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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08

Aegis85 wrote:

djloi wrote:

ahem..victorboy r u monkey king?

suspicious ne....

Hey no way btw i really didn't watch agito before
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08
lol i know but i couldnt think of a name for a shark
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08

Aegis85 wrote:

djloi wrote:

ahem..victorboy r u monkey king?

suspicious ne....

lol one thing i am not victorboy
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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08

Aegis85 wrote:

djloi wrote:

ahem..victorboy r u monkey king?

suspicious ne....

im not victorboy
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08

Monkey_King_ wrote:

lol i know but i couldnt think of a name for a shark

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Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/22/08

Aegis85 wrote:

Monkey_King_ wrote:

lol i know but i couldnt think of a name for a shark


oh thank you lol
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08

djloi wrote:

ahem..victorboy r u monkey king?

ummm i actually watched agito lol just that the kr gill was stuck in mind for a while lol
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/30/08
In the last episode Ken got the shark sphere and device which made him henshin into the new kamen rider. KR Jaws, he met up with KR King and fought against a mutant crab but then they fought each other instead. King destroyed the mutant Crab but KR Jaws holds a grudge against KR King

Episode 5: the Friendship

(In Ken's Memory)

("why did you do that" yelled Jaw
"i dont care i just wanna destroy all Mutants" yelled King
"you win ahahahaha... dont make me laugh" chuckled Jaw " you cant never beat a mutant"
"ok thats it" yelled King

King takes out his new sphere and attaches it to his Belt.

"ahahah...whats that" laughed Jaw
"its my new form sphere" said King
" what" replied Gill
"Mane Form" shouted the belt

King quickly attacks the crab from behind of Jaw
The belt shouts Blade sphere .... Lion blade Kick.
. King jumps in the air and did his rider kick.

"NOOOO......" screamed the Mutant crab

the mutant desinigrated and was destroyed.
Jaw was surprised and was then attacked by King for making King angry.
Got up and started to walk off with angry and holding a grudge.)

"arrggggg...." yelled Ken "i hate that guy"
"dont think to much of it" replied Rikku
"oh Rikku i didnt see you there" said Ken
"ahahaha... its ok" replied Rikku "but i dont want to see you like this"
"i see" said Kino "so you hate Yuusake dont you"
"shut up" shouted Ken "he caught me off guard"
"you still wouldnt defeat him" replied Kino
"shut up and go do what you are told" replied Ken "your suppose to stay with Yuusake untill you know the real him, as memory serves"

Then Kino stops to think about the discussion of him and the president.

Kino's memory

("sir you wanted to see me" asked Kino
"yes' i wanted to wanted to see if you would want to do a undercover job for me" answered President
"what is it" asked Kino
"i want you to find out who that guy who Henshined really is" answered President "and to see how he got that sphere"
"sure sir no prob" replied Kino " is that all"
"oh..ummm yea that is all you are dosmissed" said President)

"oh yea right" said Kino "well imma go bye"
"yea go" answered Ken
"oh alright then, take care" said Rikku

Kino leaves the pools and goes to find Yuusake. Ken gets out of the pool, goes change and go for a walk.
When Ken heres a scream by a lady and runs to the source of the scream. He sees a man run away and goes to the lady.

"hey lady are you ok" said Ken
"hmmm.. i am now" said the lady

She mutates into a Cougar Mutant.

" your a mutant" said Ken
"ahahaha..of course" said Mutant Cougar

She punches him and he falls down and takes out his sphere and turned into a belt and takes out device.

"Host founded" shouted Belt
"HENSHIN" yelled Ken (sticks device onto the belt)
"Perfect Match"shout device

Ken quickly gets up and attacks the Mutant Cougar but she stealthily moves and dodges his attack.

"what" said Jaws surprisingly

She went behind him and clawed his back and he felled down to the ground. Smokes appeared on his back and kept attacking him on his back.

"ahahahaha...this time Jaws will die" said Mutant Cougar
" arggg.. my back" yelled Jaws

She is then kicked in the back and flew to the ground.

"arggggg" said Mutant Cougar
"Ken, are you alright" yelled Kino
"arrggg" yelled Jaws " my back"

Jaws powered down and his sphere rolled onto the ground.

"arggggg" yelled Mutant cougar " who kicked me"
"i did" said Yuusake
"Your King" said Mutant cougar

She runs off and Yuusake goes to help Ken.

"is he going to be alright" said Yuusake
"hes going to be ok"replied Kino "but we got to get him to the clinic and fast"

They quickly go to the DMO clinic and Ken is bandage and in a bed.

