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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/30/08
I'll be updating really soon, once my brain gets re-aligned and after I undergo some maintenance.

On another subject, I did some lurking and found out that the author/artist of Deadman Wonderland was also the author/one of the artists of Eureka Seven.
The art styles did look similar, so I investigated and found out I was right.
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Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/30/08
Seriously? I never bothered to check. Thanks for telling me ^_^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/30/08 , edited 10/1/08

I'm weird like that.
I don't usually check that stuff unless I see a connection in the artwork...It seems I've developed a sort of manga-ka eye.

Anyways, I'll try to update tomorrow, if I'm not overloaded with homework, the computer's free, and I'm not in a crappy mood... .....Okay, not crappy enough where I don't feel like writing, just breaking things.
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24 / F / in the shadows, y...
Posted 10/1/08 , edited 10/2/08
XD There's a new one XP. Pretty good ability though. Yep, updates'll be very appreciated.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
(Sorry this one is late, and short.

Also, I just finished playing Shadow of the Colossus. .... And I have made this mot out of a pic I found on photobucket...


-Part 6 of friends-

Dead or not, Saito still had an obligation to fulfill to people who'd bought his work at the last conventions he's been to.
Sitting at his table in the artist's alley, being late to opening, when his first customer, a regular who always buys his work asked: "Hey, you're late." A girl who wore a L**** S*** cosplay outfit.
Saito responded with a tired expression: "A friend of mine forgot to pre-register so I had to stand in the General Admission's line with them." He was referring to Shina who was sitting next to him, she waved. "Uh...I'm...Shina..." She didn't normally speak English, plus she was shy.
She spoke to Saito in Japanese, "Was that alright?"

"Good enough." Saito responded in Japanese.
Turning back to the customer, he introduced them; "Well, as you know, this is my friend Shina, her family is close to mine so we agreed to be her home-stay family while she's here in America." It was an obvious lie.

"Oh, I see, so, do you have you're latest issue?" But they seemed to buy it.

Saito couldn't believe his obvious lie was actually bought, "Oh, hang on, I'll get it for you." Saito got out of his chair, reaching into the box under his chair.

While Saito was busy, the customer thought to make small-talk with Shina.
"So, Shina-san," She spoke fluent Japanese, "What character are you dressed as?"

"Eh?" Did she think Shina was a cosplayer?

"Your outfit sort of resembles the one that the main heroine in Emiya Battle Maiden wears, but the colors are all wrong, the hairstyle and color as well, also, she doesn't wear glasses, and...your chest doesn't seem to fill the space that's missing." She was a veteran cosplayer, while she was criticized Shina it was more like a friendly criticism.
She pat Shina on the head, "Don't worry though, one day you'll master the art of cosplay."

The fact that Shina's chest had been insulted again for being so fall caused her head to slam on the table.

"That must've hurt." Saito said, having a copy of his work in hand. "That'll be 7.50 $."

"Can I get a friend's discount?" She joked.

"Hey, I have to eat too." Saito responded, taking the money and handing over the copy. "Have fun." Saito said, as the customer went on their way after saying thanks of course.
Saito wondered if they noticed the mark on his neck? Probably not, oh would've been a pain to explain about it anyways...
(Will finish it later)
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Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
Pretty interesting. And you play Shadow of the Colossus? My friend also plays that a lot. She's the type that plays a game several hundred times over before just dropping it and playing another game several hundred times. It's an interesting game though. Did you like it? I like the flying serpent thing but the rest pretty much sucked and it was pretty boring to fight for some somewhat dead chick and you don't don't even know who she is.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
I'm something like that, except, I'll find a game, play it as quickly as I can until it gets boring...which usually takes a good couple days or weeks, depends. I played for longer periods of time in the past though.
The game itself was alright, I liked the story set-up, however if I was the one writing the storyline I would've made it different and more badass, probably with a twist of some sort.
The constant falling off them and than having to reclimb them was an annoying feature, but it was funny to see a random guy stab into 30 ft. tall buildings with a sharp pointy sword.
I think my favorite battle was with that annoying Bull thing. -__-
It took me a couple minutes to figure out that once this thing runs into the square pillar to jump down and pick up the stick, climb back up, dip into the fire and than jump down.
Move the Colossus towards the edge to shatter it's armor, and than carefully jump down so you get onto it's back to finish it while it ran around.

I think the most annoying fight had to be giant Final Boss, or every Colossus fight where I had to swim...

