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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08
Since I wrote this story to vent my feelings of rage and sorrow, I'll start up the next chapter...
Rather than go out and hurt real life people. -__-
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 12/15/08
(Tch...if there was ever a time I cursed my own durability, it would be now.

By the way, their still wearing the same clothe I described them to have...)

Chapter 2: Friends.
-part 1-

-Hundreds of years prior-

"What happened than, Yorito?" A group of children were sitting in front of another child, standing on a rock, with a stick in hand. Seeming very confident in himself...
They stood in a grassy field, a couple rocks here and there. Everyone was wearing Japanese clothe during the olden times. During the time of swords and not guns.
This boy wore an all black Jinbei as he told his stories.
"Than, the hero rescues the princess from the evil demon's castle, blade in hand!"

"Huh? But isn't that the way you always end your stories?" One of the kids pointed out.

"Is it, I never noticed?" Yorito scratched the back of his head, a nervous laugh in his head. "Hang on, I'll try to come up with something new in a moment." Yorito sat on the rock, legs and arms crossed, thinking to himself.
He was really taking his time...

"...Uh, sorry, Yorito, we've got some things to do...Sayonara." One of them said, standing up and leaving.
Others left, saying their goodbyes to Yorito.

"Hey, wait guys, the stories not finished...yet...." But it was too late, everyone was already gone now.
He sighed to himself, as he sat on the rock, all by himself. He heard the sounds of footsteps in front of him.
He saw the ends of a dark blue Yukata...looking up he saw a girl, with long, straight light blue hair, and green eyes.
A red obi.
A strange black hat.
A bright smile on her face, she looked to be about the same age too.

"What do you want?" Yorito thought that someone was here to mock him. He knew that he wasn't that great of a story teller yet, but he'll get better with time. That's what he believed anyways...

"I liked your stories." She said to him.

His eyes widened as he looked up, seeing her smile brighten. She giggled...

On that day, hundreds of years ago. That was the most beautiful smile he's ever made him, want to protect it even after he'd passed from this world.
"What's your name?" He asked, the girl probably already know his anyways.

"Nori." She responded, pointing to herself.

"That's a strange name." Yorito blurted out.

She pouted and crossed her arms, "Don't make fun of my name." She pouted.

"Oh, sorry." Yorito apologized quickly.

A sinister smile on her face, "Alright, I'll forgive you...under one condition...let me tell the stories along with you."

That was probably the beginning of everything that was to follow...
-present day-

Even after death.

"Master...master?" Shina's voice had awoken Yorito.

Yorito stared at her with a sleepy look. "What is it?"

"You were mumbling in your sleep, so I thought you were having a nightmare." She sat back down.

"A nightmare..." He sat upright, "I guess you could call it that." He looked out the window. Seeing nothing but clouds and sky.
Oh, did I forget to mention they were on a private jet heading to America? Cause that's kinda important...

"Hey, Anya, how much longer till we arrive?" Yorito called out.
Even though the private jet was like that rich people had, this writer wouldn't know what the inside looks like because he's never been on a private jet.

Anya called from the cockpit. "A couple more hours, do you want to go back to sleep?"
Apparently, Anya could fly a plane.

He unfastened his seat-belt.
"Nah...I'm gonna go check on some cargo."
Standing up from his seat, he walked down the aisle into the cargo hold at the very back of the private jet. Which was hidden by a whole 'nother section.

"....." Shina watched as he left than tried to talk to Anya.
"Hey, Anya, whose Lilith?" She asked...

"Don't know? But I do know, Yorito became the way he is now because of them...he never talks about them though. I'm not sure if they were directly the cause of his fall, or someone he lost?"

-In the cargo hold-

Yorito opened a box, he had personally placed a sealing charm on. Ironic that a spirit can use sealing charms...
Opening the large, square, black, red, and gold box. He reached inside, pulling out his old Jinbei from back than...
"....." A sad frown on his face at first, which was than replaced by rage. "Never...forgive..." He stuffed it back in and slammed the box shut, sealing it with twice as many charms as before.
It seemed, he woke up in a very bad mood right now...
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24 / F / in the shadows, y...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/16/08
Hn. Very interesting turn you got here..........makes me really curious. ^_^ you sure know how to make people stick to your updates like glue.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/16/08
I do?
I thought my last part was kinda know, I liked the way it started out, but I was wondering if people would get bored about mid-way through...
Anyways, glad you liked it. I hope everyone else reading this feels the same...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/18/08 , edited 9/19/08
(Okay, it took me a while, but I finally found out this guy's specialty.
I wanted to make something different for a ranged attacker, so I did. I hope it works...)

