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Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/9/08
This is to make the battles more fun and fair!

Your abilities in something similar to the following format:

Name: (...can be made or from real manga)
Base Manga: (Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece only)
Village: (if different manga, post division or pirate group)
Background: (birth, parents, personality, da da da)
Abilities: (List abilities)
Additional Info: (optional)

If you are using a real character from manga, it will probably limit the stuff you can make up, so I recommend making your own!

Name: Shinto Higuru
Manga: Naruto
Village: Kirigakure
Shinto was born into a wealthy family, but his parents were assassinated by one of the Seven Swordsmen. He became a rogue traveler in order to avoid being connected to his family. Though he used to be trusting, he is now extremely paranoid and sometimes even insane.
Shinto learnt of many ways to use his water-based techniques in other countries, especially the Lightning Country. He travels with a small group, called in Bingo Books the "Fish" for its elusiveness.
Hidden Mist- hides in mist
Sai- wields dual sai to ward off attacks
Water Clone- creates clones
All Way Flash- uses water to reflect light, then uses a lightning jutsu to blind the opponent
Shocking Fist- creates a wave of electricity around his fist that targets nerves
Magnetic Orb- creates special chakra that can temporarily give objects strong magnetism

Overall Rules!
No God-Mode
No One-hit KOs
One Piece Fighters...Don't God-form ur Devil-Fruits

Rules of Single Battle:
- In order to fight officially, you must get one moderator to judge and a person to fight with.
- The judge decides what environment you fight under, such as desert, underwater, etc...
- A judge can stop a battle, disqualify a fighter, but cannot interfere.
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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/5/08
Can i make a character or is it just for captains? well i´ll make one anyway!

Name: Emilio Zaishenji
Base Manga: Naruto
Village: Hidden Village of Sun

Background: Emilio or Shenji as he is normaly is called. Is a Monk from the Hidden Village of Sun that travels around the world as a diplomat and sometimes mercenary. He is 25 years old but looks quite, He was born in a normal merchant family but began to train the ninja arts when he joined the Temple of Sun and was soon recognized as a great fighter. He often wears an Golden armor with dragon ornaments on it, that armor was given to him by the head monk when he began to travel the world to find signs of the gods will. He is a pretty silent and is often quite rude to others.

Abilities: He can use both earth and fire chakra.
Iron Skin: if you can pierce his armor you will find his skin to be even harder:p
Volcano Summoning: Summon a Volcano that devastates almost everything around it but consumes most of his chakra then.
Suns Eye: He enters meditation and can see all things within a big radious from the sky(not like sharingan or that it just an technique.
Fire Lance: Throws fire from his hands.

Additional: On his journeys he found a cage with the ability to drain chakra he always has it with him so he´s often low on chakra and is pretty lazy becouse of that but when he needs he can draw out the drained chakra from the cage. (or just plainly hit them in the head with it:p)

hope i did right now
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Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/2/09
name: asasmaru jinshi
anime: naruto
village: village hidden in the swamp.

background: asasmaru's clan uses puppet master jutsu. he found that he can put strings inside his chakra strings. he can use his enemy as his puppet if he can get the strings on them. he also uses genjutsu at a insanly high level.

abilities: puppet master jutsu, hands of dawn (genjutsu), call of the swamp animals (special village jutsu), swamp summon (summons a swamp to that area).

additional: he travels with a flask full of swamp water.
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