Hosting/Hostessing in Nightclubs
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I'm sure everyone knows about the host/hostess clubs in Japan but thats not specifically what this topic is about. I was just browsing on youtube when I came across this video:

it's not particularly interesting but what hit me was when the interviewer guy says
"basically the job is to get girls to buy drinks"

And that's when something rang a bell in my head. A couple of months ago I worked for a top nightclub in the UK as a PR girl which involved promoting and regulating the VIP + guestlists. Or so on thought....but ON TOP of that the club owner also said that we also had to work in the VIP section during the evening. He told me to get dressed up and that I would be given a VIP table with a group of girls next to a group of guys and we had to make sure they were having a good time and get them to buy us bottles of champagne. He described it as "whoring yourselves... but in a milder sense of course!". It didn't occur to me at all at the time but that's pretty much what hosting/hostessing is in Japan [but the non-sex kind]! I thought it sounded super dodgy but the other girls I worked with had done PR for other big nightclubs before and said it they had been asked to do that sort of thing before even though its not exactly part of the job description.

So it seems that it goes on in a lot of places, though discreetly. Of course the men that bought us drinks didn't know we were hostesses and thought we were genuinely interested in talking to them when really we were getting paid to do it.

Sooo looks like I'm in ex-hostess! Gonna put that baby on my CV¬!

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