-Part 2 of Friends-

-Several years prior-

While sitting in the mover's truck, the young, mop-headed often called shaggy, dark brown haired boy with light brown eyes, a completely average looking kid who wore a black sleeve-less shirt over a shot-sleeved shirt. He also wore blue pants and black shoes...yep...very, average looking. He watched with little interest as his family was greeting neighbors.
If you hadn't guessed it already, he had just moved to this city known as Boston. Ironically, the house he was living in was a yellow, small apartment style house right next to the train station. It was owned by his distant cousin's family, who, coincidentally lived there too...
He sighed to himself as he stepped out of the back of the truck, when he suddenly heard:
"Hey, move out of the way!" It was a girl who said that.


What a huge collision, it caused his family, the movers, and his cousin to look.

The two kids were fine though, through some amazing miracle. So everyone lost interest, except the cousin...
"Hey, you okay, Saito?" His cousin, another boy around the same age with a shorter hair cut, and with black hair and dark brown eyes.
He wore a long sleeve shirt, red sleeves with black body. Black knee shorts, and white and red shoes.

"Yah, I'm fine." Saito looked to the girl he had just crashed into.

It was a girl around the same age as them with pale brown colored hair. A small build, and hazel colors eyes.
Wearing a purple short sleeve shirt, with a light purple hooded jacket, a white skirt reaching down to her knees, and black shoes. She also wore shoulder pads, knee pads, and headgear: (A helmet over a dark blue wool hat...I mean who cared that it was like 60-80 degrees outside...)
"Geez, didn't you hear me before?" She rubbed the back of her head, while taking off her helmet. "Hey, Ken, is this your cousin, I already don't like him."

"Sorry, Rika." Ken shrugged, "He's a little...bad luck prone."

Saito felt a little pissed off...
He was being put down...while he was within hearing range. He was going to say something to defend himself until the girl put her wool hat on him.
"???" Of course Saito was confused.

"Than if you're accident prone, that hat will protect you with good luck." She spoke with confidence and pride.
Her personality was difficult to ascertain...
Was she pissed or happy?
"If you lose that hat, I'll kill you with my bare hands."
She picked her bike back up and sat on the seat. "Come on, I'll show you around the neighborhood."
That was the beginning of their friendship...
(Once again, I'll finish this when I finish up with something on my end...
Fricken school.....)
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24 / F / in the shadows, y...
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/19/08
Hn? I really can't see the connection. Hope it gets interesting ^_^. Still really like the way you write but this is a bit outta no where. I suppose you'll have an explanation posted later. It's still interesting though. Post again soon ^_^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/19/08 , edited 9/20/08
(Trust in me.
Everything will be made clear in time.
Now on to the next part: )

-Part 3 of Friends-

-3 weeks prior-
"She had always been a strong person, she was the one who protected the end of her days..."

A large crowd of people stood behind the yellow-tape, apparently there was a huge traffic accident that just occurred.
Saito had been caught in the accident, he escaped with a bruised arm, however...Rika hadn't been so lucky.
At the last minute, she had pushed Saito out of the way, but had no time to save herself...
The piling cars had literally crushed her to death, the only thing left was her severed and bleeding arm.
"Ri...ka..." He said to himself as he stood in front of her severed arm...

"I had been friends with Rika ever since I moved here, but...Ken...he'd known her since he was little, I some ways, he took it harder than me."

-Present day-

While sitting on the orange-line train heading to Backbay station, to participate in the Anime convention activities.
Saito wore a blue long sleeve hoodie with white sleeves. Black long pants, and red sneakers. A pair of headphones in his ears, not the small kind, the big kind. He also still wore that hat Rika gave him years ago, he only took it off on rare occasions and since than, took care of it like it was part of his body...
Though it wasn't important, he also carried a skateboard under his arm cause he occasionally did it from to time.
He carried an over the shoulder bag with him because Saito was an artist. He had reserved an artist's table and everything...
However, there was something that was bothering him...
Ever since he's attended these conventions, the trains were ALWAYS packed with people. Even though it was morning, like around, 6:00 am. There should've been at least a couple people...
But there weren't any...not a soul...
Saito felt cold. "Weather didn't say anything about being cold today." Saito rubbed his hands together and blew on them, being able to see his own breathe. "Man, I'm even wearing extra clothing, and I'm still cold."

