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Aegis85 wrote:

LOL. this is so lion king. idk what's alcking. probably my mood

lol really lol
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In the last 2 episodes King destroyed Kain sister and the in last episode Kain came back for revenge. this time with two friends. Kino was surprise because he became Talon and helped Yuusake and Ken. While fighting Kain yuusake then heard of the myths of the heir to the Throne of Mutants. Yuusake then got anxious and with the help of DMO CORP. new charge shpere Yuusake was able to destroy Kain.

Episode 8: Halloween muahhahahaha

“Hurry Kino” said Rina “I wanna go to Yuusake house…he says his house is packed with costumes”
“oh…really then” said Kino (“ muahahahaha this time I will have a costume to pair with Rina and then we will hold hands”) thinking to himself.
“Ken lets go my sister is too anxious to go” yells Rikku
“ok im coming im coming” replies Ken “Hey Kino are you just gonna stay there”
“oh shoot hold up”yells Kino

They get to Yuusakes mansion and His mansion is feeled with scary decoration and noises.

“ Kino im getting scared” said Rina
(“yes this is the time that Rina will jump into my arms and tell me to hold her because I am scared”) Kino thinking to himself
“Ken wow this place is huge and cool and scary at the same time…I like it” says Rikku
“wow shes not scared at all…I guess that’s a twin for you” said Ken “Rina is scared while Rikku is fascinated…ahahha”
“Rina are you getting scared” says Kino
“yes I am” replies Rina
“Kino”said Rina “I think were lost”
“Rina” said Kino
“yes Kino” replies Rina
“I think so too” said Kino “ its like a maze”
“im scare Kino” said Rina
“me too” said Kino

Ken and Rikku was walking behind and just caught up with them when man in a scary costumes jumps right in front of Kino and Rina and makes then jump.

“Ahhhh….Rikku yells Rina”
“mommmyyyy!!!!!” shouts Kino
“Rina is ok its just a guy” said Rikku “nothing to be afraid of”
“ahhhhhhhhh…”Kino still shouting
“Kino”said Rina
“Kino”said Rikku
“Kino” said Ken
“what” replies Kino
“get off me” says Ken “Kino why would you get scared anyway its just Yuusake.
“what…” said Kino
“ahahahahahahahahaa” laughed Yuusake “Kino I got you good”
“Yuusake that was a good one” said Kino
“yea I think you made Kino wet his pants” laughed Ken
“oh forreal” said Kino “man I need to change…stupid Yuusake made me wet my pants”
“ahahahahaha” laughed Yuusake
“hi yuusake im Rina and this is my little sister rikku” said Rina
“oh…hi nice to meet you guys” replied Yuusake
“Yuusake why did you make your yard so scary” said Ken
“yea I don’t think no kids will come here” said Kino
“oh this is my back yard lol” said Yuusake “ I think you winder into it by accident that’s my front yard and there is my butler giving out candy”
“Sir…I’ve seen you’ve brought friends” said Butler
“yes James” said Yuusake “James can you go open up my closet full of costumes please and lay out a pants for my friend here”
“ahhh… I see sir” said James “sir…I think you scared him too good ahahah”
“Thank you James” said Yuusake “ please guys come on in”

They walk into Yuusake mansion and goes into his costume closet and Kino trys on the pants and it fits

“wow this is your closet” said Kino
“its huge” says Ken echoing

Rikku and Rina are already looking for there costume.

“I found mines” said Rikku “imma be a angel fish”
“cool im a shark”said Ken
“im a eagle” said Kino
“sweet im a swan” said Rina

Yuusake takes in sphere and attaches to his waist.

host found” shouts belt
HENSHIN” shouts Yuusake
perfect match” shouts Device
ahahaha…who am I” said King
“yuusake you know your not suppose to do that” said Kino
“umm… I knoe that but its Halloween” said yuusake
“screw shark costume” said Ken
host found” shouts belt
HENSHIN” shouts Ken
perfect match” shouts Device
“since you guys Henshin” said Kino “I might as well too”
host found” shouts belt
HENSHIN” shouts Kino
perfect match” shouts Device

Yuusake, Ken, and Kino all henshined, they grabbed there bagg and went to go trick-or-treat. No one is too old to trick-or-treat.

