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Calvin and Arron traveled to Vancouver Canada overseas to look for new comers, accompanying with this trip is their management agent who single-handedly created "Fahrenheit" idol group, and also judges for "Sunshine Boys" competition, hoping to find an excellent boy within the group, to find "Fahrenheit's" successors!

Calvin took advantage to travel to past areas he loved, Arron was his traveling partner! Its been 3 years since he's traveled there, Calvin felt many feelings, and remembers those years when he and his girlfriend walked on the beaches, looking at the sunset, now beside him has changed to Arron, Calvin sent a text message to his ex-girlfriend, unfortunately there was no reply, suddenly the romantic gestures has become "one sided feeling"!

Calvin returns to Taiwan to form Fahrenheit and breaks up with girl friend

After gratuating from Jianguo High, Calvin went to Vancouver to study, he attended the 2004 "Sunshine Boys" new comer competition, 2005 he returned to Taiwan to form "Fahrenheit", at the same time he broke up with his girl friend of 3 years. This year "Sunshine Boys" is now changed to "SunShine Nation", added a female competition, inviting Calvin and Arron as guest performers, with this short 4 days trip, it has finally brought Calvin back to remember his old feelings.

Once in Vancouver for 6 years, Calvin is familiar with the where abouts, volunteering to become the local guide for Arron and other staff to go shopping, eating seafood, he said when he was in Vancouver, every year on July 1 on the Canada Day celebration, he and his girl friend and a bunch of friends would go to Stanley Park beach side, walk in the beach, watch fireworks, eat hot dog, many memories, walking past stores, arriving to the local area there is a famous spaghetti place, he said: "after walking the streets they would eat spaghetti."

Arron accompanies old area Calvin spirit seems lonely

Since broke up with girl friend, looking in front of familiar places it has aged, Calvin at times shows a feeling of lonliness, thinking back of the past, this is the first time Arron's been to Vancouver, gazing at the big bowl of spaghetti, becaus of jet lag he couldn't eat it, Calvin said: "Weird, how come in the past I never thought it was so huge, at it all completely!" The staff laughed at him: "You need lots of energy when you're dating."

"Fahrenheit" is famed all the way to Canada, Calvin and Arron were both very surprised, every where they went there were fans, and even bunches of chasing fans, western girls, hot mothers seeing Arron would say: "Cute Guy!" Thinks he's "Man"; Calvin actually attracted western guy's attention, even the staff were suprised.

This is the clip from the local tv program interviewing them while in's in Cantonese. They've spilled a little of their HK concert.

Credits: Asian Fanatics
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aw.... poor calvin.... i can imagine how he must have felt.....!!
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