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Epitaph of Rage

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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/7/08
This stories gonna be a little different from what I usually write...

Instead of having comedy and happiness. This story is gonna deal more with rage, despair, and vengeance.
And I, like many others, know EXACTLY what it feels like to have such a strong grudge.
So, hopefully, this work will scare the crap out of some of you, make you feel the rage, and/or make you cry your eyes out. >8D
Have fun reading it to vent your anger, as I did writing it to vent my rage.
I don't think this one will end up very long though...

Some of you may be confused about the title.
Unless my lurking powers are wrong, an Epitaph is a short text honoring a deceased person that is inscribed on their tombstone or plaque.
But in this case, Epitaph of Rage would be...Parting Words of a Soul filled with Rage.
Something like that...
What? >_> ...Don't look at me like that...titles are hard!

There's another story I wrote that's similar in set-up to this one.
But this one is much more dark than that one, though the main character has similar abilities.
And finally, for legal purposes: 'This is a work of fiction, any relation to anything real or other works of fiction are entirely coincidental.'
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/14/08
Since I'm really...really...really forgetful lately. I decided to put up character information here so I can easily look to it.

-Main charactesr-
Yorito Onryou:
Description: A boy with short black hair, his hair is usually covering his left's unknown if he even has another eye under there because no one's ever seen it.
His skin is pale as a ghost, and his figure is rather skinny for his age.
In truth, Yorito is a vengeful spirit trapped in the world of the living because of a strong grudge against the world and a certain person who betrayed him.
(More to be added later)

Shina Kanazuki/ Shinra:
Description: A short, small chested, shy looking girl who usually wears her long, straight black hair in a ponytail.
As Shina, she's practically a doormat...hardly ever disagrees, and is unusually loyal.
However, when she made a contract with Yorito, Shinra was awakened within her. A previously, unknown mirror of herself.
Shinra is everything that Shina isn't.
Strong, moody, violent, a psychopath who should be in a straight jacket but even that won't stop her from killing.
She loves to fight, to such an extent where it gets her excited... >_> ... Yes...she's very insane...
It's hard to tell if Shinra even HAS a good side, as she won't hesitate to cut down her allies if they get in her way.
Shina/Shinra was the first character to be contracted in this story, but not the first person that Yorito made a contract with...Just the strongest one upon transformation...
(More to be added later)

Anya Stratta
A typical loli type character. Wearing goth loli outfits, her hat usually changes from time to time.
Long silver hair tied into pig-tails at the bottom of her hair. Strands of hair over her face, completely hiding her eyes. Her eye colors haven't be revealed yet, or if she even has them...
The weapon she carries is a black guitar, though it hasn't seen any use just yet...
Her personality is like a proper lady, often seen drinking tea, and engaging in conversations with Yorito...she seems to have some sort of deep attachment to Yorito. It hasn't been revealed why as of yet...
(More the be added later)
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/8/08
-Chapter 0-

"Vengeful spirits, were human once...until the power of their grudge took them and changed them into monsters. Meant only to cause suffering."

The sound of a flute.
A teenage boy sat a top a water tower atop of a roof. Staring into the sunset, his hair blew in the wind as he continued playing his instrument.

"I myself am a vengeful spirit...on my road to hell, there's just one soul I want to drag down with me."

He heard the sound of screaming nearby.
He stopped playing, so he could look into the horizon. His eyes seemed to zoom-in on an alleyway, where these thugs were cornering some woman.

A smirk grew on Yorito's face, "I smell a grudge." He stood up from the water tower, he suddenly vanished...
"Hey guys, I think she had a heart attack." One of the thugs said.

"What a shame...we were gonna take her back to our place. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk...lets go, there's more fish in the sea."

As the thugs turned around, they saw nothing but a brick wall. "What?"
They turned back around, and the body of the girl was gone. "Hey, what happened to the girl?"

A dark figure started rising out of the ground.
"Your fates have been sealed. A grudge-filled death, creates beings like this." The woman's voice came from the creature.
She looked up, her dead face staring at them...