"Hey, Saito..." A familiar, male voice called from behind.

Saito could recognize the voice anywhere. "Ken!" He turned around, seeing his cousin standing there.
Wearing a black long sleeve, leather jacket, with a gray undershirt, finally blue pants.
"Been a while." He had been missing since Rika's death, he had...changed...something inside him, was different.
It made Saito feel, scared...a little bit...?

Saito took a step back as his cousin advanced.
"Ken, where've you been? Auntie has been worried about you and-"

"Oh...right...them...well, the thing is...I've been...venting some anger." Placing his hands in his pocket, he walked towards Saito.

"" Saito was shivering for some reason. But not because it was cold enough to shiver, was this...fear...?

"Oh, you know...the way they do it in the video games we've played as kids, you, me, and Rika." He stood in front of his cousin.
The look in his eyes were hard to read, they unlike Ken who was the peaceful one amongst the three of them.

"Ken...about Rika, you need to talk to someone, otherwise that darkness is going to swallow you whole." Saito spoke with truth. He had accepted Rika's death, and determined she would live on in his memories and even now she was probably watching him.

Ken's smile vanished.
"...." He remained silent, he covered his eyes with his hands.

"Ken, listen to me! Your family, so I want to help you get through this and-"

"Don't shit with me Saito." Ken interrupted, he grabbed onto Saito's arm with his free hand. "I've been wondering, why is it...that Rika had to die, but you lived? And also, why aren't you grieving too? I wonder...did you even care about Rika?"

Saito felt hurt, a look of shock and pain on his face. "How can you say that? Rika was my best friend!"

"Than why did you reject her?" He shouted in a raised tone. "Do you realize, what you did to her?" He pushed Saito away from him.

Saito remembered that day clearly...very clearly...
-December 24th, last year-
Saito and Rika were walking back home in the snow.
The snow had covered much of the single, one-way street which was the way to their homes. The snow had reached up to about 2 to 3 ft. Depending on your location. The cars lined up by the sidewalks were completely covered in the white blanket known as snow.
They stood between their houses, which were right next to each other. The strange thing was that the distance between their room windows was a good 1 or 2 inches...They didn't even need a phone to talk they could just knock on the other's window.

Saito wore a long brown coat, with a dark blue scarf, white mittens, and red and gray snow pants as well as brown boots.
Just like always, he was still wearing the hat Rika gave him.

Rika wore similar winter clothing.
A dark green coat with red mittens attached to it, hood up, and a striped blue and black scarf with snow pants and boots that had the same dark blue color.
"Hey, Saito, Christmas is tomorrow." Rika said as she averted her eyes from Saito.

"Yah, it is." Saito agreed, his mind was currently in the clouds thinking of how he's going to finish his winter break homework?

"Do you want your present now?" She asked as she stood in front of her door.

"My present?" Knowing Rika, it was probably something like manga, anime dvds, a new game, or-
She grasped his cheeks, pulling off his scarf and pressing her lips against his...
She had kissed him. Given Saito his very first kiss...!
She pulled away, and took a step back. The look in her eyes was a sad one, full of confusion... "Saito...I love you...I want to you feel about me?" She twiddled her fingers. This character, was so unlike Rika in so many ways.
The blushed cheeks, the embarrassed tone, the cutesy quiet voice, it didn't fit her at fit Rika's Tsundere character flawlessly.

"....." Saito was silent.
Honestly, he had never seen Rika as a woman, more like the typical; 'Friend you don't notice is a girl until they surprise you like this.'
Saito's mind was abuzz with questions:
Did he love Rika? Did he just like her as a friend? Was Rika forcing him into a corner? Was Rika just playing a prank? What the hell was going on?!
He could not quiet the storm in his mind! His shoulders shook, as his gaze shifted to the ground, his expression and mood couldn't be seen or understood.

"Saito?" Rika said quietly, reaching out to him.

Saito stepped out of her reach, he had a look of fear on his face. Without a word, he just ran to his house!

"Saito!" Rika gave chase.

Saito shut the door behind him and locked it, falling against the door, he placed his hands over his ears, trying to quiet his mind and everything around him.

"Saito! Saito!" Rika banged knocked on the door. "Look, I'm sorry if I surprised you! But, I panicked, I didn't know how to tell you and-"

"Shut up!" Saito couldn't hear her, he was actually talking to himself. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" There was too much noise.