“this is so fun going door to door for candy” said Rina
you think so” said Talon
“Ken do you want my candies” said Rikku
ummm…no thanks” said Jaws “ I don’t eat candy I just dress for fun
oooo….so much kids and Adults so good for my scarying night” said Wolf mutant

The wolf mutant goes around and scary people until he got hungry.

grrr… im hungry its feeding time” said Wolf mutant “oh that swan looks tasteful
“so much candy” said Rina
grrrrr…..”yells the Wolf mutant

Attacks Rina and the rest runs after her.

“Stun Kuckle” shouts Rina

She punches the wolf Mutant stunning him right in his place.

What was that” said Talon
“a new device called the Stun knuckle stunning the mutant with a punch” said Rina “ I brought it in case something like this would happen”
smart thinking Rina” said Talon
“don’t stand there fight” said Rikku “ hes not stunned anymore”
Mane mode…Berserk” shouts belt
way ahead of you” Said King
Raging lion kick” shouts King

The kick is then absorbs the blow and repelled back causing King to fall unto the ground.

Mane mode cancel” shouts Belt
you cannot defeat me as long as the full moon id out I cannot be destroyed” said Wolf Mutant “instead I will just be reborn in the same place that I was destroyed when there is another full moon.
hes unbeatable” said Jaws
no he said only when the full moon is out”said King
that’s right” said Talon “we just gottan find an opening

The wolf mutant then absorbs the energy of the moon and his claws grew longer. Attacking the Riders slashing each

grrr… that was a strong blow” said King
hes too strong, wheres Jaws” said Talon
uh…your claws don’t scare me” says Jaws

Took his fin blades and sliced Wolf and Talon came behind with his bow and started to slash.

that’s for grabbing Rina” said Talon

Yuusake then took out is Duel blades and started to slash the wolf like crazy.

grrrr,,,,hes so strong” said Wolf Mutant

The wolf soon notice that he was fighting King

no wonder why your so strong your King…the Heir to the Throne of mutants” said Wolf mutant
King…Heir…. Whats all this about” yells King

The Full moon was then blocked by the dark clouds and attacked Wolf mutant.

no where is the moon” yells Wolf mutant.
oohh…. No moon that mean your helpless” said Talon
(punches Wolf mutant”
that’s right” said Jaws
(punches Wolf mutant”
your done for” said King
(kicks Wolf mutant into the air)
Soaring mode…Berserk" shouts Talon belt
Diving mode… Berserk" shouts Jaws belt
Mane mode…Berserk" shouts Kings belt
Soaring Eagle Kick” yells Talon
Diving Shark Kick” shouts Jaws
Raging Lion Kick” shouts King

All three jumps different direction and kicks Wolf mutant and Destroys him.

“we did it” said Kino
“you guys were awesome” said Rina
“how was I “ said Kino
“you sucked” said Rina
“really” replied Kino
“no silly” said Rina “lets go”
“Ken you were great” said Rikku
“shall we walk” said Ken
“we shall” said Rikku

Yuusake follows and Think of what the Wolf mutant said.

“the Heir to the Throne of Mutants” thought Yuusake “can it be what my dad said before he left”
“the day will come when you save humanity” thought Yuusake
“is this my fate” thought yuusake
“hey yuusake” shout Kino “ lets go”
“oh yea…” said Yuusake “ im coming”

Yuusake runs toward Kino, Ken, Rikku, and Rina
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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
oo u used halloween nice thinking ^^
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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08

VictorBoy wrote:

oo u used halloween nice thinking ^^

thank you
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08

The wolf mutant goes around and scary people until he got hungry.

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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
lol funny huh
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Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/14/08
Halloween! That was the last subject of the last episode. The 4 goes to Yuusake to go get ready for Halloween and goes out to Trick-or-Treat. A wolf mutants goes by and by scaring people untill hungry. The Mutant than attacks Rina and Rina stuns him with a stun knuckle. King, Jaws, and Talon then fought the wolf mutant. But the wolf mutan just keep gaining energy from the moon. King then found out more about the Heir to the throne of Mutants. King then destroys him or did he.