The Thugs dying screams filled the alleyways. But no one ever found them...
alive that is...

"Beware...of a Grudge made by a dying soul."
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/14/08
-Chapter 1-

"Hey, hey, gopher." Some senior classmates were sitting behind the high school, smoking, drinking and whatever.

"Y-yes, I'll be right there!" A shy looking girl answered, rushing over the the guys.
Her long, straight, black hair tied into a single ponytail swaying in the wind. Her stature was rather small for her age, something that she was often teased for.
She could probably wear a male school uniform, cut her hair, and people would confuse her for a boy with no facial hair.

"Flat chest, go buy me some smokes." That was her nickname to these seniors...that and gopher, midget, glasses freak, etc.

"Oh, yes, but...schools still going on, and...smoking isn't really allowed-" She was rather timid and didn't exactly enjoy breaking school rules. She was just that kind of girl.

"Shut up, midget! Just sneak out and sneak back in! You want to be in the kendo club don't you? Than go!" These guys were senior members of the kendo club at the school.
Once it was an honorable club run by good, hardworking students whose pride, valor, benevolence and courage won the nationals 4 years running...last year.
Ever since all the former club members graduated or left the school, the once great kendo club of Ishuruki High had degenerated into a bunch of thugs who don't understand the true meaning...all they understand is hitting things with a stick.
A shame really.

So, you wonder why this girl wanted to join such a crappy club...?
Well...she has her reasons...
"Oh...alright..." She turned around and walked slowly.

"Faster!" They shouted while throwing a can at her head!

She dodged the can with inhuman speed, that was one of her talents, speed and foresight.
"Alright, alright!" She ran away like a coward.
It's too bad she didn't have much courage...

That would change soon.
A one-eyed crow with a red collar was perched on a branch overhead. It's eyes were different from a crow's eyes though...almost human.
"I sense...a Grudge within that one..." It spoke human speak!
It took off, following the girl overhead...
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Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08
Wow. Very good start but not a lot of description on a lot of the people and especially the clothing and the background scenery and stuff like that. I really like the plot though. It's interesting yet not much emotion in it so far nor much action and fights and stuff like that. I had the impression that there'll be loads of gore and horror in this and maybe some good fights. I know that it's just the beginning but can you add a bit more of that???
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08

Oh trust me...there's going to be...A LOT of gore and violence.
I'd tell how first servant ends.......but I don't want to spoil it.......

Descriptions are always a pain for me.
I have trouble describing uniforms......various reasons.
Scenery is... .__. ... I'm practically a hermit, so I try my best to describe what the scenery sort of looks like from time to time.
Describing the main characters are a chore for me, so side characters who won't live long anyways.....I leave that to the imagination.
In short: I'm lazy.

I'll try to paint more of a picture while writing though.
For now though, I gotta go finish this homework... -__-
Those are words I never thought I'd say.....
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
cewl! keep it up!
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
this rocks i love it. You need to write more. It rocks.
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
you are getting better and better with each story I am pretty curious about the rest Kouta...just one thing even though you explained it above I agree with SilveenFox scenery descriptions makes it easier to imagine the whole thing...but you already said you'll try so I KNOW it will be even greater then *thumbs up* very good and write faster!!! just kidding, no rush I am always here

PS: Good luck with the homework..
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/11/08

Since people have demanded it, I shall write up the next part... @[email protected]
I hope this story will meet the expectations of people who took time out of their lives to read this.
(Working on the next part + more homework)
Stupid school...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/14/08
-Part 2 of Mirror-
(Screw the homework, my blood lust levels have risen to near insatiable levels!!! If I don't satisfy it now, I won't be able to focus!!! >8D
*Puts on insane smile.*
I'm gonna draw it later to show how it looks, maybe I'll scan it...among other things... )

Despite the fact that it was still noon, or maybe BECAUSE it was noon, the sidewalks was packed with people, cars passing by on the roads, proving that people really loved their cars in this technological age... The season of spring was clear everywhere you looked...bleh...this author always liked winter best.
However, this girl, (I realized I hadn't named her yet! ) was the ONLY one out of like...dozens of people who wore a Black and Green Sailor-Fuku.
She didn't have nerves of steel, so doing something delinquentish like skipping school, illegally buying smokes using a fake ID was something that really caused her a lot of stress.
She stared up at the signs hanging above the stores. The truth is, there was only one store that was close enough that sold smokes...
She never went there because ALL they sold were smokes...just smokes...not drinks...not food...smokes...!
The store was even coincidentally named: "Smokes." ....The people who make titles aren't even trying anymore are they?