Rika's eyes widened in surprise.
Her fears had been confirmed, Saito didn't feel the same way and...she had probably changed their friendship for the worse.
"I'm sorry...Saito..." With tears in her eyes, she slowly walked back to her own house...breaking into a run and closing the door behind her.

After those days, things were never the same between them...
"That...was..." Saito tried his best to explain himself, "I don't know, I was...surprised...until that day, I didn't know how Rika felt about me. I always thought she loved you." He paused, seeing Ken twitch before continuing. "I didn't want to mess up the friendship we had, so I chose not to respond to her feelings..."
In other words, Saito had ran away from Rika's feelings.

"You, fucking coward..." The sound of anger in his voice was clear. "Do you know how much you hurt her? Ever since that day, she confided in me how hurt she was, did you know, she even attempted suicide on a number of occasions. It's your fault she's dead, if you didn't exist...Rika wouldn't have died." He clenched his fists.
There was a black aura coming from his fist.
"Hey, remember what you said earlier about the 'darkness' swallowing me whole? Well...if it felt this good, I should've done it a long time ago." A murderous grin on his face, directed to his cousin.

Saito didn't know what to do, "Ke-" Before he finished his sentence, he coughed up blood.
Ken had pierced his hand through Saito's chest, he had pulled something out...something...important.

Ken pulled out his hand from Saito's side, showing Saito's own beating heart in front of him.

Saito had only seconds to live...
He fell to the ground, his papers and stuff falling along the cold hard ground. He was dying in a pool of blood...

"That was for, Rika."

Saito's vision went black, he couldn't see, hear, speak, or do was just...a void...
His last thoughts were: "Why...Ken...Rika, wouldn't want this...I hate you, were my own blood, and you killed me...I told you, the darkness was going to swallow gave in, betrayed me, and Rika...I swear...I won't pass on, until I completely...destroy you! Ken! I will destroy you!"

A single flame lit up in his vision. A voice spoke directly into his mind, "Tell me, are you sure you want to die with a grudge that powerful? In doing so, your soul will belong to me."

"What...exactly are you...? Are you...a demon?"

"Demon...Well...I suppose I could be thought of like that."


Ken stared at the dead body of his cousin.
He kicked the body to see if it was really dead, no movement whatsoever, so it must've been dead...
Placing his hands in his pockets, he turned around. "Tch, what a waste of my energy." He said as he turned towards the stairs.
When looking to the top, he saw a girl standing at the top steps. "...What, how did you get past the barrier?"

"...." Shina removed her glasses, placing them in her pockets.
A sadistic smile on her face, "What the fuck do you mean 'how'? I just busted my way through, like something that weak could keep me out!" She placed her hand around the hilt of the sword on her side.
"Still, you seem different from a normal human, and you don't seem like a mindless monster." Shinra took steps towards Ken. "You're scent, it's getting me so...excited..." She leaped from the top step, straight towards Ken.

Ken had the same sadistic smile. He moved his hand forward, stopping Shinra from unsheathing her blade on him.
"Don't think that just because you're a girl I'll go easy on you!" He laughed, "This's so fucking amazing! It's almost like it's just begging you to kill!"

"I know right?! It's a feeling you've never felt before, something inside you that just demands you keep killing and killing and killing and killing!" She spoke so joyfully, if only she didn't have that sadistic smile on her face.
She licked her lips, her insane eyes locked on Ken. "I'm going to devour you!" She didn't make threats, she made promises!
Opening her mouth, she leaned forward, literally biting through his shoulder! Her teeth were as sharp as daggers. She bit off a whole chunk of his shoulder, before tossing him around like a rag-doll, into the train tracks.

Ken's back hitting against the wall, his shoulder bleeding and his bone showing.
He stood on his hands and knees, getting back to his feet. That same sadistic smile on his face...
"I know it's only been a couple weeks since I became like this, but, you seem to be quite the Hell hound." He called her a wild dog because she had just bit off a chunk of his shoulder.

" haven't seen anything yet." Shinra unsheathed her blade, holding it in backhand stance. Honestly, this was her first time using this style......
But Shinra was a danger freak, the more danger, the more excited she got...
"You got a weapon, or are you gonna just let me cut you up?" She said with a cocky attitude.

