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Hello everybody, by making this section, the Staff will need to introduce themselves to make this community seem more friendly then others. By having others members understand about the staff here, maybe they can have more fun with this group and make koko ni iru yo will grow bigger and bigger everyday.

So please, participate in this section. IF YOU ARE A STAFF MEMBERS, please introduce yourself in anyway you want.
Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/6/08
I will start off first then.

Name: Kim
User name: sakuraetenal
DOB: 08/02/92
Hobby: reading manga, listen to music, gaming

Sleeping is wat i usually do for my free time. lol. but if there is anything going on, then i'll be gladly participate in that circle.

My job in this group is to create I.D member, and if anyone here seek help, or dont understand anything about here. PLEASE ask me, and I"LL gladly accept, and do anyway i can to help.
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
Name: brittney
User name: buttons 34
DOB: 09-25
Hobby:dancing, listening to music, drawing
hey every one i am the creator of this group and i am trying my best to make it better by adding pics and changing the group page as often as i can and i like helping as much as i possibly can and i try posting knew forums as soon as i think of a knew idea so if any one out there has any advice to make it better or any questions u can ask me
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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/6/08
Name: Julie
User name: lilrosegrl
DOB: 09-27
Hobby: playing on computer, rock climbing, laughing
Gooodd morning or Goood night or Good evening to fellow members or New members! I welcome you with big open arms , to declare with this great opprunity to help this group and if you have can ask me or other mods! I love koko ni iru yo want me to chat with you about thats fine with me!
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Posted 10/7/08 , edited 10/7/08
Name: Nicole
DOB: May 3th 1992
Hobbies: drawing, reading, video games, having fun with my friends, and the internet >_< if that's a hobby O_o
HEY EVERYONE!! you might have never heard of me until now! sorry for being away so long! I don't rarely go on as much! but I will try my best to put whatever I can into this group! I also made other groups, but since I am rarely there, seems so quiet T_T

If you need any help from me, just send me a message!

I first read this manga a while back, I really loved it! but there has not been much translate releases out yet >_<
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Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
Name: Linh
DOB: Oct 14 1995
Hobbies: reading manga, watching anime, drawing, sleeping, games, friends...
HI EVERYONE!!! i just love reading this manga... and i wish there will be more chapters out soon... and i wish this manga will be published in America soon... so i could it buy LOL
Bye for now :D
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