"why did you help me" said Ken
"because if i didnt you wouldve have died" replied Yuusake
"but all those things i said" said Ken
"oh that i didnt really care" replied Yuusake "i just acted like i cared so that you wouldnt notice the mutant behind you"
"oh ok but i am srry for the things ive said though" said Ken
"its ok" said Yuusake " Friends"
"Friends...Ow my back" yelled Ken
"oh my fault dude" Yuusake

Ken's phone rang

"hello"said Ken
"yea Ken Mutant in the park" Replied Rikku
"ok" said Ken "mutant in the park"
"but you cant go" said Yuusake
"i know but you can" Said Ken
"you sure"said yuusake
"lol im sure"said KEn
"ok then im going" replied Yuusake
"go get her" said Ken
"ok" replied Yuusake

Yuusake hardly pat Ken on the chest and runs out of the room.

"owww....Yuusake!!!!!!" yelled Ken "my back"

Yuusake runs quickly to the Park.

" ahhhhhh......please dont devour me please" yelled a guy

Yuusake runs and tackle the Mutant cougar.

"argggg.....who...King" yelled the Mutant cougar
"host founded" shouted Device
"HENSHIN" yelled Yuusake
"Perfect match" shouted Belt
"hmmm...Mutant...yours days are over" said King
"ahahaha...thats what you think" yelled Mutant cougar

They run towards each other and King take the first punch and blocks the second one and deflect it back to her.

"arggggg..." yelled mutant Cougar
"thats is for my friend, cougar" yelled King

He takes out his weapon shpere and a Sword came out.

"hmmm.....i shouldve uses this first in episode 1" said King "your finished"

Mutant Cougar just got up and King started to slash already

"argggg... What your not King, your more stronger" said Mutant Cougar
"whos this king" said King "i dont care i take out all mutants"

He takes out his Mane Form Sphere and attaches it on his Belt.

"Mane Form" shouted device
"Today you will feel my wrath" said King

He takes out his Mane form sphere and attaches it to his feet and spun it.
Jumps in the air and kicks her.

"NO......!!!!!!!" yelled the Mutant Cougar

She explodes and King defeats her.

"what was she talking about" asked King "i am King....aahhaha...naw she probably mean some else"

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Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/18/08
In the last episode Jaws was injured from a fight with a mutant. Yuusake then comes to the rescue with Kino. The mutant ran off thinking that Yuusake was The Mutant King. Yuusake then sets everything straight with Ken and they become friends and due to Kens back injury he couldnt fight. Yuusake went and Henshined into King and fought the mutant. He destroyed the mutant but was curious about what the mutant was talking about.

Episode 6: Laughter kills you

A young couple walks out from a theater after there movie they walk and laugh along the way talking about the movie they just saw. When a man appears right in front of them.

"umm... sir can you move out of the way sir" asked the boyfriend "did you hear me sir"
"ahahah oh im so sorry" said The man "you guys have such beautiful laugh"
"wait why are you sorry" asked the Boyfriend
"you must perish" said the man

His eyes turn red and he transform into a Hyena Mutant and devoured the boyfriend and the girlfriend and laugh sinisterly.

"ahahahahaha" laughed Yuusake " that was so funny"
"stop laughing that wasnt funny" said Kino " if you were in that situation you wouldnt be laughing"
"ahahah" laughed Yuusake "now you know why im laughing lol...getting chased by dogs"

"they trying to bite your butt is hilarious " laughed yuusake
"yuusake" said kino " shut up "

They both walk to the town square and yuusake is bumps into a lady.

"oh sorry miss" said Yuusake " may i help you"
"were the one who was laughing at your friend" said The woman
"ummm...yea how did you know that" asked Yuusake
"i hate laughter" said the Woman

Her eyes turns red and she mutates into a Hyena Mutant 2. She slashes yuusake with her Claw but Yuusake jumps and dodges her slash.

"hyena mutant" shouted Kino
" oh i see you wanna play like that huh" said Yuusake

Yuusake takes out his sphere and turns into a belt. Yuusake then takes out the device and attaches it to the shpere.

"host found" shouted belt
"HENSHIN" yells yuusake
"Perfect match" shouts the Device

King then jumps into action throwing his weapon sphere in the air transforming it into a spear. he jumps and slashes her making her fly across the street. King ran after her and then saw Jaws fighting also a Mutant Hyena. While King looks at Jaws she then bite Kings on the Shoulder,

"ahhhh" screamed King" that hurts"

He takes the spear and slashes her stomach and damages her. Jaws punches The other Hyena Mutant and the both Hyena then started to talk to each other,

"Kairi why have you come here" said Kain
"well Kain i came to get you back to the clan " said Kairi
" well i only came here to get away from the clan" said Kain
"lets go" yelled Kairi
" i said im not going" screamed Kain

Jaws then shoots at Kain and sends him flying. Kairi turns around and looks a king. King was in the air doing his rider kick.

