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Are they two sects of the same religion?
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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08

Hedbrant wrote:

JJT2 wrote:

Hedbrant wrote:

JJT2 wrote:

Hedbrant wrote:

JJT2 wrote:

Hedbrant wrote:

all religions are stupid.

but christians in europe probably have the most bloodstained history.

athiesm can also be a religion when you use it to debunk every belief that is different from yours.

Christianity never started in Europe, and when it got thier it was more of a political tool rather then a religion. I mean only a handful of people could read the Bible. Some could argue they werent Christians to begin with. peace over war

did I ever say that christianity started in europe?

And I cant say that Im a true atheist either. But I rather chose atheism over any religion

well then calling all religions stupid is hypocritcal if you are religious yourself.

The only true non-religious people are thiests and agnostic.peace over war

why do you state things that I've never said? Im not religious and I never said that Im an atheist. I would only chose atheism over any other religon.

But you're almost right. I would consider myself an agnostic over an atheist.
Since nothing can be proven and I dont give a fuck about what people believe or not.

But how many wars could've been prevented if religion didnt exist?

no wars, since no war was raged based on religion alone. ancient European wars were using religion as a political tool to justify thier purpose of trying to take over the world.Hitler used Natizism to control people so he could take over the world.

Europeans discovered the "New World", based on "gold, guns, and glory to God". They killed Native Americans because they werent Christian, they werent European, and they were thought to be savages.

I can go on all day. Take out religion in all of those curcumstances.
Ancient Europe would still have wars, they were always conquers.

The whole "New World" thing would exists because of gold and guns and savages

Hitler would have still brainwashed Germany because he used science and music and fear to get his point across.
Go head and add in American slaves, cause i took a class in American history taught by a guy with a PHD. I can tell you now slaves were part of a political movement, not a religious one. peace over war

to start with: Nazism (or National Socialism) is not a religion. Its an ideology. And brainwashing isnt that hard. Have you ever seen "The Wave"?

Yes I agree. Many wars are (and was) started with reigion as an excuse. But sometimes the ONLY excuse. Many people have died just because of the difference between them. Take Shia and sunni for example.

Theres people who kill others in the name of their god.
And the church hunted witches because women was a threat to their power.

Is a religion really worth one human life?

Another modern example is Westboro baptist church. They dont kill people, but they hurt others feelings deeply because of their believs. And as their leader once said:
-Everybody in Sweden should die.
As a swede that just feels great.

srry it took me so long to respond, but it seems Alford said everything i was going to say already...(but of course i would put a more philosophical spin to it )

peace over war

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