The sand snake was an annoying enemy too, because I didn't figure out that I could just shoot in the eye with the arrow.
I thought I was supposed to play 'matador' with it.
And Colossus number 15 I think, the one with the sword. He was a pain in the ass...
It's vitals were hidden, so I thought I had to stab it in the throat or heart...I think I fell down a good 10 times before I tried to arms.

I always assumed Mono was some sort of sacrificial maiden or something, and that Wander was a childhood friend or some random guard who got too close to her emotionally and took her body from the sacrificial alter and journeyed into the forbidden land to get her soul back.
That's probably how I would've done it.
Still, it sucks that Wander ended up as a baby at the end...

....As said in the mot, either he's a prime example of what a man will do for the woman he loves, or a prime example of how far some people will go to get laid.
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Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/8/08
........there's a new one I haven't heard yet. And yeah, it's the 15th boss with the sword. That one took forever. We just figured that if we shoot it enough in different places, the place taking more damage then the rest is where the vital is. Of course, that didn't work very well >_>;; then we decided to be smart and look it up online to see what we had to do and even after finding out, it took forever to beat the thing.

But it was still fun even if the plot is just about non-existent.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08 I'm plating Force Unleashed, I didn't go to school because I drank something I was allergic to.

I'll upload today, I think.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
-Part 7 of friends-
(There's so much combat in this story... I can't help but wonder if this story is only good because of all the senseless and gorey violence...
At least it's something! >8D ... Read on readers! )

"Hey, Saito-san, I'm gonna go get my weapons." Shina said as she stood up from her chair, moving around the table.

"How are you gonna get those in here?"

"Shinra stole some security bonds when I went to the bathroom 10 minutes ago." Shina stretched her arms, "All I have to do is go get them, and keep you alive until you awaken."

"I was thinking...what happens if I don't awaken?" He was wondering if he'd be able to live on as he had up to now.

"I don't know?" Shina tilted her head off to one side. "I wasn't expecting to awaken either, but it happened anyways...I heard from Anya, no matter how hard we try to avoid it...sooner or later, we all awaken. She was no different, neither was I...and in time, so will you." Shina adjusted her glasses.

"...." Saito was silent. "But than, I'll have to...kill Ken...?"

"I'm really sorry." With those words, Shina walked off.
Leaving Saito with conflicting emotions of guilt and confusion...

In a small, mettalic room, filled with and equipment, ear splitting screams were heard and the sound of machinery followed.
A hooded figure (Because I haven't figured out the character model yet) stood in front of a large, iron table where machines were 'repairing' Ken.
That is, if you can call what they were doing repairing.

"That...insane bitch!" Ken shouted, "I'll make her scream in terror and agony!" He threatened.

"Calm, my's clear your no match for her." He spoke in a calm commanding voice as he circled around the steel table.

"What? But I can win! I wasn't expecting her last attack, but I know I can kill her I can-Agh!!!" One of the machines' pincers went into his eye.

"You know the price for failure, my servant. I take out a piece of you, and replace it with something else until you can no longer be considered...alive or dead..." He laughed an evil laugh, apparently he got a kick out of this stuff.
"As for that women, I will be leaving her to someone else, someone whose fought countless enemies, a newbie girl like that should be no problem for him."

The person he was talking about stepped out of the shadows, also wearing a black hooded cloak. His face was partly seen, about 3/4 of his face was covered with metal, only his right eye was seen, which was painted in black and white tribal markings. There was nothing seen in his eye other than rage...

"You will destroy the new servant." The master ordered.

"New servant?"

"The boy you killed a while ago."

"Saito, you mean?" He winced as his eye was replaced. "He's become like me?" He didn't sound sad about it...actually...
"Good, last time I killed him was too easy, maybe he'll be a challenge this time?" He shook in anticipation, a crazed smile on his face.

"Oh, but you aren't ready just yet..." He pressed a button on the wall. "You were damaged so severely by that woman," A compartment started opening. "You will be the first I shall test these new body parts on."
Inside was a suit of shiny, futuristic, and menacing armor. One look at it, would send fear into the hearts of brave soldiers...

Little to the knowledge of anyone else, at the very corner of the room, a little eye was watching the scene taking place.

The older servant felt something, he looked in the direction of the eye.

The eye disappeared the moment it was discovered...

Anya put down her guitar, she looked to Yorito. "Should we go?" She suggested.

