I'm sorry, I love you
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Title: I’m sorry, I love you
Author: Kim Eunmi
Genre: Romance, Drama, Short, Sad
Status: One-shot (Complete)

I posted this up on winglin. This was my third one-shot ever written. It's not my best but yeah.. It's really short; only 18 lines so.. I hope you enjoy and comment! xD no silent readers please? ^^

- Kim Heechul (Obviously! xDDD)
- Fictional (no name; referred to as ‘She’ or ‘Her’) [You can imaging it's you]


Heechul’s P.O.V:

I looked at her smiling face trying my hardest not to let the tears flow.
It had been a year since I last saw her and I can still see the smile she had on her face
with the last guy she spent with; made me want to punch out all his teeth with one blow.
I remember a time when I used to make her smile like that.
Now she can’t even look at me; let alone see me.

The girl I am talking about is my used-to-be girlfriend.
She had died two years ago due to a tragic accident …
How? We had a fight, she walked away, I was too proud to pull her back
I watched her with other guys and I realized how foolish I was for not taking her back,
Then one day her mother came to me saying that a car accident had taken her away.
She had died; without waiting for my apology.

Now, I sit here beside her.
Giving her flowers; tulips specifically.
She always loved those; yellow ones specifically.
I shed a tear and I felt a slow yet cool breeze pass by me and I knew it was her.
I’m sorry, I love you” I said one last time and turned around to be greeted
with a hug from my new fiancée.
'She isn’t you; she never will be' i thought for the last time before turning to head for the church.
I'm getting married.

TY in advance for reading. if you want a one-shot for you and your favorite Suju member, request at: www.koi-ai-sarang.webs.com

We take every single request! ^^

Kim Eunmi
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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
nice story you got there... but, its a little short for me... so, i hope you can make it longer... hehheee
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Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/9/08
nice story,.....
i also thinks that it is a little bit too short for me...
i like long stories... :D

thanks for sharing...
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wow i love the way you put "you" in starring (<< if that makes sense) LOL
thanks for sharingg~~~ ^^
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you're welcome! thanks for reading! ^^
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