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24 / F / WAIANAE HAWAII!!!!!
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OK all you have to do is post your story then I or another mod will make it into its own Forum got it ^_^ Don't be shy and if you want to be anonymous we can do that too ^_^

if you want here is a simple guide line for it

Date Started:
To be continued or finished:
any pics you want in it
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:…P - R - O - H - I - B - I - T - E - D…:

Main Character [You should know the others if you know Bleach]:
Name: Mitsuki Shin [First, Last]
Race: Shinigami, Lieutenant, Second Squad, also, Commander of the Secret Mobile Corps
Hair Color: Brown, goes a little past the shoulders
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Birthday: October 14th
Zanpakuto‘s Name: Quincy
Command [Shikai]: Youishiki
Shikai: You become a Quincy with your own Quincy out fit so you don’t have to look like a Shinigami [It‘s basically the same as a normal Quincy, just stronger]
Command [Bankai]: Bankai! Ikorose Youishiki Quincy!
Bankai: Same as shikai, only when you fire it is a Zanpakuto instead of a Quincy arrow. Also, it looks as if you will fire one Zanpakuto, but you really fire one hundred, and an invisible, impenetrable shield surrounds you [fitting perfectly to your body]
Additional Information: Your mother was a Quincy and your father was a Shinigami. They were executed because of your birth. So you’re kind of like a Quincigami.
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It was your fifth year as a Shinigami. You were the youngest Soul Reaper in all of the Gotei Thirteen Court Guard Squads, but that didn’t mean you were the weakest. You only spent two years at the Shinigami Academy, and graduated when you were ten years old. Two years after, you had already climbed your way up the “Shinigami Ladder” to a second seat, a Lieutenant of the Second Squad. Your Captain, Soi Fon, had also made you Commander of the Secret Mobile Corps. Even though your Zanpakuto was not Hand-to-Hand Combat Based, you were still prized by your Captain [It was because you preferred Hand-to-Hand Combat instead of your Zanpakuto].
You were out wandering the sekki-sekki streets at night with three of your friends: Nemu, Rangiku, and Yachiru, when all of a sudden a bright light covered the sky. It was there for only a second then disappeared and the sky returned to it’s normal shade of blue. The three of you continued walking, but a few seconds later you spotted a large round, pale blue sphere in the sky. Seconds after that the sphere shattered and all you could see was the pale blue color of the shattered ball. You could hear the shouts of the other Shinigami around you wandering what was happening, but you could also vaguely hear the shouts of the four…five…no…six figures up in the sky yelling things like, “No!” “Grab on to me!“ and “Don‘t let go!” You then saw one of the figures fly out of the group. Another figure then left the larger group, and he threw the first figure back into that group. Then the figure that was alone, quickly started to fall to the ground. A few seconds later, the cluster, of what you now figured were people, divided into four streaks, plummeting quickly to ground. You figured Captain Kenpachi would be looking for the strongest and maybe someone else would be looking for a stronger one, probably someone from the Eleventh Squad. You had been bored for a while, so you said good-bye to your friends, turned around and ran to catch up with the streak that had flew behind you. You could hear Rangiku shouting at you saying, ”Wait! Mitsuki!”
About an hour later, after you had caught up with the people in the streak you had followed, you were hiding around the corner from the intruders. One of them was a girl who looked about the same age as you with long orange hair with two asterisk-shaped berets on each side of her face to hold her hair back. She wore a pink t-shirt with white sweatpants with a pink strip running down them. The other was a man who also looked about the same age as you, with dark blue hair that went to about his chin in the front and shorter in the back. He also wore rectangular-shaped glasses and a white jumpsuit-looking outfit with teal stripes on it. You new what that meant instantly…
A Quincy!!! you thought in a state of shock. Your eyes suddenly widened and you started to feel nervous for a reason that you didn’t even know. You flash stepped to a spot a little farther away to reveal your shikai. You thought it would be a perfect cover so you could meet them and gather information without them knowing you true identity.
“Youishiki, Quincy!” you yelled as quietly as you could so they couldn’t hear you. Suddenly, a cloud of smoke rose around you and a special Quincy outfit materialized on you, and a bow appeared in your hand. Your hair also was now up in a ponytail instead of all around your face.
You flash stepped back to your hiding spot. You heard the man say, “We should leave before someone comes. Somebody probably saw where we landed.”
“Ok.” the girl agreed. You followed them for a couple minutes, then you flash stepped a little ways in front of them to a place where four streets intersected. You ran across the street opposite the two strangers to try to draw their attention, running in their path, but you accidentally ran into the Quincy. You really did draw their attention. You kind of got mad at yourself because you wanted them to follow you, you didn’t want to actually have to talk to them. You quickly said, “I‘m really sorry!” somewhat blushing and trying to find a good opportunity to run away.
“It‘s fine.” the Quincy said sternly.
Not a big people person is he? you thought to yourself. “Uh.” you weren’t really sure what to say. “Excuse me…” You started to run away, but the girl grabbed your arm and smiled warmly.
“Hi. I‘m Inoue Orihime. What‘s your name?” said the orange-haired girl joyfully.
“Um…I‘m Shin Mitsuki. Nice to meet you Inoue-san.” You said as politely as you could still edging away. There was a silent pause that seemed to last an hour.
“Gosh, Ishida-kun! Don‘t be so rude! Introduce yourself.” Inoue-san said as you saw her nudge the one apparently called Ishida-kun.
“Sorry.” he said quietly to Inoue-san. “My name is Ishida Uryu. Nice to meet you.” The man with the glasses said, finally introducing himself to you. He didn’t even change his facial expression at all.

