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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 10/9/08
Now that I think about it i thought it would be better if Members/Customers would have rankings of their own!This is also like a contest!So come on in and rank you self but first there are rules.

5cookies Our #1 Customer:To get this you have to upload 15 pics, be helpful in the group by helping at least 3 people in questions and suggestions, post 10 guestbook comments, make two forum posts and order at least 5 times in The Cafe and earned 50 Keo Koins

4cookies Valuable Customer;To get this you have to upload 10 pics,post 8 guestbook comments,order 3 things in the Cafe, make one forum, and help one member in the questions and suggestionsand earn 40 Keo Koins.

3cookies Friendly Customer:To get this you have to upload 8 pics,post at least 5 guestbook comments, buy 2 things in Cafe and ask for one avii or banner request and earn 30 Keo Koins.

2cookies Loitering Customer:To get this you have to upload 5 pics,post 1 comment in guestbook and put up an avii or banner request and earn 15 keo koins.

1cookie. New Customer: All members are one cookiie but at leat post a request and a GB post.

1.No lying because iwill be checking!
2.If you dont do it properly then dont get mad with us because it is a rule or else kicked out!
3 Follow this:

i want a rank as:
Pics uploaded:
GB posted:
forum posted:
request posted:
have you earned Keo Koins:

Dont know what a Keo Koin is? HERE!

Go to the cafe now! HERE!

If you are the first 5 star ranker then you get a free avii and banner made by a mod of your choiccce!Here are the unavailable mods:sakura16rox,tsunari,inuyasha_81344014,3v3r_free, jenny99 and Miyiki.Only left is purpiff_01, Miyiki,Winterroselove, Azora_S, and jianing23.
well most are available but they are busy these days so they might not be able to do your request.
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