"Berserk lion kick" Yelled King

He kicks her and then lands on the ground She is then been destroyed and Kain runs away,

"thanks Ken" said yuusake
"no problem i gotta go" said Ken

Ken rides off in his bike. yuusake and kino starts walking again and Yuusake walks off to buy some grocery.

"grrr.... that human killed my sis" said Kain angerly " i will avenge my sister"

A jogger comes by and talks to Kain

"ummm... are you ok" said the Jogger
"i will be when i take your life" said Kain
"What" said The jogger

His eyes turn red and attacks jogger and she started to run to the end of the street.

"ahhhhh... someone help me" yelled the jogger
"no one can help you" said The mutant Hyena " your hopeless, your life force is mine.... ahahahaha"

While laughing the mutant Hyena is then kicked in the face by Jaws.

"grrrr,,, Jaws" said the mutant Hyena
"your life is mine for the taking" said Ken
"Host founded"shouts the Belt
"HENSHIN" Yelled Ken
"Perfect match" shout the device

They started to fight but then Jaws started to lose. Hyena gained power from the hate of King. Destroying his sister.

"ahhhh...." screamed Jaws
"your life is for the taking....aahahahaha" said Mutant Hyena

Yuusake is walking and sees Jaws.

"Jaws" screamed Yuusake

They both looks over and Hyena left Jaws on the ground and runs over to Yuusake.

"Host found" shouts belt
"HENSHIN" yelled Yuusake
"Perfect Match" shouts device

They started to fight hand in hand, fist to fist. Hyena took out its blades and started to slash King.

"argggg..." yelled KIng
" i will have revenge for my sister" shouts the Hyena

King dodges and low kicks Hyena and he flips over. King then uses his berserk mode and jumps in the air. Hyena looks where King would be.

"Berserk Lion Kick" yells Yuusake
"ahahah...that doesnt work on me" laughed the mutant hyena

Hyena intercepts The kick and absorbs all his energy from the kick . Then sends the Enerhy back to kick knocking him out of the air onto the ground,

"arggg.... he is stronger than before" said King

The hyena walks away.

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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/21/08
haha not bad and the pic is so funny
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
lol thx took me a while to find that pick
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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 11/4/08
In the last episode a pair of Hyena mutants attacked Yuusake and Ken. To their surprise the 2 were siblings
Kain sister wante to take him back to get back to gether with their clan. But Kain refused and started to argue wit his sister. Then arguing jaws attacks Kain and King destroyed Kain sister. They walked off and yuusake then met back up with Kain and fought him. Kain then became stronger due to his anger and revenge. Yuusake lost the fight and Kain then walked off.

Episode: 7
A new rider “Talon”

“Yuusake are you ready to do this” screams Kino
“I don’t knoe” screams Yuusake
“Too bad” screams Kino
“Wait Kino wait!!!!” screams Yuusake

They jump out of the skydiving airplane and are still on there way down.

“Kino” screams Yuusake
“what “replies Kino
“I hate you” Screams Yuusake
“I thought so” replies Kino

They land on the ground and Yuusake started to chase Kino down with a stick.

“Yuusake what are you doing” said Kino
“im going to knock you out” said Yuusake “with this stick”

Kino and Yuusake started to run when Kino stopped to pick up his phone.

“hello” said kino
“Hey Kino its Rina” replies Rina
“oh hey” said Kino “whats up”
“the president wants to see you right away “ said Rina
“oh really ok then ill go immediately” replies Kino

Kino tells Yuusake and Yuusake agrees to drop Kino off at DMO.

“Mister President” said Kino “you wanted to see me”
“oh….Kino its you” replies the President “umm… yes I wanted to see you and give you this”
“no….sir” said Kino “ I cant take this…what is it”
“open it and find out” replied the President

Kino opens up the case and finds a sphere and a device inside of it.

“sir…are you sure that I am worth to have this “ said kino
“of course I do” replied the president “if I didn’t I wouldn’t never ask you to come up and here and get it”
“sir… thank you I wont fell you” said Kino

Kino walks out and bumps into Rina.

