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Post Reply Welcome to koko ni iru yo!
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Posted 12/23/08 , edited 12/24/08
Username : akusukaeskrim
Name : Salary Dam(Or Salary-kun)
D.O.B : 21 November
Color : Orange!! Black!! Blue!! Red!!
Music : Ballad, Pop, ah...I forgot
Animal : DOG OF COURSE!! But I can't make it as a pet for some reason...sigh
Love : Teru!!! Kuro Usagi!!!
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30 / F / United States, Ca...
Posted 1/4/09 , edited 1/4/09
oh hey everyone!

Username: sweetmelody14

Name: Keisha

Hobby: Drawing, playing violin, reading lots of mangas , watching comedy XD

Animals: hmmm... probably either dog or cat ^_^

Music: I love all of japanese music and tons rock music ^____^
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26 / F / ~somewhere in the...
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
User name: Lunar_Wolf-chan
Name: Kaori, but my friends call me wolfie-chan
Color: Blue ^^
Music: Anything ^^
Animals: Wolves (obviously ^^)
Hobby: watching anime and reading manga
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F / in youя heลяt๑۩۞
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 2/27/09
User name: animelover91
D.O.B: May 30
Color: black n white
Music: anime theme songs + hip-pop
Hobbies: reading manga, watching anime, shopping, hanging out with friends, listening to music, sleeping

Feel Free To Buddy Me If You Want!!!!!
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22 / F / mother earth
Posted 2/27/09 , edited 2/28/09
ello ~~=3

User name: lika_chan
D.O.B: 03/07/96
Color: white & blue
Music: pop & clacic
Animals: dog . cat . fish . rat =3
Hobby: read manga while listen to music & playing chess
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23 / F / MY HOUSE~
Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
Name: Linh
User name: linhxx33
D.O.B: 10/14/95
Music: hip-hop
Hobby: read manga and watch anime, go shopping
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22 / F / i'm always hiding...
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
Hi i'm bluedanime_RACF
but you just call me Rin oki?
This is my most FAVORITE manga!!!
I'm always active and cheerful but sometimes i can be serious and shy to others hehe..
I'm already a first year student [just graduated]
Hobby: Sketching or Drawing and listening to anime music
Others: Loves to read manga,watch anime or drama,and to play games
Hates to: Do projects and school stuff[but i have to atleast work hard for my knowlege ^^]
THAT'S ALL^^ I'm happy that you made a group that is my favorite manga of all!
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22 / F / homestuck
Posted 4/9/09 , edited 4/9/09
User name: irenearvie
D.O.B: 3 - July - 1996
Color: black
Music: rock emo anything at least it sounds good
Animals: anything
Hobby: dunno
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25 / F / Sweden
Posted 4/11/09 , edited 4/11/09
Hi! nice to meet you ^^ eh, I'm new here but this group looks realy cool! I love this manga and I hope more chapters will be released soon

Username: Rin-chan1
Name: Caroline
lives: Sweden
Age: 16
Likes to do: draw, read manga, climb in trees, siting in front of my computer
fav colour: purple
personality: become my friend and you can find out, lol XD

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22 / F / On The Candy Clouds.
Posted 4/16/09 , edited 4/17/09
User name: Narumii-chan
D.O.B: 10/19/96
Color: mostly blue; but i love em all :3
Music: All genres
Animals: white tigers the most; and everything else :3
-Anime only normal!!
-Manga only normal!!
-Watching Movies/Dramas ( mostly english xD )
-Listening to Music
-ohhh...RAMEN, yumm :D
-rollar blading
-writing stories( mostly love/fanties or fanficts-on im mew )
-SPORTS!! mostly soccer :3
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24 / F / Living in my Story
Posted 5/11/09 , edited 5/11/09
User name: Doll_knight
Name:Dolly-chan (Some call me that)
D.O.B: Fed. 8, 1994
Color: Blue, yellow, sky blue and white
Like: doing computer homework and making friends
Dislike: the manga has continuation part when i 'm in the last part already and didn't
post the next part (Something like that)
Music: JAPANESE, pop and RnB
Animals: Dog, rabbit, cat and horse
Hobby: read manga online and listening music on Ipod
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24 / F / Namimori
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
User name: Amunikuto466
D.O.B: July 19- 1994
Color: red
Music: j-pop
Animals: fox
Hobby: drawing
hai hai! hi minna!im mao
i hate doing
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Posted 7/20/09 , edited 7/21/09
User name: WOOHOO546
D.O.B: Januray 1st
Color: blue and green
Music: pop/ hip-hop
Animals: DOGGY
-read manga
-be on cr
-watch anime
-play soccer
-play baseball
-run the mile
-have fun
Hate:i hate homework it totaly sucks it annoys me its mean
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