Yorito was sitting on his throne, resting his chin on his knuckle with his eyes closed. Almost like he was sleeping...A smile forming on his face...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/13/08
Just finished the Winter manga storyline. Still need to do some editing on it though, to make it really, really, REALLY sad...
I get to finally use this!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08
(I've returned. To update this story because I feel destroying something. )

-Part 8 of Friends-
-about 1 hour later-

"And than tie it like so, finished!" Shina exclaimed joyfully, she had her weapons back. And as far as anyone else was concerned, the security bonds around the hilts were proof enough they were 'safe' as long as she didn't draw them needlessly. "And go back to Saito." She opened the door to the bathroom stall, but found that there was someone standing outside it. A guy to be specific...
At first, Shina panicked, flailing her arms around wildly, "Ah! Did I accidentally run into the boy's bathroom?!" She apologized many times to this guy. When she tried to move around him, instead his hand was blocking the way. "Um, excuse me...your hand the way..." Shina looked up to him with a worried look on her face.

"...." Silence.

Shina than remembered she wasn't an ordinary human either, she had super strength! "Forgive me for this!" She said as she grasped his hand. Her plan was to move this guy's hand aside, if he tried to resist she'd overwhelm him with superior strength and than go on with her way.
But his hand didn't budge an inch. "What?" When trying to figure out why her super strength wasn't working, an idea hit her like a brick upside the head. "You're-" Before she could say anything, he suddenly lifted her off her feet.
"Eh, eh?" His strength was superior to hers, which surprised her.

(Author's note 1:Forgive me for this. )
He tossed her into the air and caught her face. A wicked smirk growing on his face, "You're too green." He slammed the back of her head against the rim of the toilet seat repeatedly, before switching to slamming her head against the stall walls. "Fight back." He was getting bored, he ran her head through the stalls one by one.
Seeing she was still alive, he rammed her face against the glass mirror in front of the sinks. "Is that really everything you have?" He sat her down in the sink, seeing all the blood smeared on the walls and mirror, as well as her own face. He stepped on her shattered glasses. "Oh well, guess it's time for my treat." He placed his hands hands on her knees...we all know what he wants...
This is the one time I'm glad about the PG-13 rule I'm forced to follow...for Shina's sake.

Shina's hands overlapped her attacker's hands. "Your name?" She asked.

This was confusing to him, most of the girls whose been through this usually scream, cry or fight back. She was asking his name. "Uh, my name when I was alive was...Sadir. Yours?"

"...Shinra..." A smirk appeared on her face. She placed her hand on his chest, "Unlike my weaker counterpart, this kind of thing is a turn on to me."
(Author's note 2: *Vomiting uncontrollably*)

"Oh, is that so?"

Shinra tilted her head to the side, "But there's a problem..." She placed her hand over his arm, "This is your first time isn't it? Sorry...weak little boys don't do it for me." She dug her fingers deep inside his arm, placed her foot on his stomach, and than pulled with all her might. "By the way, THIS is what I like best!" She meant ripping her enemies apart in case someone doesn't get it.
There was just a little string of flesh and metal keeping the arm attached, but it was practically useless now. With her enemy on the ground, she stepped on his arms. "Heh...whose too green again?" She placed her hand on the hilt of the sword at her waist. She saw her enemy move, and as quick as lightning she sliced open his throat. Blood sprayed everywhere from the wound...
She was truly disappointed, for someone who caught her off guard they were really nothing special. Moving to look at herself in the mirror she sighed in anger, "Damn, this guy really got me dirty." There was blood on her clothe and everything. "Hmmm..." She was very frustrated, "DAMN IT, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" Raising her foot, she continually stepped on her fallen enemies' face.
While she was doing that she heard the sound of something moving against the wind, she leaped to her left as the enemies half-severed arm shot past her, whipping around it attempted to stab into her.
Flipping her sword to backhand position than turning it on the flat side, she was able to parry the attack away from her. She couldn't believe it when she saw it, her enemy was getting right back up, even after suffering that kind of wound...
"Oh, looks like your still alive, cyborg pervert." That's what she'd call him from now on. She unsheathed her second blade, "Last long against me, otherwise I can't enjoy myself!"

Saito had just finished dealing with a huge ass line to buy the things he created. He stretched as wide as he could while in his chair, a yawn escaping from his lips. "Wow, what a huge line." He rubbed the sleepies out of his eyes with his knuckle. With his half-closed eyes, he saw a silouhetted figure in front of him. "Ah, sorry, I was about to go for a bathroom break. If you want to buy my work, please wait for me to return-"

"I'm not here for the book...Saito..." It was Ken's voice.

