No, I love you
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Title: No, I love you
Author: Kim Eunmi
Genre: Romance, Comedy, drama

Another one from me! hope you like it! You all probably know that by now... I have a HUGE thing for Heechul. He's my husband. lol. [please don't kill me] xD

I'm not sure if it's PG13... if it made anyone uncomfortable just let me know. I apologize for it, sincerely.

TY for reading in advance. No silent readers please? ^^

`Kim Heechul
`_______ [fill the blanks with your name]

_______'s P.O.V:
“Ahck~!” I shouted out in pain as I entered through my bedroom door carrying a plate of cookies I had just recently baked only to have the back of my waist hit the corer of my table which stood right next to the door. I placed the cookies in front if him; he suddenly grabbed two pieces and shoved it up his mouth. I sat on my bed which was behind him and looked at the affected area I had hit. I couldn’t see it well but I knew from the striking pain that it had already formed a bruise. I opened my drawer and searched for the bruise cream.

“Are you okay?” I heard him ask plainly not even bothering to look at me.
“I’m fine” I lied. I felt the bruise getting worse and worse and I couldn’t reach it! “Uggh!” I groaned.
“Here let me help you” I heard him say. I was surprised by his sudden offer and when I lifted my head to look at him I saw him get up and walk over to me.

He sat beside me and I turned around for him to apply the cream. I felt him lift up my shirt from behind and I felt a sudden cold chill run up my spine and my hair standing up to form Goosebumps. I handed him the cream and I felt his hand rub on my affected area.
“Oww~ It hurts!” I cried. He was too strong and it made it hurt even more.
Although it hurt as much as it did I didn’t bother, I’ve never seen this side of him and he never once cared whenever I complained about anything but now he was tending to me. I liked it. I tried to hide my face so that they would not reveal that I was blushing.

“There” He said plainly and got up from the bed.
“Thanks” I turned around and looked at him straight in the eyes. He looked away, got up and went back to his seat. I hated him doing this. He always ignores me whenever I thank him for anything.
“Heechul” I called out to him as he took his seat again.

Heecuhl’s P.O.V:

“Thanks” I heard her say. She then turned around and look straight at me, that face; it made my heart beat a million times faster just by looking at that face. I looked away and stood up so that she wouldn’t see my blushing face. I took a seat and continue to write my English essay. She has been teaching me for one and a half months. At first I really hated her. She was too smart and she would always be the favorite of he teacher in school, which left a lot of comparison for me. My teacher had told her to help me out and so here we are. It wasn’t until just recently that I realized I had fallen; I fell for her.

“Heechul?” I heard her call out to me in that sweet voice of hers. I loved the way my name rolled out from her perfectly formed lips.
“Hmm?” I replied not bothering to look back at her.
“I said thanks” I heard her say in a disappointed tone
“I heard” I replied coldly trying not to let any feeling leak out.
I heard her sigh and say “nevermind”. I felt bad now. I had hurt her; I can’t stand it. I turned around and saw her staring out the window looking disappointed.

I got up and walked over to her
“I’m sorry” I simply said
“It’s okay, I think you should go now” She said not looking up at me.
“Uhmm. But I haven’t finished the essay yet” I replied wanting her to ask me to stay a bit longer.
“It’s okay, we can finish it next week.” She said.

I felt my heart ache a little bit as I turned around and headed for the door.

It’s been a whole week already and _______ hasn’t spoken to me at all. I’ve tried everything; from notes in class to flowers delivered to her. I made up my mind to tell her how I felt. This past week I’ve felt so lonely without her. She would usually stay with me during recess and when we had a free period but this week she was ignoring me. I felt she was over-reacting a little bit. Hasn’t anything I’ve done already explained to her how I felt? I guess I really have to tell her in person.

*Knock Knock*
I knocked on her door and her mother opened it.

“Oh, Heechul” she said with a smile “_____’s in her room” she said opening the door for me to enter.
“Thanks Mrs. Kim” I said with a polite smile and went up the stairs to her room.

*Knock Knock*
She opened the door and opened it for me to come in.

“Hey” She said silently.
“Hi” I replied with a nervous smile.
“Uhmm.. I guess you should just finish your essay then and I can just give you my opinion?” She asked with a straight face.
“Sure” I said smiling at her again expecting the same in return.

I sat in silence as she sat on her bed reading a book. I couldn’t concentrate thinking about why she treated me like this. I had to tell her now.

“______?” I called her
“Hmm?” She replied not looking up from her book.
“Can you help me with something?” I asked her
“Yeah” She stood up from her bed and walked over to where I was sitting. My heart started to beat faster as she came closer. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this close to her and it’s only now that I remember how much being close to her made my heart explode.

“Ne (yes) Heechul?” She asked taking a seat beside me
“Uhmm.. Can you read this for me?” I asked her
“Yeah, uhhh..” She started. I began to blush knowing what I was about to do
“Heechul, you’re not stupid. You can read that” She said
“No, I can’t” I said trying to act stupid.
She was looking intently at the piece of paper; I then touched her chin and lifted it to face me and kissed her. I don’t know what had come over me but all I could think of was how much I loved the feeling of having her warm lips touching mine. I deepened the kiss but not to an extent that I would startle her.

_____’s P.O.V:

“No, I can’t” He said stupidly. I felt my heart beat faster just by being this close to him. Then I felt his hand touch my chin and he pulled my face to look at him and without any warning crashed his lips onto mine. He started sweetly but then he deepened it and I felt blood rush to my face. I couldn’t push him away knowing that I had missed him so much these past few days. Wait a minute he’s kissing me. Heechul is actually kissing me!? I felt his hand on the back of my neck and I chose to respond by tracing his face with my finger. I had never felt so warm before feeling his warm breath on my cheek made me blush even more.

I pushed him away after a whole minute and he looked at me then to the floor.
“Why did you do that?” I asked him calmly with my heart racing to the heavens
“IthinkIlikeyou” He said in a rush and very silently.
“What?” I asked not sure of what I heard
“I like you. Wait, scratch that; I love you” He said.
I felt my heart jump into my throat as I stare at him confused. Did he really say that he loved me?

“At least say something” He said looking towards the floor; I could see him blush.
“Ahahaha~ “ I laughed at his silliness
“Eeh? Why are you laughing at me?” He asked looking at me and pouted.
“You’re just so cute when you’re embarrassed. I like it.” I said blushing.

It was then my turn. I took his chin and kissed him softly.

“Eeh. I wanted it longer.” He complained
“If I made it any longer then my mom would’ve probably shot you by now.” I replied with a smile.
“So does this mean that you like me too?” He asked.
I thought for a while tapping my finer on my cheek pretending to think.
“No” I replied
He made a face and returned to writing his essay.

I took him to face me again “I mean… No, I love you” I finally said.

I'm not sure if that was PG13... but I don't think I wrote anything that was too much right? If I made anyone uncomfortable just tell me? I'll apologize personally.

TY for reading

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this is good.......
don't think that this is too much...
very romantic...

thanks for sharing this story...
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