Chapter 4 "The Princess of Flame/Ocean Join" Part 3
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<<<<<<<Back to Shea,Tear,Eri,Miyu, & Sya.

All 4 of the girls suddenly appear in the town Sheeke

"Umm...may i ask why ppl are fliying around?" Sya asks

"Well..we ARE!!! in of course ppl will be flying" Shea says walking away form the ppl.

"AHH! Wait~" Miyu says whining cutely and trys to catch up with Shea.

The Tear & Sya try to catch up with SHea to.

"Eh?..." <<<<Eri was left behind. but no worries...a Angel Man comes down and gives Eri a ride XD

<<<<<<<<<TO kuroda~ (WEE~! XD lolz<<head hurts *ouchies* XD)

"WTF AM I GOING TO DO!!!!" Kuroda yells running ina circle panicked

"Uno?" Maristelle asks cutely sitting in the circle of water.

"WHAT!" Kuroda yelled at Maristelle meanly.

*tears* "I-i only wanted to say that theres a guy standing behind you" Maristelle says whining

"A guy?" Kuroda turns around surprised *twitches* *highly irritated for some reason*
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/7/08
Wee~! CRAPPY STORIE! io was bored+ i was feeling Lazy..Sowwiez XD
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