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Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/11/08
It was the ending of the day and everyone was with there friends. Talking. Or walking home together. Everyone looked so happy. Why is it that I'm so unhappy? I wonder..... if there was anything in this world that would actually make me want to live?

I walked home all alone. Making tiny little steps. No one notices me and I don't think that they ever will.

I'm eager to get home. When I arrive, there's no one there as usual. My mom and dad disappeared many years ago without any note or clues. The only thing that they left behind was me.

I turn on my laptop and sit down. When I click the little icon, I arrive to the internet. The place that relieves all my worries. It's actually a place that I call home. Many people are so nice to me. Maybe it's because all of our identities are never revealed.

"So Candy_Ice_Cream is online......." I said as I looked into the screen, then typed:

Hi candy-chan!!!

I waited for a reply.

Oh! Hello Kuromimi!!!! Guess what?!! Kuromimi_Neko was my username.

What? I typed back.

I confessed to this boy and he has feelings for me!! We just recently started dating! Sorry if I can't come online as often as usual anymore! I'm too caught up with dates! But I'll make sure that I can chat with you whenever I can!!!

I feel so happy for you! I really did feel happy for candy-chan, but in reality though, I was also depressed that she won't be online that often. I don't see what's the point of me living. Suicide can be an answer since there is nothing that can prevent me from killing myself. Especially since my life is so boring. I just want to end my life as soon as possible.

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