Yuuki Cross
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I posted a new forum that you will tell me the character traits you have similar to yuuki cross and oposites you will also tell me why you want to be her character, best forum post gets to be Yuuki!Also I will check this and lock it on September the 19th 2008 so you have plenty of time but post before I lock this!

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i would <3 to be Yuuki shes kind hardly thinks about herself and always does whats best for others

unfourtunately.....im hardly like her

well i do think about others a lot so thats good but maybe i could learn from being her *smiles sweetly* (^.^)

i love vampire knight its the best anime ive ever seen
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i would love to be yuuki cross/kuran because she protects the one she cares about the most thats what i like about her and she doesnt let anything get in her way like i do and always move on like. she also thinks about others more than her self. she also stay up late because of her work and i stay up late because of the school work i have and playing the net. im also a shy person lik her when it comes to giving choclates to a valentine
i also defend my self from danger in a way but not in combat skills. to her when it comes to work she is very enthusiastic like me. but she is also a fragile person lik me.

the other things i like about her is her personality is because she is very enthusiastic but when it comes to a time she wants to no something badly i understand that feeling because iv been through that one time.
the opposites traits is that she doesnt get easy annoyed lik i do and

i really love vampire knight that i like to make avis of vampire knight of yuuki and kaname and i love the way she smiles.
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