you all right Amu-chan?

Amu: *blushes even more* Y-yes.Thank you. *Amu gets up* Let's go.

At the preschool...

Amu: Ami,I'm here.Let's go.

Ami: Okay! *See's Nagihiko* Uwahh onii-chan is here too? shugoi!

Nagihiko: Nice to see you again Ami-chan.

Amu: Okay.Let's go to the Royal Garden now.

At the Royal Garden...

[I love this pair!! Amuhiko<3 i think tats it? i ono i made it up xP]
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/27/09
Pst, you forgot to pick up Ami
lol and I <3 Amuhiko too.
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/27/09
[Ohhh,i was reading the posts b4 me very quickly,so i didnt really know wat happened x3,i'll edit it]
Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09

lol now to continue ^_^

They start walking......

Ami: Okaa-san, Otou-san ^_^

Amu:...Ami....were not married...........

Nagehiko: :sweatingbullets:......married?......

Ami: But aren't you and Otou-san dating?...

Amu: AMI!!! O///////////O........*Amu blushing like crazy*

Nagehiko: lol Do you want to start dating Amu?

Amu: N-Nagehiko.....

Lol XD Funny neh?....Continue ^.^
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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
[Wahh Nagihiko asking Amu out xDD]

Amu: *starts blushing*

Tadase: D-d-dating?!?

Ikuto: *Suddenly at the Royal Garden* What's this I hear about dating?

Amu: I-Ikuto,why are you here?

Ikuto: I just came to visit you.

Amu: Go away Ikuto.

Ikuto: Psh.Your no fun.

Nagihiko: Well,Amu do you want to?

Miki: A start of new love...

Ran: Go! Go! Amu-chan

Suu: Amu-chan!
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/29/09
Lol thats what my lil bro and lil sis's call me cept they just call me Otou-san....cuz I guess I'm like there father even though I'm only there brother they call me Otou-san more often then instead onii-chan....weird...XD but its okay there only lil kids

Amu: well........ano......I.....I need to think about it.......
After school......she goes on comp..........


Nade76: Hey Amu-chan ^.^ I heard my brother asked you out....O__O".....WHAT DID U SAY!!!! >_>

RMS_Amu: yea...O/////O I told him that....well......I needed to think about it....I like him...I guess hes really nice but I also like all the other guys......

Nade76: Ya but you don't be quiet when u talk about him its continusly on, on and on and on........shall I continue?

RMS_Amu: So...w8 I do?.....I heart beats so much near him and hes just so cute, charming, and helpful, hes like my best guy friend.....

Nade76:......U like him badly.........0-0......Amu just face it.....u really really like my brother......

RMS_Amu: Yea.....I think I do maybe ur right tys Nadeshiko ^_^ I'll accept his date tomorrow....

Nade76: Bye Amu ^.^

RMS_Amu: Bye Nadeshiko XD

~Nade76 logged off~

~RMS_Amu logged off~

Continue ^__^__^ lol alien faces XD
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