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[Movie] Hercules
Posted 3/31/07 , edited 4/1/07

keelo wrote:

If they do not make Hercules into a movie they should make it into an anime

OMG Hercules as anime I see this suck <_<
you have big imagination lol
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Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/14/09

I'd like to see a movie about Zeus befoe he became king of the Greek gods.
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Posted 10/25/09 , edited 10/25/09

I jz watch the cartoon version in disney channel ,i it the same though?
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Posted 11/3/09 , edited 11/3/09

Quincy_Ishida wrote:

People who do not like Kevin Sorbo as Hercules, what the hell are you saying. There is no other Herc-ster in the world that could pull off his character than Kevin Sorbo. Kevin Sorbo is a man, no an angel that walks this world and has graced us with his presence, and its a shame that the Hercules series ended to soon

(Look at this man, no this angel, look at his shiny body and hair blowing in the air, looking at him makes everyone feel alright about everything, and do not worry bout their troubles)

(and as for the movie....not interested)

Good point, I'm totally agree with you, Kevin is truly a god
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