"Oh, I've got a weapon alright." A claymore sword formed out of his hand, when he touched it. A black metal started grafting over his hand, forming a red stripped pattern with a hook at the shoulder.
"Alright, lets go, you rabid dog!" He held his sword in high guard.

"Oh you," She bent her knees. "Flattery won't help you here!" She leaped towards him.........
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
Okay I'm gonna start on the next part now.

PS: To those who read my other stories, there's actually a good reason why I haven't updated.
First reason, I'm still in a bad mood from last week...and also...because they passed the introduction phase, meaning the stories are finally gonna be going in a certain direction. So I need to go over what kind of ending I want to create, and how to get there.
It won't take long.
Sorry for making people wait so long...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
-Part 4 of Friends-
(Believe it or not, I've written that same sentence a good 3 or 4 times. )

The sound of blade against blade ricocheted off the tunnel walls. The fierceness of this battle would go unseen by mortal eyes.
Shinra had driven Ken into a defensive stance, all Ken could do was defend while Shinra pounded away with her blade. You'd think her blade would've broken by now...

The sadistic smile dropping from Ken's face.
"Doesn't she ever stop?!"

Shinra saw a weakness! She saber locked with Ken, however, while Ken was using both hands to hold his sword...Shinra was only using one.
Her other hand was free to grasp her other sword on her back.
"Die!" She said as she unsheathed her sword on Ken in a downward slice. Normally, it would've worked...but the mettalic substance on Ken's arm sort to say...grafted over the place where the blade would've cut.
Hence, shielding him.

Shinra scoffed, clearly dissatisfied by not seeing any blood. "That's cheating!"

"And using two swords isn't?!"
He started moving forward while still in the saber-lock. Pushing Shinra into a corner.
A train was coming...
He smirked, "This is the end for you." He broke the saber-lock with a forward push against his blade.

Shinra was pushed into the train's path as it was speeding towards her, showing no sign of stopping.
"Shit." Rather than taking the train head on like an idiot, she leaped backwards. A few quick slices into the train's front, and a hole was made. Which Shinra leaped through.
While running through the train, she made more holes as she ran.......
Eventually coming out of the back. Right back where she started...
Seeing Ken still there, made her really happy... "Hey, you ended up staying...good, it would be a pain to chase after you."

"Really...than why don't you come to me, so we can settle this." He flipped her off. It was obvious he was taunting her for some reason...

Of course, Shina would've seen it...
But Shinra was a rabid dog, she only saw an enemy in front of her to kill.
"You're gonna pay for that." Holding her swords in backhand position, she rushed forward. Slashing an X-Formation.

Ken brought his sword in mid-guard. Once again, a saber-lock was initiated.

Shinra was starting to get bored. "Bah, you're not much of a challenge are you?"

"Against someone like you, I'd probably die fighting the normal way...that's why...I'm using strategy."
He had been holding his sword with the other hand. His metallic hand being held over the 3rd rail...which was the one filled with electricity that could kill someone with a single touch.
"I'm guessing you were only recently awakened, so you have no idea the kind of power you could unlock...!" The electricity from the rail started levitating towards the metal arm...
His arm was now filled with the power of lightning. "Bye bye." He aimed his palm straight at Shinra......


A stream of lightning hit Shinra in the chest, lifting her off her feet and smashing her into the wall.

Ken held the lightning, while laughing. "How's that feel, you rabid dog?! What made you think you could possibly win this battle?!"
Eventually the lightning vanished. Ken stared at his hand, "Tch...It was just getting fun."

Shinra was magnetized to the tunnel wall, her arms and legs outstretched in an eagle-spread. Smoke protruding from her 'corpse'.
Parts of her clothe had been completely burned off, along with her skin turning darker, parts of her skin had also been burned off leaving only bone. Such as half her face, her neck, her right arm, her left leg, her stomach, and her left shoulder...
No life in her eyes whatsoever...

He stared at Shinra with disgust. "How boring." He dispelled his power, basically letting his guard down as he turned around.

(Okay, I know you were wondering about this, Silveen. )
A smirk appeared on Shinra's face.
She was alive!
"You...are powerful..." She spoke, the mark of the covenant on her hand started glowing, her burned, blackened, and mangled body starting to fix itself.
She fell on her knees, "There's something...inside my feels...really, really good..." She said with a happy tone. A dark red glow forming around her body.
"I...Can't...hold it anymore!" She panted heavily and than shouted out!
Her fingers dug deep into the ground, the ground started uplifting in Ken's direction. However, it stopped just short of piercing him...
Maybe it didn't work...
Suddenly, a good 50 something blade-shaped stones impaled Ken's arms, legs, torso, stomach, neck, head, everything, regardless of the armor.
He slipped deeper on the spikes, his organs hanging at the end of the spikes, blood dripping down from his body, his limbs being torn off the further down he went, until he was just a torso with his limbs either completely torn off or hanging by small strands of skin...
Shinra laughed in the maniacal way that only Shinra could...