Episode 9: I am the strongest fighter of the sea JAWS

"I WIN" yells Ken
"of course you'll beat me" said Yuusake "even if it is my own indoor pool"
"yea Ken" yells Rikku
"ahhhh..... thats good fruit punch" says Kino
"Hey...whos up for sushi" yell Yuusake "my treat"
"sure" yells Rina
"of course" says Ken
"yea" says Rikku
"Kino what about you......Kino" says Yuusake
"hes already outside" says Ken
"hurry up im hungry" says Kino

Every one gets dress and runs out to meet Kino. They then walk half way to the sushi bar when they here a girl screams.

"oh....dang" said Kino "its a mutant"
"a Squid mutant that is" replies Ken
"lets go" says Yuusake "you girls take this money, order the sushis and wait for us there"
"alright" says Rina "Rikku lets go"

They run to the mutant.

"hey mutant"yells Yuusake
"huh...."says the Squid mutant
"run!!!!" yells Kino
"ahh.... i knew doing this would draw out Jaws" says the Mutant Squid
"what do you mean" said Ken
"i am the strongest sea creature mutant" said Squid mutant "do you not know...that the only that is standing between me and my as strongest sea creature is you Jaws"
"grrr...."said Ken "you will not"

He take out his sphere and then henshins.

"Host found" shouts Jaws belt
"HENSHIN" shouts Ken
"Perfect match" shouts Device

Jaws is in anger and then charges at The Squid mutant.

"lets go" says Yuusake
"yea" replies Kino

"Host found" shouts Kings belt
"HENSHIN" shouts Yuusake
"Perfect match" shouts Device

"Host found" shouts Talons belt
"HENSHIN" shouts Kino
"Perfect match" shouts Device

Kings and Talon also attacks,

"you stupid squid you'll never take a sharks place as the strongest fighter of the sea" yells Jaws
"so you think" said Mutant Squid

King and Talon attacks The Squid but then the Squid acid Ink canceled out King and Talon and they went back as Yuusake and Talon.

"Ken you have to take him on alone" yells Yuusake
"alright" says Jaws

They are lock hand to hand but then Jaws was beaten by The mutant Squid other arms.

"grrr.....too much hands" said Jaws

Jaws attaches his weapon sphere to his belt.

"Fin Blades" shouts Device

Fighting hard Jaws is then found off guard.

"got you" yells Mutant Squid

Punched Jaws and sprayed Jaws with acid ink and then Jaws cancels.

"your finish" shouts Mutant Squid
"get away from him" yell Rikku

Punches him with a stun knuckle.

"grrr... next time Jaws" shouts Mutant Squid "next you will be mine"
"Ken" yells Rikku
"im ok" replies Ken
"alright let go" says Rikku
"yea" says Yuusake ans Kino

They all went to the sushi bar.

"Rina" yells Kino " yea sushi"
"eat up" says Yuusake
"arent you eating Ken" says Rikku
"no" says Ken
(thinking to himself)
"how could i let him do that to me" say Ken " im going im not hungry"

Ken leaves.

"ill follow him you guys eat" say Yuusake

Yuusake follows Ken untill ken stopped

"come on out you ugly Squid...if you ever think you can defeat me" yells Ken
"i see you came to me" said the Mutant Squid " lets finish this"

"Host found" shouts Jaws belt
"HENSHIN" shouts Ken
"Perfect match" shouts Device

They start to fight and then Yuusake found out that the other 3 were following them too.

"lets help Yuusake" said Kino
"no...Ken" said Yuusake "this is his fight"

They watch as Ken struggle to fight.

"i will not lose" shouts Ken

Ken attaches The Berserk Sphere to his belt.

"Diving Mode....Berserk" shouts Belt

The mutant Squid wraps jaws up with his arms but then Jaws Berserk power cut up his arms.

"no my arms" yells Mutant Squid " what is this power"
"the power of the Great White" yells Jaws

He takes his blades and cuts up the Squid

"ill return Jaws" yells the mutant Squid

The Mutant Squid explodes into pieces.

They all hug Ken and walks off.

"Who want hungry" yells Ken
"yea you treat" yells Yuusake
"alright..ahahahaah" said Ken

They all go eat sushi again.