You might be wondering, "If she has such a big problem with doing something like this, why bother anyways? Why not switch schools and join another kendo club, or actually stand up for herself?"
Well, if you hadn't noticed shes the timid, zero confidence type character. She was practically a doormat all her life...people just kept walking all over her.
Also, say she DOES stand up to her 'senpai's...Those guys are one notch down from criminal. So many rumors surrounding the kendo club's new members. Who knows what they'll do to her body if she refuses or stands up to them?

She stood at a 4-way intersection, waiting for the walk sign. The shop was directly across the street, all she had to do was walk across the cross-walk, enter the store, pick out their favorite pack, buy and head back in about...15 minutes.
She felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest every time a cop car passed by. She was shaking like an earthquake by now, crossing her arms and nervously looking around...she obviously looked so guilty.

She felt a drop of rain on the tip of her nose.
When she looked up at the sky, she saw dark rain clouds hovering overhead.
Honestly, she felt like crying right now...not only was she no doubt, going to be late getting back to homeroom, she was also going to have a see-through just wasn't her die.

"Why do I even put up with this? Help me, Onii-chan." Her mind began to wander... "Why am I here? I should be practicing my kendo skills, heading to the nationals like you said I would. So why am I stuck here, doing this, not even allowed into the kendo club?"
-flashback sequence...woo-hoo, more violence deviation...-

Up in the mountains was where her older brother trained for an entire summer.
She tagged along with him...not because she wanted to...she literally had no choice in the matter.
A young man wearing a Japanese robe (I'm not sure what it's called...too lazy to go lurking...I got distracted by something shiny on my end. )
His mid-length hair tied into a pony-tail. He didn't seem to have much muscle on him...looks were deceiving however...
He stood in a quick-draw stance.

In front of him was a boulder about the size of a tank. It had somehow found it's way in a shallow pond, the kind where it only went up to his bare feet.
Trees surrounded this small circular pond, the sun hanging in the clear blue sky.
Wind blowing gently...

Still, no movement.
An elementary school girl sat on the edge of the pond, her feet dipping on water while sitting on a rock. She wore more...clothe from this era.
A simple sundress with an undershirt. Just for the hell of it, she also wore a straw sunhat.
"...." She stared intently at the the man who was obviously her older brother. "...Onii-chan...did you fall asleep?" She had seen him fall asleep while standing before.

His eyes shot open, a quick blur was the only thing seen as he stood on the other side of the boulder.
The giant boulder split in 3 pieces.

"Oh wow!" She had never seen anything like that. It wasn't even physically possible either!!!

"I guess...but I broke another sword." The blade of the wooden sword snapped off. He sighed to himself in defeat, "Okay, time do that waterfall thing than. Alright, time to head out, Shina." He said as he walked past his younger sister.

"Okay, than, coming Onii-chan!" She followed after him, reaching to hold his hand.

"My brother meant the world to me."

-Present day-

She was completely spaced out, not even realizing the clear "DO NOT" walk sign.
"Why leave me here by myself? Onii-chan?" Shina wondered to herself, clutching her heart as she walked through the streets.
No one called out to her, as cars were passing by.
"Sometimes...I wonder...if I should just end it all?"

