CONTEST: 20 Question the five part. (FINAL)
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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
20 Questions part five

1. Anime characters only. Discount manga counterparts (i.e. character traits or histories that have only been revealed in the manga).

2. Subbed anime episodes only. (i.e. don't ask me something that's been revealed in unsubbed episodes b/c I won't be able to answer )

3. One Question at a time. (I will only answer the first question asked; i.e. the poster who happens to ask first. I'll ignore your question if you were second or third, not to be rude! Just to keep things in control.)

4. Please number your Question. (For example, if we're up to Question #18, then please number it as such. If you don't, I'll ignore your question. Not to be rude; again, see above!)

5. If you ask a Question, and I don't know the answer, I will say, "I don't know the answer." I will then move on to the 2nd poster to ask the Question, or else wait for you or someone else to go again.

How is "20 Questions" played?

Usually, Person 1 (that's me) says, "I'm thinking of an object" or "I'm thinking of a person." In this case, it will be a character from an anime.

Then Person 2 (or whomever) asks the first question: Question #1 Is it a man?

I then answer that person: Yes!

Then Person 3 (or perhaps Person 2 again, it doesn't matter), asks Question #2: Does he have blonde hair?

I would answer: No.


Prizes: If you guess correctly EXACTLY on the 20th Question. You get this lovely banner made by me. Why does the banner look blur??? LOI You have to WIN to see it

Please, for the sake of the game, don't randomly guess a character for every question At least wait until you have some basic clues as to whom it might be. If it hit the 20 question yhen we start all over again until someone win. XD GOOD LUCK

You are free to ask questions (PM or comment me) at any time.

Any questions? If not, then I await the first Question.

QUESTION: I'm thinking of a character ... Who am I?

Special Bonus: Nasty Spoiler

How is "Nasty Spoiler" played?
All you have to do is to open spoilers to reveal pictures of anime or manga.

Write down the number, character name and the anime or manga where they came from.

# 13-Ryoma from the prince of tennis

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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/6/08
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