Message to KAT-TUN's stalkers
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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/5/08
if anyone wants to read what the other groups said, you can go to this blog.

credits for the messages to her.

TRANSLATIONS! This is the last trump card of us Johnny’s. As much as I and the others would love to come into contact with all the fans, it’s already next to impossible. Really, it is. Having people loitering around your house really is an annoyingly bad feeling. If you follow us we won’t think of you as a fan but call the police. If you are our fans, support us in a more proper manner. Is that not possible? We want to become big in many places. We want to keep meeting everybody. And that’s why we would like you to stop. Also to make sure that more concerts will be possible.

We’re already getting tired.

We already want to quit Johnny’s.

We think this isn’t funny.

Do you really think what you do is right? Is it fun to arbitrarily post pictures to your blogs? To us it’s no fun at all. Treat us properly, okay?

- Johnny’s Representative Yamada Ryosuke

for the translation of Yamada Ryosuke's message, it's solely credited to [email protected]

Akanishi Jin

If you're a fan, keep(protect) your manners.

Kamenashi Kazuya

Lately, its a bit scary to get close to fans.

Taguchi Junnosuke

To be honest, its difficult to have contact with fans. Seriously, what do
you want to do by putting me in this troublesome situation. Even if you
wait at my house all the time, I'm not giving you anything.


Look here, I don't need these kinds of horrible fans


When did the tapping/listening device get attached? Why do you go into people's houses? It's a crime~

Please stop giving/writing abusive messages



KAT-TUN's mad !!! And so are the rest of the Johnny's groups!!
Hopefully those stalkers will finally stop!
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