What a coincidence, as she was thinking of that. A tanker had made a sharp turn, tipping over as it skidded across the streets. It's length destroying shops, flattening people, blowing up cars, etc.
That's when she snapped back to reality...just as it was coming straight to her. The only thing she remembered was a giant explosion and a burning feeling...
Where was she now? It looked like...Hell...?
It had all the fire, suffering, and death that was for sure.
" the ground on my side?" She must've been lying on her side. Out of the tanker she saw a man come out of raging flames, half of his face had been burned off, the rest of his body following.
There was an infant crying as the body of it's dead mother had been severed in two, the intestines still attached.
A young man trying to help a friend of his, who was pinned under a car, when he pulled, the torso was ripped in half. A look of horror on his face as his friend screamed out "Save me!"
Instead he, fell on his bottom, and ran away. Only to be crushed by a telephone pole. His head completely crushed, eyeballs, and teeth surviving the impact and rolling into the sewers.
She could only see out of one eye, her glasses had shattered, causing the glass in one of the lenses to stab her in the eye. That was literally the most pain she ever felt in her entire life...
But she didn't cry, scream, or show pain...she didn't have the strength...just a little while before death came...

As if matters couldn't get any worse. Something was coming out of the didn't look human at all.
It's eyes were hollow, it's face was cracked and gray. The only thing covering itself was a dirty black cloak.
Long bony fingers crawled down, walking like an ape it looked around, setting it's sights on her. It literally looked straight into her eyes, tilting it's head.
Up close she could see it had no nose, no eyes, no ears, no hair, all it had was a mouth filled with teeth that can put daggers to shame.
It crawled over her. She had lost feeling in her she couldn't run, or even struggle.
It came back around, chewing on something. It looked familiar...very familiar...
She look in horror as it was EATING half of her arm! It had just tore it off and was snacking on it like a piece of chicken. She couldn't even fight back, she was just food...practically a vegetable who could see everything...
It stepped on her head, sticking it's hand through a gaping gash in her back. Stealing and eating several of her internal organs, she knew because as if to torment her, every time it ate something it ate it in front of her...probably because it liked to see the horror-filled look on her face. Amazingly she was still alive...not much longer though...
It seemed like...Shina was going to die becoming food. She had never even joined the kendo fact, her dying feelings were of hatred.
"Because of them...If they hadn't sent me out to do their stupid errands, I wouldn't be here, becoming this thing's food. I hate them...I hate them so much...and now, I'm going to die because I was far too much of a doormat."

The creature stopped eating her kidney, looking up to something standing above the destroyed tanker.
It was too late, something black swooped over, tackling the creature. The sound of struggling and a battle taking place. The creature came back into Shina's view, crawling on the ground with it's legs pushed in, bones visible and blood bleeding.
It turned around, screeching loudly as the new beast pounced on it's torso. Biting into it's chest, spitting out the skin and ripping apart, and throwing the internal organs out of it's body.

It noticed Shina.
Unlike the former creature, this one actually LOOKED human...Minus the blood coming from it's mouth and the insane smile on it's face.
It wore a black vest, over a white long-sleeved button-up shirt, with matching black pants, the finishing touches were a slick red tie and black formal shoes.
Yorito wiped the blood from his mouth as he walked over to Shina, who was on the edge of death.
She saw everything in black and white now...

"If you want to live, give in to your hatred." That was the only advice Yorito gave as he crouched down by her side. Placing his hand over her forehead.
"What will you choose? Life...or death?!" Yorito said in a commanding tone...! While he spoke, more of those things were coming out of the destroyed tanker...

With Shina's last breathe, she spoke the words: "Li...fe..." After that everything went black, the last words she heard:
"As you wish."
(Get ready to play your metal people...this is gonna be one hell of a bloody mess.)