Shinra pulled her hand out of the ground, the spikes still in place. She walked over to what was left of Ken...
She knew he was still alive, though just barely now...
A maniacal laugh in hand. She touched Ken's cheek with her sword.....digging the tip of the blade deep into his cheek, and pulling out. Skin and blood attached...
Like a skewer, she ate and drank the blood off her blade. "Heh...for all your talk, look how you end up."
The smile was gone, and now she was pissed. "'re already dying this quick? Too bad...I was hoping you'd be more interesting...!" Raising her blade, ready to end it painfully.
She suddenly felt something really powerful.
Turning around, a black hand grasped her face! Lifting her into the air...
She tried cutting it, but the blade just passed through it...
It tossed her into the air, and than slammed her through the wall...creating a huge ass hole a good couple meters back...

The hand than looked over to it's follower.

Ken reached out to the black, shadow hand. "" His vision fading fast.

"What a shame...I guess, I'll have to save my subordinate." The black hand picked Ken off the spikes, causing more pain and blood spilling, but Ken was still alive...for now...
It vanished into the ground, taking Ken with it...
Shinra came out of the hole that she was tossed through. Rubbing the back of her head, she looked to see her enemies weren't there...
"...They got away..." She seemed disappointed. She looked down at her attire, holding her skirt by it's ends she sighed to herself. "I really liked these clothe....Oh well, no reason for me to stay awake." She sheathed her blades and put her glasses back on...
Shina was back in control for now. She shook her head, looking around to get a better view of her surrounding, seeing the destruction caused.
A sad look on her face, she looked down to her trembling hands. "How long...will I have to do this...?" She than remembered...this pact would last until she was killed. And judging by Shinra's battle strength, rapid healing, and immortality, that could never happen...
She looked down the tunnel, back the way she came, she might as well check to see if Yorito was done with what he had to do?
She took one step........
"OW!!!!" She felt a hell of a lot of pain that had built up over the battle. "Shinra...just because you can't feel pain doesn't mean I can't." She usually felt sore right after battles.
"Just...bear with it..." She slowly walked back the way she came...

(That's the end of this part. )
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Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08
AWESOME BATTLE!!!!! So I guess that Shinra is pretty close to immortal if not there already huh. Well, considering you can't really rekill the dead........Very interesting. That makes Ken similar to reminds me of this manga called deadman wonderland. People with powers basicly face off. They're all required to fight but most of them want to fight. It's a pretty nice but not too gorey manga.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/25/08
Yah, pretty much.
Though she DOES have a weakness, but it's more of a visual thing.....It has to do with the covenant mark on her left hand.
Don't worry, Shinra will be put in a vulnerable situation eventually.

Ironically, after I read the response, I started reading Deadman

And you're right, it is similar in a way. But I think my story has a lot more gore.
Though, Shinra/Shina seems to most resemble...I think her name was Minatsuki? Only with the split personality disorder...
Coincidentally, I wanted Shinra to have a HUGE violence fetish......but I can't do that here. Damn the PG-13 rule!

As for Ken and Shinra...They are similar, but at the same time. Not so much...
Anyways, it goes a little something like this:
-At the top of the food chain you've got Spirits like Yorito, very powerful, nearly invincible. I'll call them kings/queens for now. They're the only ones who can make others like themselves, but another king/queen will create itself when they die.
-At the bottom you've got drones, just souls who have a small attachment to the world when dying but not strong enough to be servants. They're stronger than the average human, but most are unable to use tactics, their brain capacity being a little higher than a rabid beast.
Most of them don't retain 'human' forms. Those things that Shinra fought when she woke up.

-However, in the middle you've got Servants/Knights, whatever:
Shina/Shinra, Ken, Anya, Saito, etc.
Who are between the drones and kings/queens. Most have simple abilities such as enhanced abilities and near immortality, others have certain...unique powers...
They retain their memories when they were human, few of them retain their personalities, often becoming bloodthirsty monsters no better than Drones...

