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here is where we have our night job we all live in this mansion doing our jobs if we don't have to do outside work like what i do if u don't know what i do at nite i either steal things for the poor or kill crooks and villians that have done terrible deeds.
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I shall post, I guess ^^
((Being Literate For Now))

Lizzie blinked twice and looked at herself in the mirror, her snow white hair and deep red eyes glowing. She had changes her appearance for tonight, seeing as she had some 'work to do' and a jewel was the goal. It was for the city of Azair; the gem of their goddess; and she was planning on returning it to them, with or with out help. She strapped the last dagger into place and took one final glance in the mirror, her braided hair swinging as she turned. With a smile she walked into the hall, shutting the door behind her and heading for the front.
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