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[Game] nagehiko x amu story
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Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/30/09
The next day~

Ran: Run, run, Amu-chan!
Miki: You're always late for school aren't you Amu?

Amu: Ughh, you guys! Not my fault if my parents want me to listen to Ami sing.

Suu: You've got one minute left~ desu~

Amu: AHHH!!! *full speed* Phew. Made it.

Ran: Look! It's Nagihiko!
Miki: Whatcha gonna do Amu?
Suu: Look she's blushing!~

Amu: I'm not! *slightly blushing* Well, now's a good time as any to tell him I want to start dating him too..

Walks to Nagihiko~

Nagihiko: Morning Amu-chan.
Amu: Morning, Nagihiko. S-so.. about yesterday..
Nagihiko: You don't have to worry about that, I don't want to pressure you into anything you don't want to do.
Amu: B-but I want to say--

Nikaido sensei: Good morning class! Everyone please take your seats now.

Amu: I-I'll tell you later.
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
MUHAHAHAHA I gots a really good idea now ^_^ an EVIL IDEA >xD kinda from Aoi-Sora.......Lol now to give it a try at writing XD


Nagehiko: sure :)

Nikaido sensei: Now students I'm sure your all aware of this years Tanabata festival but for school we will be holding a dance for it
(Tanabata is the star festival held mostly on July/ August 7 its a festval held on)

Nagehiko thinking "I wish I could ask Amu out to that dance.....Maybe I should do that today after school)

After school......

Nagehiko grabs Amu's hand and runs off, Amu blushes......

Amu: emm....Nagehiko yesterday you asked me out..well....I wanted to s-say y-yes I would like to go on a d-date with you...

Nagehiko: HONTONI?!?! (aka REALLY?!?!)

Amu: yea.... :blush:...^////^......

Nagehiko: And Amu...would you accompany me to the Tanabata dance?...(star dance from star festival)

Amu: yea

They hold hands and walk off....

Continue yo
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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/6/09
As they're holding hands..

Amu: Uh.. so where are we going? <_<
Nagi: I don't really know..

Kukai suddenly appears.

Kukai: Eh? You two holding hands now? What have I been missing since I was at the middle school? :P

I'm too lazy to type out more. XD
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
lol funny XD I'm listening to shooting star right now ^_^ Lol I think I can play that on piano and guitar XD It sounds pretty easy I'll give it a try XD....

Amu: O////O Nothing!! Its just that we...emm...nothing!!...O///////O (Amu is blushing badly XD)

Nagehiko: So...Kuukai who are you taking to the Star Dance? ^_~ (Nagehiko winks)

Amu: *thinks ooooh Utah XD* I'm guessing a certain.....Oh I don't know pop star? >xD

Kuukai: O///O....Umm I don't know..anyways BYE GUYS!!!

Kuukai runs out like crazy
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25 / F / Um...Somewhere...
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/7/09
Shooting star from Naruto? XD I haven't heard that in forever! (Or watched much Naruto lately)
:O I wish I could play the piano. I'm going to try and get lessons this summer. +Archery and drawing lessons. XD

On to the story!
Amu: Ha, his running like that is funny! XD
Nagihiko: Definitely .
Amu: Now where were we going again?
Nagihiko: Seeing Kukai reminded me we have a guardian meeting today!
Amu: I totally forgot about that..

At the Guardian meeting~

Rima: You two are late... And together.. what could that mean..?
Amu: Uhh.. well.. we started talking about.. how we are going to be date-- dating.
Nagihiko: We sorta got lost of time I guess. Heh.
Yaya: EHHHH??? When did Nagi and Amu-chii like each other??

Nagi and Amu look at each other.
Nagi: I think we should get on with the meeting.
Amu: Yeah, maybe talk about that later.
Yaya: Grr.. fine. But guardian stuff is always boring.
Tadase: So you two are going to be going to the dance together then I suppose?

Nagihiko: yes.
Tadase: Oh.. Well, I'll see you guys there then!

Amu: Wh..who are you going with? (slightly upset that he got a date already)
Tadase: Oh no one. The chairman wanted me to fill in any position at the dance if anyone's absent. If no one's absent, I'll just talk to friends.
Yaya and Rima: The chairman got to us to. So same.

Amu: I'm glad I'll see everyone there then! (Phew, no date.. Gaahh I still like so many boys. >_<)
Tadase: Ahh, look at the time. I guess meetings over.

They all go home...
Will Rima say something to Amu on AIM? Or anyone else?
Will a guy/girl ask out any of the guardians?
How much longer 'till the dance?

Ha, Idk just questions the next post should include~ Nahh, jk. Just something if no one has ideas for next post.
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25 / F / Um...Somewhere...
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
Holy, I haven't been on in foreverrrrrrrrr... and I wanted to update this. Aha. Amuhiko~ <3

On the way home to Amu's house.

Amu: Man, today was interesting huh guys?

Miki: And I bet you have a certain someone in your mind don't you Amu?

Amu: Um..

Ran: So Amu, have you thought of what to wear at the dance yet?

