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Post Reply *TOPIC* Two Pieces Bikini Swim Suit
Posted 5/23/09 , edited 5/23/09
I wear both =] but bikinis are better
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
I'll pass .. I don't like to wear it
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21 / F / Too hot...
Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/15/09
i wear like my bros swimming trunks and a bikini top that isnt skimpy or swimming shorts with a bikini top that doesnt look skimpy o.o a bikini is just not for me....they make me feel yeah i pass on a bikini
Posted 7/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
i wont even wear 1 until i die
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/8/09
uhh no thanks too much skin showing

i wear a water proof shirt (its a track shirt) and green track shorts weird i know but it works
Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/28/09
i own one but dun relly wear it >.< i dun relly lyke them tht much some times id just wear a cover up
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118 / Ikebukuro with S...
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/13/09 old are you girls?!?! yea i wear a two piece but with some shorts :] i think they are cute and if you are ashamed of your body then don't be because your body is very beautiful (not that ive seen it ) lol but seriously! anyone who tells you that you look ugly then they are the ugly ones!!!! they are jealous lol i actually found out that it is true! i am very beautiful but many people tell me i ish ugly (cuz they are jell-o XD
Posted 10/19/09 , edited 10/19/09
bikini. one pieces feel weird and are hard to take off >.<
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/4/10
i feel ugly with 1 piece
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/7/10
I <3 Both!
Posted 2/8/10 , edited 2/8/10
no thanks.. rather not
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23 / F / >.> why u wanna n...
Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/17/10
one piece feels weird. bikini's are fit me better.
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28 / F / Hogsmead
Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/21/10
Never in my life I would wear that icky thing....I always a big T-shirt and boy shorts.
Posted 10/17/10 , edited 10/17/10
no thankz
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