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[Fanfiction] The Pure and The Stray

Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/7/08
This is going to be my first fanfiction on, i've attempted to make a different fanfiction in a different forum so i decided to make one here ^^. This is an AMUTO story. I repeart AMUTO! For all you TADAMU fans, i'm going to make a TADAMU story, just not now, first i wanna see how this one works out.

The Pure and The Stray.


Amu: Okaa-san, I'm leaving now!
Amu's mother: Okay! Have fun at school!

Amu leaves for school on a typical day, in a typical morning. As she walks to school she sees a boy's legs sticking out behind a tree.
Amu: Eh?

Amu, being the curious girl that she is, decides to go see what it is...Not thinking of the risk or consequences that might come.

Amu: Um..I hope its not a dead body -.-''
???: Yo, long time no see, Pervy Kid.
Amu: I-Ikuto!

Amu trips in suprise, falling on top of Ikuto. (Dont you love the ecchi moments ^^)

Amu: Ouch.. EH?!?
Ikuto: How long are you going to sit on me exactly...?
Amu: Eh..? Ah..Im sorry....Ouch!

Amu tried to stand up, but just to her luck, she hurt her leg. Poor Amu =(

Ikuto: Amu? Whats wrong?
Amu: Oh its nothing. Ouch!
Ikuto: Aaaah. There is something wrong...*Looks in* You hurt your ankle didn't you?
Amu: Yes....
Ikuto: Well, as the gentleman that I am, I think I should carry you to school.
Amu: Eh! No way!
Ikuto: Too late.

Ikuto picks up Amu, who was unsuccessful in trying to make him stop, but she had no choice. As they reached the school gate, all the students turned their heads. With rumors filling their heads Amu turns cherry red and tries not to even think about it.

Amu: So embarrassing..*Hides*
Ikuto: Its okay..Hey..If you hide in my shirt people with think worse >.>
Amu: Eh!? Ah....

Just as Amu thought things couldn't get worse, Tadase and the other Guardians come by. Again heads turn.

Students: *whisper whisper* Who's that with Hinamori-san? Are they a couple? I thought she liked Tadase-sama?
Amu: Kyaah! Dont look Tadase-kun!
Tadase: Eh? Hinamori-san..Tsukiyomi Ikuto!!

Tadase in an angry rage comes towards the two suspicious people.

Tadase: What are you doing here?! Let go of Hinamori-san this instant!
Ikuto: Why should I, Kiddy King? She asked me to walk her here.
Amu: Eh thats a lie!
Ikuto: Oh well, I guess my fun has ended..Later, Pervy Kid.
Amu: Ikuto..
Amu's Thoughts: I didnt even properly thank him..
Tadase: Hinamori-san are you okay?
Amu: I think I kinda hurt my ankle on the way to school...That's the reason he carried me.
Tadase: Tsukiyomi Ikuto..What are you thinking..?

School Starts.


School Ends.

Amu: Im glad Tadase-kun stayed with me in the infirmary..He stay their for the whole first and second classes! *excited*
Ikuto: Finally! It took you so long.
Amu: EH?! Ikuto?!
Ikuto: Lets go.
Amu: Wait wait! Where are you taking me?!
Ikuto: Home, stupid kid. You have a bad ankle dont you?
Amu: Ah...*Blushes* Why do you care so much... :tongue2:
Ikuto: 'Cuz it's interesting.

Amu ends up being carried by Ikuto home, and had to deal with her parents asking who he was, but what she didnt realize was.

Amu: Ahh..What a good bath..I cant believe I have to skip school tomorrow to rest my leg. I wont see Tadase-kun!
Miki: WAAH! Why is it so hot in your room!
Suu: Dont complain-desu..
Ran: Night time! Night time!
Amu: Yes yes, I'll open the window Miki...EH?!?!
Ikuto: Yo.

Amu sees Ikuto laying down on her balcony, to her suprise.

Amu: Wha-Wha-What are y-y-you doing here!!
Ikuto: Sssh! Your parents will hear right!
Amu: I WANT to tell them! Theres a stalker in my house!
Ikuto: I'm here just in case theres any problems with your leg!
Amu: Eh! *Blushes* Thats just an excuse to tease me!
Ikuto: Say what you want, but I'm not moving.
Amu: No! Move move move!
Ikuto: Fine, how about I come in instead
Amu: *Blushes AGAIN* ....Fine..Stay out there, you big cat.
Ikuto: Hehe.

Amu had to deal with the pressure of having Ikuto out there which made her nervous, giving her a minimum amount of sleep...


Amu: Good morning....*still sleepy*
Ran: GOOD MORNING!!!! Doctor Doctor Doctor!l!! Yay!
Miki: Gooood Morrrnningg *yawns*
Suu: Good Morning-desu, Amu-chan!

Amu opens the blinds, but to her suprise the big cat is still there.

Amu: Did he stay here all night..? Ikuto...

Amu opens the blinds letting a gust of wind in.

Amu: Thank you, Ikuto..

Amu pats his head, gives him a blanket and leaves him to sleep...


This is only a sample chapter, I want to see what people think with the Amuto version, and then I might start the Tadamu version.
Hope you like it!

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Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/8/08
Hope you make more ~ XD
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
same it is good
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29 / F / Jennings, LA
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
*SQUEE* Make more please!! I love Amuto!!! You're a really talented writer, keep up the good work!
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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
hey, it's good xD It would be awesome if you made somemore~~
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
well you had talent lol it is good i want more lol >.<
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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
tis is like a dialouge? well anywayz nice fanfic!^^ even if its a amuto one its not like the other onez which r.......
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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/9/08
i want to read the next chapter cant w8
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23 / F / Vienna.... -.-
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/9/08
Make MORE, make MORE!!!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!!!! It' REALLY GOOD!!!!
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
Oh dear.. People accually liked it..Im gonna try the Tadamu one and see which ones better in ratings >.>
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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
more amuto plz!
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Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
no tadase and amu!!!!!!
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Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
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kawaii!!I loved it~
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Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/23/08
amuto plz
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