We think a flower on a cliff is beautiful
Because we stop our feet at the cliff’s edge
Unable to step out into the sky
That that fearless flower
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Chapter 2.…………Encounter With a Quincy

After Ishida-kun had introduced himself, there was yet another long, silent pause. You started to run away again and this time no one grabbed you. Instead, Inoue-san ran to catch up with and stood right in front of you.
“Why are you wearing that outfit?” Inoue-san asked. You were going to say something but then Inoue-san began again, “Oh my gosh! Are you a Quincy?!” You didn’t really know if you should tell them the truth or not so you just went along with what Inoue-san said.
“Yeah. Yeah! That‘s right. That‘s what I am. A Quincy! Quincy!” You were still kind of nervous. You really thought they would notice that your spirit pressure was that of a Shinigami, so you immediately disguised it as a Quincy’s. When you had said that you were a Quincy, Ishida-kun’s eyes got so wide you thought that they were going to pop out. “Is something wrong, Ishida-kun?” you ask him kindly. He waited a few seconds then answered.
“Uh. It‘s nothing.”
What that’s all he can say? you think to yourself.
“What he means is that Ishida-kun here is a Quincy too.” Inoue-san says as she talks for him.
“You are? I didn‘t know any Quincies were alive.” you address Ishida-kun.
“That‘s right.” he replies as he pushes up his glasses with his middle finger.
“Can you try to at least say something kind, or is it physically and mentally impossible for you?!” you suddenly snap at Ishida-kun. Ishida-kun as well as Inoue-san looked very shocked at this sudden outburst. Apparently no one had ever lashed out at Ishida-kun before.
“What did you say?” Ishida-kun said a little more serious and tough.
“I think you heard me quite clearly.” you said with a somewhat cocky tone to your voice. Everyone, including yourself, suddenly stopped and looked around. There were people coming, and quickly. I can’t let other Shinigami see me! They’ll blow my cover!
“Ishida-kun, I think we should leave!” Inoue-san said nervously.
“I agree. Let‘s go.” Ishida-kun said back in his regular, no-expression voice.
“Do you want to come with us, Shin-san?” Inoue-san asked politely.
“Um…” you had to think for a second. You weighed the possibilities and decided to go with them. “I think it would be best.” you reply. You mostly wanted to go and somehow get them to the Squad Two Barracks, and teach this Ishida-kun a lesson. All three of you turned to the right and ran down a street. You motioned to them to turn into an alleyway. Then the three of you turned into a closed closet-type thing to hide.
“This should keep us hidden for a while” you say, somewhat out of breath.
“I think we need to find some Shinigami outfits to change into so we blend in more” Ishida-kun stated. You thought it was a really good plan, but you didn’t want these two to find out your true identity.
“Um. Maybe it would work. You go find some that you two can wear, and I‘ll go on my own and find one.” you say with a very apprehensive tone in your voice.
“Are you sure?” Inoue-san asks.
“Trust me, I‘ve never been more sure.” you replied.
“Okay. Good luck!” Inoue-san wishes you. “Bye!” you wave to each other and Inoue-san and Ishida-kun walk out of the room. You were so happy for them to have left! You quickly changed from your Quincy form to your Shinigami form in a cloud of smoke and sat down to wait for Inoue and Ishida to return. You sang some songs and hummed to yourself to pass the time. After about forty-five minutes you wondered what was taking so long. You decided to go and find them.
You walked out of the room and turned the corner and began to walk to a group that had assembled in the middle of the street. You recognized some of them and noticed they were all from Squad Twelve except for one, “Maki-Maki” as Yachiru, the Twelfth Squad Lieutenant, called him. You saw Inoue and Ishida at the center of the group. When you were about six feet away Ishida-kun yelled
“Inoue-san, get away!”
You suddenly stopped in you tracks and a few seconds later…

