Wall Rules! Updated~! 04/12
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Posted 9/7/08 , edited 12/3/08
Please don't spam or advertise on the wall~!
This includes advertising CR groups or videos or just random spaming..
Friendly warning messages will be given out to those who spam!

Users continously breaking the rules WILL be followed up by shinji for a nuke.

Here are some rules for posting on the wall~!

- Please do not sware on the wall or in forums! Some people are sensitive and are offended very easily.
- Links of any kind are not to be posted on the wall, post them in the link thread!
- If you see any form of advertising or spam of a group or website please mark it as spam or report it to one of the moderators!
- Please don't tell people to buddy you. As this can turn into spam. If you would like more buddies add people yourself~! Lazyness won't get you anywhere! xD
- Referral links to games/websites of any kind are not permitted! Do not advertise for your own profit!

Make it a better place for everyone by helping us!

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Posted 9/8/15 , edited 9/8/15
Closed as no longer relevant. This is super old and there doesn't seem to be a library with a wall.
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