Saito's eyes widened as he saw, without a doubt, the person standing in front of him was Ken. "Ken?" He didn't realize Ken would be here. He felt a pulsation from the mark on his neck.
'No way!'

"I see, so you have become like me." He raised his fist to his chest. "In that case, lets hope you don't disappoint me." His hand changing like before.

"Wait, Ken! There's still all these people here!" Saito didn't want to get those who had nothing to do with this involved, some of them were good friends of his.

"What people?" Ken stepped out of the way.....The hall was...completely...horrific.
(Authors note 3: *Shivering.* That could've been me. )
Weird looking monsters were killing and destroying everything, they were still wearing human clothe though.

"What...did you do to them?" Saito asked, with anger and fear in his voice. His whole body was trembling.

"Not me, my master...he made them...better..." He didn't seem to care at all.

"Better?" Saito mimed. "What about them is better?!" Saito pointed to them, "Look at them! They're killing each other, and every single one they kill adds more to their numbers! They don't even look human anymore!" They looked more like zombies with jellyfish heads, and back tentacles. "Ken, look what you're doing to yourself! What would Rika-"

"Shut up!" Ken shouted over him, "You...will never say her name again!" He looked to his arm. "Because Rika is right here...beside me, always...watching over me...isn't that right Rika." He had clearly lost his mind as he stroked his destructive arm.

" can never go back can you...?" Saito realized for the first time in his life, just how powerless he really was.
'I never thought I was powerless, Rika was always there to protect me whenever I got in over my head. The truth is, I never had any real strength, I can't save anyone at matter what I do. It's my fault Rika's dead...and it's my fault Ken is like this too.'
Saito's covenant mark was glowing.
"I'm gave me life that day, and I ended up throwing it away...I'm sorry." Saito's power was awakening at last:
A sphere of light appeared on Saito's back, two lights were building up from the original sphere. Solidifying into steel wings...
"Rika's always watching my back." Saito said with confidence. Steel shaped Angel Wings appearing on his back. That was the manifestation he chose...

Saito's words pissed off Ken even more. "I told you..DON'T SAY HER NAME!!!" He threw a straight punch forward.

One of the wings on Saito's back moved forward and covered his in the same metallic surface, Ken's hand stopping in Saito's palm. There power levels were evened out...
Actually... "...Ken...I will...destroy you..." In his free hand a large hand gun formed, placing the gun's end to Ken's forehead he pulled the trigger.
Ken was flown off his feet, smashing through tables, chairs, enemies, and even the wall...
Saito stood on top of the table. Thrusting his hands forward the wings on his back spread out, two Assault-Rifles were aimed from the waist, two SMGs from his hands, and two Rifles over his shoulder. "I'll set you all free." He pulled the triggers. "Multi-shot." He never let go of the trigger even after the bullets clicked out and the enemies had fallen. The guns vanished and the steel wings went into stand-by mode: (A back pack that Saito wears.)
"....." He was completely silent as he looked around, seeing the carnage he caused, directly and indirectly.
He stepped down from the table, no matter how he tried to look at it...this may have never happened if he had told Rika exactly how he felt.
He slammed his fists onto his forehead, not wanting to look at this place anymore! "Damn it...where's that sword girl...?" He fell on his knees, his hands remaining limp at his side. "...Where are you...? I don't want to be here anymore..."
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Who wants to know...
Posted 1/12/09 , edited 1/12/09
(Time to end this hiatus.)

-Part 9 of friends-

As Saito surveyed the destruction, he felt like his heart was going to rip itself out of his chest for every body he saw...human or not.
"..." Gritting his teeth, he clutched his chest, trying to stop the beating. "Is this...all I have left?" That terrible feeling still in him.

"What the fu*k is with that pu**y look on your face?" Shinra was behind him, dragging a torso stuck on her hand.
She looked around and whistled in amazement at all the destruction, "Impressive for a fuc*ing lightweight that is." She licked the blood off her cheek.

"Shina?" He didn't really understand the sudden change in personality.

A pissed off look appeared on her face, "Tch, wrong answer." She pointed her sword at him, "I'm Shinra...get it wrong again and I'll rip out your intestines with my bare hands."
She noticed something amongst the corpses. "Hey, isn't that the asshole that got away earlier?"

"Oh...yah..." He stared at Ken's corpse the longest. "...So what now...?" He asked.