There is no meaning in our world
Neither is there meaning in us, the ones who live in it
It is then meaningless
For us, who are equally meaningless, to conceive the world in our thoughts
Despite knowing there is no meaning to be found
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Chapter 3.…………Shinigami vs. Quincy

“Captain Kurotsuchi! You never said this was going to happen. You said to just take them to Squad Twelve‘s Barracks! Why?!”


And with that he blew up the last of the seven Shinigami subordinates he had assigned to “just take them to Squad Twelve‘s Barracks.” He is probably the worst person, or should I say “thing,” to ever be a Captain of one of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Captain of the Twelfth Squad and Chief of Research and Development: Kurotsuchi Mayuri. He was ruthless and evil, which was demonstrated any time he was around a person, especially his Lieutenant, Kurotsuchi Nemu.
After all the smoke from the explosion cleared, you could see Ishida-kun with his back towards Captain Kurotsuchi and Inoue-san kneeling over Maki-Maki, crying. Also, behind Ishida-kun was a strange-looking, triangular shield [at least that‘s what it looked like to you]. You were still frozen in the position you took when you heard the first explosion until you had heard Captain Kurotsuchi’s alien-like voice.
“Hmmmmm. Quite an interesting power you have, girl. Why don’t you let me perform experiments on you so I can learn more about your mysterious power.”
“You, from the Eleventh Squad! Take Inoue-san and run!” Ishida-kun said in a strong and determined voice while he was aiming his arrow at Captain Kurotsuchi.
“What? Why should I have to talk the girl?!” Maki-Maki inquired.
“Fine, stay, but I’m warning you: I might accidentally kill you in the crossfire!” Ishida kun said, sounding even fiercer.
“Come, girl. I’ll offer you better living conditions. You can even wear clothes and yo-” Captain Kurotsuchi was interrupted by an arrow that flew right past his head, barely missing.
“That was a warning. I won’t purposely miss the next time.” Ishida-kun said with a furious tone to it. You could see Maki-Maki grab Inoue-san and start to run off, Mayuri had extended one of his arms in an attempt to grab Inoue-san.
“Did I say you could leave?” Kurotsuchi yelled at Maki-
Maki. As he was saying that you suddenly saw a blue energy arrow slice the string-looking thing that could extend his arm.
“Did I say you could stop them?” Ishida-kun said,, really starting to sound irritated. Mayuri grabbed the stub of his arm and gripped it which forced it to explode. He then punctured himself with a strange looking needle. You were shocked as you saw his arm regenerate.
You began to race toward him, wanting to help in the struggle between the two, but once again stopped short. You didn’t want Ishida-kun to know your identity quite just yet. You thought of a plan and decided to flash step to a hiding spot around a corner a little ways away.
You witnessed swings at Ishida-kun and saw arrows being shot at Captain Kurotsuchi every once in a while. Then Captain Kurotsuchi paused for a moment to release Ashisogi Jizo, his Zanpakuto, then quickly resumed to fighting and lunged at Ishida-kun. Both of them disappeared for a moment, but you quickly noticed some movement on a sekki-sekki roof. Ishida-kun was aiming, getting ready to fire, when Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi unexpectedly jumped up onto the roof and grabbed Ishida-kun. Captain Kurotsuchi slashed the blade of Ashisogi Jizo straight through the right side of Nemu’s chest and cut Ishida-kun’s left arm. The two fell to the ground and Nemu was motionless a little off to the right side of Ishida-sun who was laying against a wall also not moving much.
“Fool! I told you never to let go, even if your arms were torn off!” you heard Kurotsuchi snap at his lieutenant.
“I…I’m sorry, sir.” Nemu said with a sad, disappointed tone to her voice.
“Forget it. I wasn’t expecting much from you anyway.” you heard Mayuri mumble to himself. “Besides, at this point it’ll be as easy as strangling a baby.” you really began to feel nervous about the outcome of this battle now.