Amu: It's still like a week away, I don't need to think too much about it yet. [Ahhh omg, omg, I need a cute dress to wear.. I should start looking soon..]

Before Amu realized it, she was already home...

Continue Plox
Posted 7/27/09 , edited 7/27/09
lol this is so cute i wanna join in now lol

Miki : i could draw something up for you to wear to the dance Amu.
Amu : Hmmm... maybe Miki.
Suu : It can be pink and pretty and frilly-desu
Amu : Maybe...
Miki : I'll start up on some drawings now.
Ran : Draw draw Miki~! Go go Miki~!
Amu : *I wonder what we'll look like... Me and Nagi together at the dance*

hey i gotta question ya'll got Amu and Nade on the puter talkin' to each other so.. isn't it really Nagi giving Amu all this advice bout followin' her heart and what not?
Posted 10/16/09 , edited 10/17/09
(i wanna join in too... altho i like RimaHiko better.. Gommen!!)

Amu: Ahh i want to go on the computer and see if Nadeshiko is on. *looks at her online ppl*

RMS_Amu: aahh Nadeshiko!

Nade76: ohh amu-chan! i was gonna talk to you........ I heard that my brother asked you to the Star Dance (i dont know what its called) O_O

RMS_Amu: yeah i know...WHAT SHOULD I DO!!???

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Posted 2/15/10 , edited 2/15/10
(dont kno wat 2 say :sweatingbullets:)
Nade76: y u dont like my brother jk
RMS_Amu: no not that i dont kno wat to wear
Nade76:thats so like u
(cant think of ne thing else)
Posted 2/21/10 , edited 2/21/10
Nade76: I was jk! Geez Amu-chan.

RMS_Amu: Well!
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/29/10
Nade76: haha, so amu got any questions? need advise?
RMS_Amu: well... i feel bad for tadase cause he got no date....
Nade76: well overall do you think he will be happy?
RMS_Amu: i guess so...
Nade76: then have fun there! i gtg 2 rehersal now. bye amu-chan!!! *logged off*

GagQueenRima logged on*

GagQueenRima: hey amu...
RMS_Amu: hey... got something on your mind?
GagQueenRima: well yea, i kinda like tadase [alot] but idk how he feels for me...
RMS_Amu: well mayb i can talk to him for you!
GagQueenRima: really you would do that for me?! well my fav show is on bye! *logges offf*

RMS_Amu logged off*

Next day at the Guardian meeting [friday]

*Nagihiko is staring at amu dreamily *

Yaya: NAGI IS STARING AT AMU-CHII !!!!! love is in the air!! heh heh heh

Nagihiko: ... :blush:

Amu: *smiles at herself*

Rima: So amu want to go the mall today?


Amu: sure!!

Next person pleaase
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21 / F / Seiyo Middle
Posted 8/30/10 , edited 8/31/10
I like it! (Although not the couple too much... Gomen...)
Posted 9/3/10 , edited 9/4/10
[me too! lol. but i perfer Rimahiko]
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Posted 12/29/11 , edited 12/29/11
*After guardian meeting*
Amu:Alright lets go to the mall
Rima:I heard theres a new gag magazine
*Going to the mall*
Nagihiko:Maybe I should get Amu a present
*Going to mall*
Nagihiko:Ah here we go an accessory shop
*Goes in*
Nagihiko spots something
Nagihiko:Wow its a set,With earrings,necklaces,bracelets and a hairclip,its perfect, X earrings,X Hairclip with heart,spade,clover and diamond bracelets and necklaces
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Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/18/12
(I want to join and I love Amuhiko but Amu spent the night at Nagihiko 's house before and slept right next to each other.... anyways to the story)
Nagihiko:this is perfect*he buys the set and wraps it in x paper with a silver bow*
(with Yaya Rima and Amu)
Amu: Everyone has found a dress but me!
Rima:Amu calm down you will find a dress before the dance
Amu:but the mall is about to close!What am I going to do!
Rima:Amu breath breath!You will find something okay?
Amu:right Ill fine the perfect dress before the dance!
! Attention please the mall is closing!
*everyone went home*
Amu:hmm I wonder if Nagihiko or Nadeshiko is on hmm Nade76 Nadeshiko is on! Yo_Nagi
Nade76:hey Amu
RMS_Amu:I need your help I still have nothing to wear to the dance
Nade76:well you could wear your uniform?
RMS_Amu:no i don't want to wear that I wanted to wear a dress like Rima and Yaya but I can't find one
Nade76:Hey i got to go dance practice I never get a break down here bye Amu!
RMS_Amu:bye Nadeshiko
-Nade76 logged off-
-Yo_Nagi has logged on-
Yo_Nagi:Hey Amu
RMS_Amu:hey Nagi!
Yo_Nagi:so what are you up to?
RSM_Amu:I just got done talking to your sister
Yo_Nagi:I got to go my mother wants me in bed
RSM_Amu:bye see you tomorrow Nagi!
Yo_Nagi:Bye Amu
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