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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/13/08
haha sushi i like it ^^
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Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/13/08
alright lol
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33 / M / Few kilometres fr...
Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/14/08

"ill return Jaws" yells the mutant Squid

They all hug Ken and walks off.

"Who want hungry" yells Ken
"yea you treat" yells Yuusake
"alright..ahahahaah" said Ken

They all go eat sushi again.

LOL. that was easy. they just let the villain go away.
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Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/14/08
lol oh yea ill fix that lol
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In the last episode Ken was up a against a a strong mutant. The Squid was strong enough to cancel out both Kings and Talon form. Ken was then near defeat when Rikku came by and pushed The Squid Mutant a stun knuckle. Ken then went back to go fight Squid and destroys the Squid Mutant.

Episode 10: Body Possession

"alright Kino ill see you tomorrow" said Rina
"alright bye Rina" replied Kino

She is walking home when she hears a girl scream.

"ahhhh....."shouts a lady
"are you ok" said Rina
" fine" said the lady "but your the one who shouldnt"
"what are you talking about" said RIna
"you'll see" said the lady

The lady mutates into a Mutant Stork.

"your a mutant" said Rina
"obviously" said the Stork Mutant

Rina frozen in her place was then kidnapped by the Mutant Stork.

The next morning

"hey Ken, Rikku" said Kino " do you guys know where Rina is "
"no... she didnt come home yesterday either" replied Rikku "wasn't you with her last night"
"no... we both separated when we left"
"hmm... this is strange"said Ken

The alarm in the DMO corp. rang and Ken and Kino went to go fight the Mutant. they got on there bikes and drove off.

Kino calls Yuusake about the mutant.

"Yuusake pick up" said Kino
"hello..." said King
"hey yuusake where are you" said Kino
"Kino im busy right now" replied King
"so where are you" said Kino
"fighting the Mutant" said King
" what " said Kino " stay there were coming"
"take your time" said King

King closes his phone.

"ok mutant lets go" said King
"your lucky making me stuck in a pipe" said the mutant Stroke "but enough of this i wanna see Talon"
"well your out of luck because your opponent is me" said King

King goes into Mane mode and goes berserk. He attaches a weapon sphere to his belt.

"Lion's Blade" shouts King
"come not scared" said The mutant Stork

They start to fight and the Mutant Stork shot a sharp feather and cuts King on the arm.

"ahhh... my arm" said King
"ahahaha...too bad" said Mutant Stork
" why...because when you get cut ill be able to control you" said Mutant Stork
"wait... ahhhh... whats happening im so weak" said King
"its the process of my feathers..ahahaha" said the mutant Stork

King faints and then mutant Stork take over his body.

Jaws and Talon reaches King and find him fainted on the ground.

"King are you ok" said talon and Jaws
"oh its you guys" said King
"so wheres the mutant Stork" said Jaws
"iono she went somewhere" said King
"oh ok"said Talon

Talon picks up King and turns around. King slashes talon on the back and laughs.

"ahahaha" laughed the Mutant stork
"talon are you ok" said Jaws
"yea...king why" said Talon
"whos King" said the mutant Stork "im the mutant"
"what why are you possessing yuusake" said Talon
" the reason is that its much easier to destroy you guys" said the mutant Stork
" hmm....lets see" said Jaws

Jaws saw the feather and grabbed it

"so this is the trick to your powers" said Jaws

Jaws take the feather and breaks it in halve and The mutant came out of King

"arggg... what so you knew" said the mutant Stork " but thats ok ive got Rina and if you want her come here later and ill give her to you.
"what" said talon
"toddles" said mutant Stork
"no" said Talons
"dont worry we'll her back" said Jaws
"yea we will" said King
" are you ok King" said Jaws
"yea im alright" said King

They then went back to the DMO and thought of a plan and came back to the same place.

"hey you mutant were here" said Talon
"ahhh your here" said the mutant Stork

The mutant Stork is inside of Rina body.

"come at me if you think you can defeat in Rina'd body" said the Mutant Stork
"grrr... how can i do this"said Talon "here take me body in stead"
" even better" said the Mutant Stork

She throws a feather and cuts his arm. The mutant came out and was heading toward talon.

