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A.D.2292: First Season of “00P”. Celestial Being’s work focuses on development of 2nd Generation Gundams. Hellion Initium rollout.

A.D.2293: Ruido and Marlene give birth to Feldt. Chall Acoustica, a second generation Gundam Meister is 16 years old.

A.D.2295: Plutone tragedy. Ruido, Marlene retire (japanese way of saying die?). Chall is seriously injured.

A.D.2297: The solar conflict ends. Orbital elevator construction begins.

A.D.2300: Helion Medium rollout.

A.D.2301: A test of an armed intervention to a conflict with the 0 Gundam. Setsuna sees the Gundam.

A.D.2302: Second Season of “00P”. Celestial Being develops 3rd Generation Gundams and scouts for Gundam Meisters. Preparation for an all out armed intervention. Chall Acoustica, age 26, becomes an agent.

A.D.2305: Hellion Vervetum rollout.

A.D.2307: Television series.

A.D.2308: Celestial Being, defeated by the UN Forces, collapses. Gundam 00F story is told from the years 2308 to 2312.

A.D.2312: Earth Federation established. A reborn Celestial Being begins.

Gundam 00V is set in the future of these events and is told to us by Robery Spacey.
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ohhh !! it's very cool thx azzy ^^ i think i will use it for my groups !
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