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Who wants to know...
Posted 6/21/09 , edited 6/22/09
(For some reason, I imagine "Dancing For Rain - Rise Against" , would go well with this scene. )

-Part 12 of Friends-

"Cough, cough." The disgusting taste of dust got into his mouth, and he felt like throwing up. "Is she always gonna do this?" Saito said to himself while getting up, trying to find his bearings.
Only five seconds later he felt a large force tackle him, and force him onto the ground. He saw Ken sitting over him.

"Hey, Saito!" He said with an insane smile on his face before delivering a punch to Saito's face. And than another. "Heh-heh-heh!" He laughed at Saito while punching him.
"Not so tough, while in close range are you! Your guns are no good now!"

Saito brought his hands up to protect his face and body, it did some good but it wouldn't be long.
Ken was obviously a close range type.
Saito looked around for Shinra.

Shinra pushed over some debris on top of her. A couple feet away she spotted Saito being beaten by Ken.
"That stupid rookie!" She picked up her swords, about to rush to his aid when suddenly, Sadir appeared...fully healed. And blocking Shinra's path.
"Cyborg pervert!" Shinra exclaimed while locking blades with him. "Heh, glad you're still alive."


"This time, I'll tear you apart until there's nothing left!" Shinra pushed him with her blades into an entirely different room!
And this left Saito to fend for himself.
There wasn't much he could do against this endless barrage of punches.
(Okay, UFC time. )
Saito waited for a delay in Ken's punching before delivering his own, straight to his jaw. During this time, Saito attempted to pull a reversal using his body weight.
Saito formed the wings on his back to act as arms to push his weight against Saito's, and turn the tides.
And now it was Saito on top, delivering a flurry of punches to Ken instead.
After a time, Saito formed the gun in his hand and pressed the end of the gun to Ken's temple. But he paused...

"What are you waiting for, Saito, shoot me." He mocked.

"I didn't want this!" Saito shouted. "You killed people, you killed me! I had no choice..." Saito said with sadness. "Why Ken, why?!"

" killed Rika..."

"And so killing me would do what? Bring her back!" Saito's anger was building. "Look at us, Ken! I'm pointing a gun to your head and you've killed who knows how many people!" Saito shouted.

" dead because of you...!" Ken placed his hand on the gun. "If you didn't exist, Rika would still be alive, why?! Why did she confess to you?! What was so bad about me?! Why you!? Why, Saito, you rejected her and she still sacrificed herself for you! It's your fault entirely!"

"Well what do you expect me to do?! Go back in time and fix it?! Time goes on, even when the people we love die! But you sold your soul for what?! To have a chance to get back at me?!"

"Yes, I did! And I'm gonna get my revenge too!" In his free hand he formed a sword, and thrust the blade at Saito's face.
Blood dripped from Ken's blade, and blood splattered on Saito's gun.
And the one left standing was Saito.

Saito stood up from Ken's corpse.
"...." He took one last look before Ken started dissolving into dust. "Farewell, Ken." Saito said as he turned away from the fading dust...
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/5/09
-Part 13 of Friends-

Yorito was at the top of the tower, signs of battle were clear. Anya sat at the edge of the building, waiting for Yorito to finish up...
"And here I was hoping you'd be more of a challenge." Yorito mocked his downed enemy, who was now at the mercy of the hammer hanging over Yorito's head.
"For a're pretty weak..."

"Uhhh...gwho geth frwuck gar gruou?!" ("Who the f*ck are you?") His mouth was so full of blood, he couldn't speak.

"....." Yorito didn't answer, just smiled wider. "That of no use to the dead." Yorito said, taking the hammer into both hands.
His happy smile changed into a sadistic one.
"Do you want to know why you're so weak...?" The hammer started opening up, revealing the head of the hammer was actually the head of a monster with rows upon row of sharp as dagger teeth, drool dripped from the hammer's mouth as it hungered for it's next victim.
"Your hatred wasn't strong enough." Yorito smashed the hammer down on his enemy, watching with an expressionless face as the hammer both smashed and devoured it's enemy...
It didn't take Saito long to find where Shinra had gone....he just followed the body parts, the destruction, and the blood stains.
He found her while he was going up the escalator in the main hall...he looked up and saw her standing on one of her swords while making art on the walls with her enemies guts and organs.
"...." Saito found it a bit grotesque, he wondered if he'd have that kind of blood lust the longer he remained...well...dead...

Shinra, having completed her blood mural with one hand, while extracting 'paint and decorations' from her 'supply' that was hanging motionless on the wall, with a sword stuck through it's head. It was missing a great many of it's limbs and vital organs...most of it was on the wall...
"And there..." She said, proud of herself after adding the last bit of blood onto the wall. She looked down and spotted, Saito. "...." She remained silent when seeing him, from her happy face came an annoyed frown.
"Oi, limp dick, you liking the view down there or what?"

"Eh?" Saito's cheeks turned bright red as he realized he could see Shinra's panties. He looked away, "Uh, sorry!" He stepped back just before Shinra landed on him. A slight miss.

Shinra moved her face closer to Saito's...
"....." She stared at him intently...

