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Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/6/08
Natural Shampoos

Hello, everyone!... I will post some ideas how to make a natural shampooo. If you also have
any recipe of natural shampoo and conditioner, you also can post it here...
If you have any comments about this forum topic, you also can post it....
And one more thing, if you have any problems of yourskins you can post it at the group
forum, ☺♀♂ WHATS YOUЯ SKIИ PЯOBLEM ♂♀☺!...

These is the recipe!!!....

Natural Egg Shampoo
1 whole egg
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
½ cup of plain water
Mix all of these thoroughly with the help of a folk until the mixture is somewhat frothy. Wet your hairs, apply your homemade product and massage gently into your hair and scalp. Leave this for five minutes and than rinse well with warm water. This will give you gorgeous hair with long lasting shine and softness.

Natural Egg and Honey Shampoo
1 whole egg
1 tsp olive oil or any other hair oil
A few bits of your favorite soap
Drops of rosemary oil
1/2 tablespoon honey
1/2 cup water
Soak these soap pieces into warm water for few hours till these are soft and slimy. Now mix well all ingredients into a bowl with the help of a fork or whisk wire. This could be your first homemade hair product and store it in a glass bottle. You can use it for 2- 3 days if kept outside the refrigerator. However, if a longer storage is required put it in the refrigerator.

Soapnuts have always been renowned as natural shampoo throughout the known history. It is due to this soap forming nature that these are called "soapnuts". While the other ingredients of this home made shampoo are Indian goose berry and Sikakai, both of which have been used to promote hair growth and treat thin damaged hairs for centuries. Indian goose berry (amla) 50gms i.e about one hand fullSoapnuts (reetha) 50 gms (after seeds are removed)
Sikakai* 50gms
Take about one liter of water and simmer these herbs in it till just one cup is left, cool it and use it as a shampoo. This is a multipurpose remedy commonly used by Indians for centuries. Prolonged use promotes hair growth, give them shine & volume and also gives a good black color. You may be interested in role of Henna to prevent Grey Hairs and Hair Loss.

Hope you will have a nice day and nice skin!!!.....*_*
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