" you dont" said King " Raging lion Kick"
"arggg... ive been tricked" said the Mutant Stork
"Kino go take care of Rina and will take care of o the mutant." said Jaws
"ok" replied Talon
"Rina ...are you ok" said talon
"im ok" said Rina
"ok" siad Talon

King was already attacking the mutant.

"Lion's slash" said King " thats what you get for possessing"
"Diving shark kick" shouts Jaws " lets finish this King"
"Raging Lion kick" shouts King
"Diving Shark Kick " shouts Jaws

The mutant was then destroyed and they went to go check Rina

"Rina are you ok" said Yuusake
"yea" said Rina
ok ill call your sister" says Ken

They all walk off together.

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24 / M / Guess ^^
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/17/08
this should be episode 10 not 9
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08

VictorBoy wrote:

this should be episode 10 not 9

oh well shoot how can i misscount my own episodes XD
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Posted 11/25/08 , edited 11/26/08
Episode 11: The mask
In the last episode Rina was abducted by a mutant to bring out Kino. King fought with her and end up getting possessed by her. They got to King and fought him. Jaws found out how to break the spell. They then thought of a plan to go and save Rina. They went to go fight again and got Rina back.

After the fight with the wolf mutant.

"mommy look i found a mask" said The boy
"oh looks nice lets bring it to your dad, he likes to collect scary masks" said Mother
"ok mommy" said the Boy

They bring it home and give to the father.

"oh...thanks honey" said The husband

He goes to his closet

"hmmmm...this one looks scary let me put it on" said the father

He puts it on and the mask eyes glow red and the masks sticks onto him.

"what kid of trick is this" said the father
"this isnt a trick" said The mask
"what" said the Father

The mask took over and and the father ran through the door.

"where are you going" said The mother

She started to worry and called the The DMO corp.

"help something wrong with my husband...he ran out the door" said the wife
"ok well find him dont worry" said DMO corp.

They then typed his name in their computer and found him then told Ken and Kino to go after him.
they came back and didn't find him.

The next morning

"where did he go" said Ken
"i dont know" said Kino
(yawn) "what are you guys talking about" said Yuusake
"when did you get here" said Kino
"a minute ago" said Yuusake " whats wrong"
"well....this guy name Kasaki Yuuto" said Ken
"hes been missing since yesterday" said Kino
"oh...really" said Yuusake
"yea his wife said that he ran away when he was wearing a wolf mask" said Ken
"a wolf mask" said yuusake
"yea" said kino
"remember when we defeated that wolf mutant" said Yuusake
"yea why"said kino
"he said that he'll be back when the moon is full again" said yuusake
"thats right" said Ken
"i think that...the mask he had wa the face of that mutant" said Yuusake
"and that full moon is tonight"said kino
"we need to defeat him before he completely take over that man " said Ken

The alarm in the DMO corp. then started to ring

"lets go" said Yuusake

They ride all of there bikes to the mutant and take out their spheres

"Host founded" said Yuusake, Ken, Kino
"HENSHIN" said Yuusake, Ken, Kino
"Perfect Match" said Yuusake, Ken, Kino

They reach the place of the mutant

"where is he" said King
"i dont know"said Jaws
"well..we cant go back" said Talon

The wolf mutant then attacks King

"grrr...wolf mutant" said King
"ahahahah..i told you i would be back" said the wolf mutant
"you came back by taking over a mans body" said King " that man is innocent and you knoe it"

They then slashes the Mutant and the mans body was cut and the mutant ran away.

"You hit the man inside of him" said King
"Hey what am i suppose to do" said Jaws
"Hey stop...he coming back but that is the man not the mutant" said Talon
"where....where am i" said Yuuto
"you dont remeber what happen" said King
"no....i dont"said Yuuto

Yuuto then transformed into the wolf.

"no dont" said Talon
" almost complete soon i will be unstoppable"said the mutant wolf

the man then took over again and was fighting the wolf for possesion

"let me go you fiend"said Yuuto
"let me take over" said Wolf mutant
"no never" said yuuto

He through the mask into the air and King jumps up and destroys it
They took the man home.
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