Saito was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. "W-What is it?"

"...You're not that bad looking..." She licked the blood off his cheek.

"!!!" He tried to move away but Shinra had gripped onto his shoulders, try as he might, Shinra was unnaturally stronger.

"Hold still...this is your blood...I don't know why," She licked more furiously, "but it tastes different...good..."

Yorito and Anya appeared behind Shinra.
"Get a room." Anya joked, stifling a slight laugh.

"...." Shinra stopped immediately, "Are you gonna try and-" A pair of glasses were placed in front of her eyes.
She let go of Saito, placing a hand over her head. She shook her head and turned back to Saito.
Instead of the evil gaze of Shinra, it seemed as though Shina had returned to her own body.
" long have I been..." She trailed off as she looked around, seeing all the destruction around her. "...I did it again didn't I...?" She meant changing to Shinra.
She started to get flashes from the time of her being Shinra. "...." She said nothing, just kept a sad look on her face. Possibly regretting her time as Shinra.

At last, Yorito spoke; "Time to move out, I'd rather not attract unwanted attention." He looked to Anya, "Portal, now." He said with haste.

Anya shrugged as a hole opened up in the ground. She was the first to step up to the portal.
"See you back at home~" She vanished the moment she stepped through the circle.

"...Yah...home..." Shina said while she stepped through the portal.

Yorito was about to follow, however Saito had stopped him by saying, "Hey wait, what about all this destruction? Isn't there some kind of spell you know to fix everything or erase people's memories or-"

"What are you talking about?" Yorito said while raising an eye brow. "What we do is for keeps, it's not like we can just wave a magical wand and suddenly everything we broke is fixed." Making hand motions as he spoke to emphasize a point.

"...." The words he spoke struck Saito like a blade. "That's...cruel...ya know...?"

"What are you complaining about?" Yorito mocked, "You actually lived." Without another word, Yorito stepped through the portal.

"....." Saito...probably had some idea of how Shina must feel. Because he was feeling something of the same.
He realized, he'd probably be feeling nothing but pain from now on. He could only hope that the heavy feeling in his chest would go away...he didn't want to become like Shinra, who enjoyed all this destruction. Rather...he just wished he could feel numb to it all.
He couldn't be a hero...hell this was far from it. Maybe it got easier as time went on...?
Praying that his thoughts were correct, he stepped through the portal...leaving the life he knew behind...
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Posted 11/20/09 , edited 11/21/09
i sense a large amount of blood and gore from this story. just the kind i like.
interesting, btw. and like the humours.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/8/10
Gonna start up the next arc of this story in a few minutes.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/8/10
(In the future, I'll probably redo a whole bunch of these stories...
Right now, the only thing I can think about is ending this one as quickly as I can... )

Chapter 3: Faith

Shina woke up that morning with a cramp in her neck, probably Shinra's doing of course...
Shinra enjoys all the violence, and Shina receives the cramps later, of course they won't die...but still...hurts quite a bit later on.
In this place...time didn't exist...yet day and night passed normally...
Yorito said it was a castle a while back...but apparently that was some point, this place had probably been a high school, a dormitory...or at the very least, a building with odd interior design...
It was the middle of the night, everyone was probably sleeping...except Saito...
For the past few nights, he'd been taking midnight strolls...tonight was no exception...
She watched him from the 3rd floor, secretly of course. He would just run laps on the track field until he couldn't take it anymore.
"...." She felt sorry for him, she wanted to know how she could help him come to terms with the things he's done...?

"Don't bother..." The window talked to her, she saw Shinra's reflection speaking to her. "He probably won't let you in anyways...don't nag him, when he wants to speak, he'll speak..."

"'re right..." Shina thought this was out of character, for Shinra...until...

"Of course, you could torture him or sleep with him, I'm sure he'll tell you whatever you want after that."

Shina sighed, "You're really good at killing the mood you know that?!" Suddenly, she heard a sound...
Coming from the roof...? Sounded like a guitar...?
As she moved towards the sound, she started to hear lyrics:
"I used to think
That I could find happiness if I held out long enough
Where is that little piece of happiness I waited so many years for?

I've lost count
of how many scars have been left on this body
For a long time
I've been walking this path of solitude
As I look back, no one's there...

What do I do now?
Whatever happened to my heart
Full of forgiveness, waiting for someone to share their hearts with mine?

So what happened to my heart?
I think I lost it...
Some time ago...
It's sad, that I hadn't noticed it...

I wonder, if someone will fill that void someday...?
Maybe someday...
I'll start to see the light once more...
Until then, I'll be waiting here...
Until someone finds me
Or I fade away..."

(Heatless - Lyrics composed by me... )
She opened the door to the roof to find Anya sitting on the fence.
Playing her guitar and singing, she'd yet to notice Shina apparently.
Shina didn't want to interrupt her playing, she found the melody, the tune, everything about it was beautiful...the song was a sort of contradiction to their current existence, maybe that's why Anya played it...?
"...." Shina just remained silent as she listened to Anya finish her song...than she watched Anya stare longingly at the shining full moon.
'I wonder...why is she here...what's her story...?"
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