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F / Somewhere far,far...
Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/11/08
The rules are simple u`ll just make a continuation of the story the other person made..4 example:

Extra1 typed(no need 2 type dis , dis is just an example)

While Karin was walking she saw a bishounen n went near him n sed......bkah blha n so on n so for

Extra 2 typed(not needed either)

den she blah blah blah........

See...the rules are simple thats y m8k they`re luv story more romantic, okay?
I`ll start:

While Karin was walking around the park she saw a bishounen around girls screaming and shouting:

Karin:(waaah he lukz annoyed..should I help him? or maybe not?)*she left*-
Kazune:hey u, girl over der!!pls help me get out of dis situation
Karin:wha? hu me??
Kazune:hu do u think?! juz hurry up n save me!!
Karin:fine....*helps him*deyre i`m busy n my friend is w8ng 4 me so gud bye
Kazune:thnx 4 dat
Himeka:KARIN~~!!arre Kazune-chan
Karin:what?! u knoe him?
Himeka:yup cuz his my cousin
Karin:i c
Kazune:is she ur friend

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F / Somewhere far,far...
Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/14/08
Kazune:well, i think ur rili close n something important u wanna tok about so maybe i should liv u 2 alone
Karin:ie,betsuni we don`t rili myn
Himeka:dayo ne~*smyls*
Kazune:kay i remember ur 1 from our class ryt
Karin:oh ryt i didn`t notice u, ur d famous hunk in d skul ryt
Kazune:n u wer d cutest gurl in d skul
Himeka:enough 4 dat
Karin:u knoe himeka..i think dat jin artist is my type
Himeka:u think so
Kazune:gahhh...stop w/ the crush thingy..dats y i h8 gurlz olwayz freakin out wen seeing some1 cool...*sigh*-
Karin:*slaps Kazune*warukattane n don`t put me at the lvl of those kyn of gurlz ,Himeka i`m sori but lets tok tom at skul
Himeka:wah, Karin-chan
Kazune:*covering his eyes w/ bangs n holds his swollen cheek*dat was d 1st tym i was slapped by some1 n some1 hu didn`t freak out seeing me
Himeka:well, karin-chan is a tough one 2 get d one she rili likz is our sempai u`ll noe him sun enough
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