"We get the f*ck out of here, if there's nothing to kill, I don't give a sh*t." As she turned around, she heard a sound that resembled a flat-line in her head.
By Saito's reaction, he must've heard it too.
"Looks like it's not over yet." She freed herself from the severed torso, tossing it amongst the flames. And taking her twin-bladed stance.
A seal was forming on the ground, merely 10 ft. away from the two of them.

"What is that?" Saito could feel the immense power.

"Just another thing to rip to shreds." Shinra was completely fearless. She had already seen it once before.
A hooded figure appeared out of the seal.
"So, you're the ones who put my servants in that state?" He sounded calm as he cleaned himself.

"Heh, they weren't much of a challenge....maybe you'll give me the excitement I crave?" She mocked him, and flipped him off.

Saito was looking down at the shadow coming from the figure. He shivered, the shadowed figure looked more like a monster...he could only see it's shape, but it was terrifying. His hands were shaking...
More than anything he wanted to run away...
Than he felt a hand on his shoulder.
Looking back he saw...a familiar face...

"He's too much for you guys." Yorito and Anya stepped forward.
They both had similar smiles on their faces.
"Anya...which weapon do you think would be suitable for this battle?" He asked...

Anya was carrying around a large, metal case 3 times her size. Flipping it over her shoulder and opening it, she pulled out a dragon-head pendant.
"How about this?"

"Ah, yes...this'll do nicely." Yorito closed his hand into a fist on the pendant. A black light formed a giant hammer in his hand...

As Saito looked down at Yorito's shadow he didn't see a monstrous shadow like that other guy. Yorito's looked...almost human...?
It was even more terrifying...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/5/09
-Part 10 of Friends-

It was just a stand-off between them, neither had made a move yet.
Shinra placed her hand on Saito's shoulder, "'ve got other problems to worry about." She pointed over her shoulder to something rising out from the wreckage.

"Saito!" It shouted out.

"Ken!" Saito prepared his weapons. But he stopped when he realized what he was doing...
'My body...just moved on it's this what I am now? Something that can just shoot my friend without a second thought?' He was scarred for what he was becoming.

Shinra had already drawn her swords.
"If you're gonna be a wuss and back out, than do it somewhere else...I don't like prey getting away." She smiled evilly, obviously remembering their last battle.
Yorito could care less about what was going on behind him. He kicked off, the hammer raised high above his head...
He smashed it down at the enemy below him.
"...." A cloud of smoke surrounded Yorito.
He ducked as a whip of shadows flew overhead. He blasted the smoke away with one quick hammer swing...

The enemy was seen standing in a hole in the wall, probably just made.
"Lets step outside." He mocked as he jumped out.

"After you." Yorito quickly followed after...leaving Saito and Shinra to fight Ken.
Saito looked to Shinra, who was eagerly awaiting the battle to start.
"Isn't there anything we can do to bring him back?" He asked with a certain desperation in his eyes and voice.

Shinra looked at him with disgust, she grabbed onto his face and pushed him to the ground.
"You wanna try bringing him back, look at him." She pointed with her sword. "He's not your friend anymore, he's just a me..." She smirked.
Aiming her sword down at Saito's neck, "If you're gonna get in my way...I'll slice you open right now. So make your decision fast...or just stay out of the way." With those words, Shinra sprang into action...engaging in battle with Ken...

Saito just laid there on the floor. Helplessly looking up at the empty ceiling, the sounds of clanging weapons from Ken and Shinra filled his ears.
He was split in two.
Half of him realized Shinra was right and that it was better that Ken be re-killed.
Yet, the other half didn't want to hurt his friend...
"What should I do...?" He said helplessly to himself...
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Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/25/09
-Part 11 of Friends-

Yorito walked along the side of the building. Holding the hammer over his shoulder...his eyes closed with a look of confidence on his face.
When he opened his eyes, he stepped to the left. Avoiding the shadow whip that tore through the room in front of him. He rushed up the origin of the whip, smashing the hammer against their face.
But they weren't dead yet...
"Come on...get up..." Yorito mocked. Stepping into the shattered room. "I know something like that's not gonna kill you."
As Shinra engaged the enemy in close range, she seemed to be too busy to counter-attack. Her entire focus was in dodging.
"Tch." Shinra was getting irritated. She looked to Saito, who was still unable to move.
"Hey, you stupid asshole! Do something before I kill you myself!" She shouted to him...

"...." Saito looked away as he formed the gun on his arms. "Buster Shatter." A barrage of black bullets hit Ken, forcing him to defend against them. Which gave Shinra the opportunity she needed to strike.
The force of her strike shattered the floor beneath them...
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