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Oh , Said by the most brightest..
"Love is nothing but , Feelings Cancer."
Love is good right?
More like Health's Russian Roulette.

I've been seeing more then enough of this young love.
Children hugging and kissing , Saying love every time they hang up.
Making promises.
Forced to marry.
Isn't it all just enough that people are having sex with the 8billion+ people on this Planet.
But we have these...Little Minds. That are ... Outside of it... Outside of the normal.
Creating... A Dark side to our Shitty lives.

It's funny , isn't it?
That..You can marry someone...
But hey marriage is nothing but a lock on a relation ship.

And , Suicide ? Really kids.
Get a damn education.
Ohhhh! Quit yer bitchin.
She broke up with me! I ...i ... DONT KNOW WHAT TO DU!!

How about get a knife and stab your self for all of us right?
Emotionals ruining the thread of this fine silk blanket.
I mean yaaa , This is a Rant Why don't I go do something about it.

We got kid's running in school's shooting every person who had a "Future."
Because they were ruffled up a bit/ Pissed on / Etc.
Why the hell don't you get over it.

Just today I was on the phone , 2 of my friend's were just wahhh , wahhh.
That girl don't like me maaan. Ohhh lord , Why is she like that?

Kids Tend to Over React.

Meh , I guess ;].

Rant/Flame/Complain/Delete the thread.

Just wanted to say this ;]
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Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/8/08
This is not a blog. Go to Livejournal or Myspace.

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