“what did the president want” said Rina
“nothing …”said kino “he just wanted me to have this”

Opens the case and shows Rina.

“are you serious” said Rina

Kino nods his head and Rina screams in his ear.

“oh my god” said Rina “congrats…now go and defeat some mutants”

Kino runs off smiling and goes and shows his sphere to Ken

“ahhhh..i see you got a sphere also” said Ken
“yea im so glad I het to help the corporation more” replied Ken
“lets hope that is true” said Ken
“oh it is” said Kino

Ken walks off and gets call from DMO

“Ken” said Rikku
“yea” replied Ken
“Mutant at the shopping plaza”
“alright im on my way”

They also called Kino and said the same thing and Kino calls Yuusake telling him about mutant.

“hmmm… that kind of look like my sister” said Mutant Hyena “ill go and transfer my powers to her to make her change into a mutant”

He jumps right in front of her scaring her.

“a sister you will become” said Mutant Hyena
“ahhhh…please someone help me” yells the lady

Ken jumps and tackles the Mutant Hyena down.

“hey are you ok” said Kino

She nods

“ok then run” Yelled Kino

she runs

The mutant hyena pushes Ken off of him.
“Ken are you alright” asked Kino
“yea im ok” said Ken
“did I miss anything” said Yuusake
“where were you” said Ken
“I was still cooking” replied Yuusake

Kino stood there thinking of how Yuusake looks while cooking.

“Kino stop daydreaming” yells Ken “we’ve got a mutant to vanquish”
“Host found” shouts Kings and Jaws belts
HENSHIN” shouts Yuusake
HENSHIN” Shouts Ken
“PerfectMatch” shouts King and Jaws Devices

They both runs towards the Mutant hyena but before they attack they were attack from behind by 2 other hyenas.

“There are 2 more” yells Kino
Are you just going to stand there” yells Jaws
“Oh I’m sorry” replies Kino

Kino takes out his sphere and it turns into a belt. King hits the Hyena away.

I didn’t know you had one” yells King
(Punches the hyena)
“well, now you do” replies Kino
stop talking and help us” yells Jaws
“oh” says Kino
Host found” shouts belt
HENSHIN” shouts Kino
Perfect match” shouts Device

Kino henshins into Talon and fly’s in the air. Jaws and King looks up in the sky while the hyena tries to run away, Talon fly’s down and tackles all three.

you guys aren’t going anywhere” said Talon
nice one” said King
stop playing” yelled Jaws

The hyenas fall onto the ground and Talon lands. 1 hyena attacks Talon, 1 attacks Jaws, while Kain attacks King.

ahahaha…so that’s why I had a weird feeling about you last time” said Kain “your King
why do you mutants call me king” yells King
ahhh…. I see you don’t know about the legend yet” says Kain
what legend” replies King

Kain then slashes King in the chest.

arrggg…You going to get it” yells King

(mean while)

ahhahahaha…Jaws you cant defeat me” says Hyena 2
“you think that” says Jaws struggling

He takes a sphere and attaches it to the belt and a blade slashed the hyena.

arrggg.. what was that” screamed Hyena 2
my fin blade” says Jaws

Jaws then took out a charging sphere.

what’s that” says Hyena 2
DMO Corp. just made this new sphere” said Jaws “it’s a charge sphere

Jaws attaches the sphere to the Blade.

Infinite Charge” shouts belt

Jaws then slashes hyena and destroyed him.

hyena you cant defeat me” says Talon
urgggg…” says hyena 3

Talon kicks Hyena into the air used a charge sphere and rider kicked hyena.

Meanwhile, Kain and King were still battling out.

aahahah…King your finished” Said Kain “now I will have my revenge
ahhhh…argg” yells King “hes too strong…what can I do
Yuusake catch” yells Talon
whats this” says King
a charge sphere” yells Jaws “just use it

King then went mane form berserk mode and attached the charge sphere to his device.

Infinite Charge” shouts Device
lets finish this” yells King
lets” replies Hyena

They both run towards each other with brute force and crashes into each other King then punches Kain.

argg…King your so powerful” says Kain
I guess I am” replies King

King jumps up and does his rider kick.
Kain looks up and sees something bright in the air and guess what it is.

why is it so bright” says Kain “KING!!!
yes it is” yell King “Raging lion Kick"
NO!!!!” yells Kain “sister im sorry I cannot avenge you....heed my words King i will return

King lands on the ground and walks over to Jaws and Talon. They then walks it.

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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/29/08
haha nice pic ^^
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Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/30/08
LOL. this is so lion king. idk what's alcking. probably my mood
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