We are all
Dead since we are born
The end is
There before anything starts
If to live is
To continue learning
The end is where we learn the very last thing
To finally discover the end
And learning about it completely
Is what death is
We are not allowed to learn something
Those who cannot transcend death,
Shouldn’t learn of anything
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Chapter 4.…………Evil Researcher

Ishida-kun was sitting against the wall sweating profusely and breathing heavily. “Look at you sweat. It must hurt quite a bit. But you’re not screaming. I’m impressed. You must have a high threshold for pain.” Captain Kurotsuchi began. “Is this your first time being cut by a sword?”
“It’s my second!” Ishida-kun snapped back.
“Hmm…Well, now you have a wealth of experience, but-” Mayuri said sarcastically before he began to get annoyed by heavy breathing from Nemu. “Hmph. Would you be quiet?” he lashed at Nemu.
“I…I’m sorry Captain Kurotsuchi.” she inaugurated but was then interrupted by her own coughing. ”Please give me some haiku-zai- the flesh-healing medicine. I think my lungs have been damaged.” She began to cough even more violently. “I-I can’t maintain my vital functions…”Mayuri quickly snapped his head in her direction. He walked over to her and swiftly stepped on Nemu’s lungs and damaged them further. The lieutenant screamed in pain.
“What?! Who do you think you’re talking to?! Well?! Do you think your body will break that easily?!” Kurotsuchi furiously yelled at Nemu.
“Stop!! What’re doing?! Isn’t she one of you?! You’re killing her!!” Ishida-kun screamed in wonderment.
“Are you mocking me too?! Do you think she’d die from this?! Do you think these little wounds could kill her?! I created this body myself!! Well, I won’t be laughed at!!” Mayuri roared.
“You…created her?” Ishida-kun said somewhat timidly.
“That’s right. Do you want to know her name?” Mayuri began. “It’s Nemu Kurotsuchi. She’s the result of my experiment s with Gigai and Gikon. She is my daughter. Please don‘t bore me with your righteous indignation. How a father treats his own daughter is none of your business!” he said as he held up Nemu’s head by grabbing some of her hair. He then pulled her forward and slammed her head against the wall as hard as he could, but not to use to much energy.
“Stop!!’ Ishida-kun yelled, but then stopped short as he looked down at his arm and realized he couldn’t move it.
“Oh, did you just realize that? Not to quick are you?” Captain Kurotsuchi inquired. Mayuri continued and explained the reason for that: “Immobilizing the victim. That’s what the Ashisogi Jizo does.”
“It’s some kind of paralyzing poison.” Ishida-kun said as he thought about what Kurotsuchi was saying.
“Please.” Mayuri began as he brought the tip of his Zanpakuto to Ishida-kun’s eye. “It’s nothing so vulgar. You see, it selectively blocks only the neural impulses involved in movement. It synthesizes a very complex drug. It’s not normal paralysis. You only lose the ability to move. In other words…” Mayuri then shoved Ashisogi Jizo into Ishida-kun’s left arm. You even cringed at the sight. “…you’ll feel every bit of the pain.” Kurotsuchi stabbed Ishida-kun’s left arm over and over as he screamed at the top of his lungs in pain. Mayuri started to walk away.
“Stop.” Ishida-kun said calmly.
“I told you…to stop.”
“Haven’t you had enough? Are you that big a fool? You feel pity for a woman even though she’s your enemy? Is that the honor you Quincies take such pride in?”
“It must really mean something to you because all of you speak of it before you die.’
“What are you talking about?!”
“I’ve told you. I’ve completed my research on Quincies. I’ve studied you kind thoroughly! I applied manner of stimulation to their minds and bodies and observed their responses! I drilled holes into their skulls when they were still alive! I made them burn their own children! I vivisected them and crushed them! I studied them until the were nothing but pulp!!! And every single one of them said at some point that on their honor as a Quincy they could not do such and such!! On their honor as Quincies they would stop me!! You’re al so annoying!! One stab from this will make all words of resistance meaningless.” he said as he held up Ashisogi Jizo.
“You dirty-” Ishida-kun began.
“Now cam down.” Captain Kurotsuchi began in his evil yet slightly caring, as caring as an evil bug-faced thing could be. “This is where I tell you about my hardship.”

I can’t protect you without holding a sword
I can’t embrace you while holding a sword

That's all I have so far.

To be continued....
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Canada, Toronto
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Name: (classified)
Username: sinoakayumi
Title: War in Fantasy Cyberspace 2016
Date Started: April 1, 2017
To be continued or finished: undecided
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