(I'll use that until I draw my manga-world self.)
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/11/08
My forecast for tomorrow, it's gonna be raining overkill so get ready for a blood bath, umbrellas will not help, most likely in this story it will be used to kill you in some horribly twisted way.
I'd say to stay indoors at all times, but that might not help either as it will also be hailing collateral damage that are about a 500,000,000,000,000 on the ownage scale!!!
My advice, don't bother to say your prayers, your gods won't help you here! Just sit back and enjoy the carnage.......
(Scary smile pic here...too lazy to put it up...)
You're in my domain now.....
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24 / F / in the shadows, y...
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/11/08
YEAH!!!!! HELLSING IS THE BEST!!!!!! I'm a Hellsing fangirl.........out of many other things that is >_>;;. Yep. Luv the blood and gore. The story is definitely getting better and more interesting XD.
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Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/11/08
This is gonna be the best story ever! (Along with the Blue Light)
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/14/08
(Here comes the carnage.
WARNING: This following post will be pretty much...NOTHING but a fricken blood bath, you're gonna see organs flying around, limbs being ripped off, blood spraying, throat slicing, etc...
For those with weak stomachs might as well just, skip this part or something.
To those who LOVE this stuff, than, put your headsets on, play your metal, sit back and enjoy, please do not come near the combat zone, all people in the combat zone will be eaten. )

-Part 3 of Mirror-

Once the covenant was made, the mark appeared on Shina's left hand in the form of a (this was tough to think of) two swords crossed by armored gauntlets, along the mark were words written in Elder Futhark meaning: "Gods of Death bestow thy power upon this dog of war, thou lives to shed the blood of mortals, destruction and massacre are thy names, thou master is Hell."
Her hand twitched...

"Amusing...most amusing!" Yorito said, a dark, wide, smile spread across his face as he watched Shina.

Shina was on her knees, licking the blood off the ground. It was her own blood, but who cared?
With her one hand, she threw off her glasses. The black mark of the covenant deepening in a blood-red color.
She looked up to the 5 creatures. Staring at them with golden eyes and a twisted smile on her face, similar in appearance to Yorito...
"Shina, Shina,'re too kind, waking me up in such a place...I couldn't have asked for anything more." She started to stand. It was as if the sorry state of her body meant nothing to her, even as blood was pouring out from her severed arm and the monstrous gash on her body. She was missing various organs, a human wouldn't be standing right now...however, a monster was a completely different story.
"In this state, I might have a problem...good...I wouldn't want the carnage to stop for a while anyways."
The first one had stood in front of her, screeching it's high-pitched scream as if something like a roar.
2 seconds later, Shina's hand was down it's throat.
"You're too fucking loud...!!!" She grasped something inside it's throat. "Oh, what's this?" She had an interested smile on her face. "What happens when I rip it out?!" She ripped it out right from it's throat, it's jaw from the bottom being split in half along with it's neck.
It's vocal chords bleeding in Shina's hands. "Remember the name, I am Shinra, not Shina!" She stabbed her hand through it's gut, pulling out it's intestines as if pulling a wire out from a wall. A bloody shower spraying from what used to be a body.

The other 4 hadn't given a care, too busy feasting.

Shinra was getting pissed off.
"Assholes...thinking they can ignore me?" Her face showing how pissed she was.
She ran over to nearest one and grabbed onto it's face, continuing to run to the other three. Using the one she had, as a club, smacking them around like rag dolls with a bat.
When she got bored, she ended up smashing the face of the one she had into pavement multiple times until it's face was nothing but a blood mess, it was still alive though.

"So you have some fight in you, beast? With sharp teeth she bit into it's chest, ripping it open as blood showered on her face. She drank the blood that sprayed, until one of the beasts jumped onto her shoulders and grabbed onto her chin, trying to rip her head off.
However, she didn't care. "Brave little fuck aren't you?" She smirked as she grabbed onto it's hand, she tossed it forward, grabbing onto it's leg with her mouth in the process, moving her head so the body was held at an angle.
She twisted it in two, it wasn't enough for her to just pull, she twisted, her entire body was now soaked red with blood. The ribbon holding her hair into a pony-tail had fallen off, but she didn't seem to mind.
"Too bad this went by so quickly."
One 4 hands they dashed forward.

"But I have no team for weak fucks like you!" She smacked the one on her right into the fire, and plunged her hand through the stomach of the final one. Lifting it into the air, she tossed it and jumped over it. Landing on it's back, she pulled from it's chin, ripping off it's head up to the jaw.
She used it as a platform, her foot had pierced through it's heart, completely bypassing the protective rib cage as she split it's head open and drank the blood within from an angle.
She wiped her mouth...
"More...not enough...!" She looked down to the one she was standing on, an insane smile on her face she ripped open it's back and stated kicking the organs out of it's body. "Oh, what fun!" She was really enjoying herself.

