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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/26/08

Dont know what a Keo Koin is?Well read this:

Keo Koins were invented by purpiff_01 it is the new way of money in Kawaii avii Cafe! You use it for anything, like for The Café, the Gift Shop, Specialty Bonus, Candy Machine and Customer ranking. Now these places include buying a meal, getting a fashionable new icon for your profile and MORE!Get your Keo koins now! Earn koins.

This is what you have to do this week:

1.Upload at least 5 pics Get:3 Koins-Available to all members.
2.Upload at least 8 pics Get:5 Koins-Available to all members.
3.Upload at least 10 pics and post a GB post Get:10 Koins
What a DEAL!
-You can do this limited edition deal x5 and after that you cannot use this deal anymore.
This use of Keo Koins earning is not allowed for these users

1.Upload pics in to the Group Photos not here!
2.No lying we will check daily.
3.No taking other peoples Keo Koins everyone will get a different coloured Keo Koin.
4.Only 50 Keo Koins earned a day!
5.Do not reuse your Keo Koins we will check it daily.

This is how it works i will PM you for your Keo koins but you have to delete it after. If you use i twice then I will know.

Here are people who currently have Keo Koins:

All these users have different Keo Koins so I will know the difference.

Quote this post so you can have a Keo Koins today.
When you earn those Keo Koins go to
Specialty Bonus:------ HERE!
The Cafe: -----------------
Customer ranking:----
Candy Machine:--------
The Gift Shop:-----------

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