And that's like...their ranks in a quick summary.
I'll put up the next part soon...maybe tomorrow, maybe today.
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Who wants to know...
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(It was tough coming up with a cryptic metaphor for this one. )

-Part 5 of Friends-

" I?" Everything was black in Saito's vision. He heard quiet whispers, slowly increasing in volume...
"I'm sorry, master, but the enemy got away."

"I see, that is a problem...Shina, stick with the newbie. Anya, if you please?"

"Yes, Yorito."

"But, master, I'm really sore right now and-"

"Don't worry, all you'll have to do is explain things to him and help him back home. After that, you're free to do some sight seeing or come back."

Saito's vision was becoming blurry and unable to stay still. The area was sort of spinning to him...
Things started to come back into focus, however, he couldn't see where the other two voices came was as if they just vanished.
However, what Saito did see was a girl standing there with her back turned to him.

Shina sighed and turned to Saito, she blinked, "Oh you're awake. Did you...hear that, or do I have to say it again?" She said, scratching the back of her head.
She held out her hand.
"Well, tell me where you live so I can take you there."

Saito seemed pretty accepting of it all,
"Oh right, I live-" He paused. "Hold up!" He stood up with a jolt, "What were you guys talking about? Newbie of what?!" He suddenly felt a burning on his neck. He placed his hand over his neck, almost making it look like he was strangling himself.
Wincing from the pain, he panted heavily, " this burning feeling..." He said through quick gasps of breathe.

Shina kneeled down to his level, pulling his hands away from his neck. "It's the mark of the covenant." She kept a small mirror in her pocket, showing the reflection of the black mark on Saito's neck:
It was a 3-eyed owl perched a top a leaning holy cross with a reptilian eye at the center,
a burning mark behind it along with a feathered wings coming from behind the flames as if trying to wrap around the whole cross.
Along the bottom of the cross was text in Elder Futhark meaning:
"Thou grievance has been heard, rise wingless bird and spread thy bladed wings and take flight. Every wing beat shall shed blood in thy master's name."

Saito stared in shock, touching the mark, it looked like an ordinary felt...sort of alive in some way? Was it because it was warm, or because there was some sort of beating in it?
" that...? What's...happened to me...?" He could feel his heart beating as well, but he was sure it was ripped out. A sad, and confused look on his face as he clutched the part of his shirt which lay over his heart, even the tear in his clothe was repaired...

"You're like me...already dead..." A sad look on Shina's face. "You're soul, belongs to master Yorito now."
She placed her hand in Saito's view, showing the mark of her own covenant.
"Nice to meet you, I guess I'm you're senpai, Shina Kanazuki." She laughed it off, though the sadness in her voice was easily heard...
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That's a very interesting design. Owl, cross, and And yay!!! Thanks for reading Deadman Wonderland. As for Minatsuki, she's actually acting to give Gohl a false sence of security and make him hesitate to hurt her so she'll win in the battle. I think that Shiro is more similar to least, when they go crazy and start mass murdering that is.

And your King/Queen, drones, and servent/knight system does make sence but is it how much grudge or negitive feelings you had when you died that gives you the rank, will power, or just depends on how long you've been back as a spirit?

So, here's another question for you. Do all of them have split personalities or is it just Shina/Shinra and maybe Ken?
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Who wants to know...
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I've already passed chapter 16.
You're right. Ironically, I had a guess about the "Red Man" when I saw Shiro for the first time.
I wonder if Shina could be considered Yandere, what with the whole Shinra thing?

I think it's something like....Depends on how massive their hatred is when they die.
The stronger the hatred, the stronger you are.

Shina/Shinra is the only one with a split personality disorder so far.
Though, about 90% of the characters in this story have a screw or two loose.
Personality does change for them after a while...depends on the kind of person they are...
Shinra is probably the absolute craziest character we'll end up seeing so far.
Wait until you see Saito's abilities.
It's pretty different from Shinra's in so many of them being it relies on ranged attacking and use of effective strategy.

So far it goes like:

Shinra = Berserker + Close Range attacker
Saito = Strategist + Long/mid Range attacker

If those two were to ever battle....

Even I'm not sure who'd win?
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Really? I was really surprised when I found out that Shiro was the Red Man. Heck, I didn't even think that she had a Branch of Sin.

The info you posted up there makes me want to read more ^_^. It'll be interesting if you put Shinra and Saito to battle against each other. Update soon please!
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