She heard that screeching sound again, the one she threw into the fire was charging her like a flaming bull.
It's hand outstretched to grab her.
She pulled her arm back, her fingers spreading out, becoming more beast-like. "Come on! Not one of you are a challenge to me!" She thrust her hand like a blade to it's target.
Their two hands collided, however, it would be Shinra who split open it's arm up to the elbow, reaching inside it's arm she grabbed onto the bone and pushed it through the shoulder. Her hand still in it's body, she reached around to it's heart, grabbing onto it as blood leaked out from every hole on it's body.
"Shut the fuck up, that screech is annoying!" She kicked the bones out of it's legs, and bit into it's throat, peeling it off and biting inside!
She ripped the heart out from it's torso, tearing out it's lungs as well. Letting it drop to the ground in a bloody mess...

Shinra wasn't done just yet, even though it was dead. She smashed her foot into it's face. And continuing to smash, and smash, and smash, she could see it's brain splattered onto the pavement as she smashed, causing her even more joy.

A clapping sound nearby.
Yorito was sitting on the destroyed tanker, it was like the fires were afraid to burn him as they split away from him.
"Well done, well done! As I thought, you are a most interesting person...It's been so long since I've seen a hatred such as yours!" Their smiles matched.

"Who the fuck are you?" She said with a smile.

"A leader has no need to be ordered around by underlings." Yorito laughed. Within the next moment, a glass shard pierced through his forehead.

"Fuck you, I don't follow anyone's orders. Now that I'm here, I'm going to destroy everything, starting with those assholes." She turned around, about to leave.

"Oh, a dog who attacks it's master." He looked back to her, pulling the shard out of his forehead. Not even bleeding. "That wasn't even enough to pierce through my skin."
He jumped down from tanker, fires spreading around.

A surprised look on Shinra's face.
She smiled an insane smile... "I see, your an interesting enemy...I'm going to enjoy ripping out your guts."

Yorito's smile only widened.
"Go ahead if you think you can in that state!" He laughed a big insane laugh.

Shinra sprinted toward him like a rabid dog. Shaking in anticipation of a strong enemy, she thrust her arm forward, trying to finish it quick by ripping out his heart.
Yorito grabbed her arm before she had gotten within half of her striking distance. He ended up ripping her arm off by it's shoulder joint, the blood spraying. Yorito kicked her away from him.
"Was that all you had?" He still had her arm in his hand.

"Fuck no." She got up, a glass shard in her mouth. "Heh, I still have my mouth, don't I?" Shinra was clearly outmatched, but she didn't seem to care.
"Lets go!" She started running again.

"Heh...alright than, if that's what you want." Yorito aimed his palm at her, "Burn!"

Something twitched in the back of Shinra's mind, she jumped to the right. A pillar of fire shooting up from where she once stood. "Oh, throwing fire at me?"
She slid on the ground, and than front flipped a second pillar of fire shot up. More pillars were shooting up as Shinra ran.
She was within striking distance, she spat the glass shard at Yorito, he only bit down on it and spat it out. And still she continued, a pillar of fire shot up right between her and Yorito and she still dove right through it. Going right up to Yorito, attempting to bite his throat. Her forehead was smacked by her own hand that Yorito had.

"What are you going to do, bite me?"

"Tch, I was..." She stepped back as the fires died down. "But, I can see now that in my present condition, fighting would be suicide."

"So you're giving up?" He tilted his head in confusion, a few moments ago it seemed like not even death would stop her.

"Fuck no! I'm just postponing for now, than your head is mine!" She would've pointed to him...but her hand was still in Yorito's possession.

"Until than," he put her arm back in place. "Your life belongs to me now."
At that the time, she was bowing to him on one knee.

"Will there be battle?"

"It's gonna be a blood bath."

Both of them had similar insane smiles, blurring the line between sanity and insanity...
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