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Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/8/08
Seriously, just by looking at the character profiles I find myself more attracted to Aya, Natsume, and Rin. Without actually seeing much of the anime I only went on:

1) Looks
2) Voice
3) Blogpart reactions

Aya sounds sort of tough, while Natsume is more-- shall I say girly? Anyways, Kaori Nazuka gives a voice that makes me think of Aya as somewhat cute as well as hot, but also... tsundere? Satomi Akesaka just make me want to... do things to Natsume; if you play with Natsume's blogpart you'll probably figure out what I mean.

As for Rin. her sizes are a bit smaller all round compared to Aya and Natsume, but that maid uniform with the wings really makes her look like a loli maid of you don't look close enough. Ui Miyazaki's voicing also adds to the loli image (maybe I watched too much Da Capo back in the day) because of the cuteness to it.

Anyways, I guess I'd still have to pick it in the order of:

1) Aya
2) Natsume
3) Rin
4) Emi
5) Everyone else in no particular order.

So let's see what you think.

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Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/11/08
for me, I would choose Aya and Daimonji Yu!!

Yu looks so awesome!! 8DD I LUV her voice!! She seems to be the energetic and hyper type! I luv girls like that! XD Reminds me of...well me!!

Oooh, and of course Aya! Just looking at her picture, I already knew she would kick BUTT!!

Tough Girls ALL THE WAY~! (Yu and Aya)

so are my fave girls in order! 8DD

1) Daimonji Yu <3
2) Iseshima Aya <3
3) Hiroshi Rin
4) Kazuki Miko
5) Everyone Else.
PS: CAN'T WAIT for it!!! DX Although...i don't know about the ecchi revealing parts..LAWL. *wind* swoosh~ "riiiip!!" ahah!!
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