Shugo Chara Crack Pairings!
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Posted 9/11/08 , edited 9/11/08
This was just a random, odd thought of mine to get away form all the Tadamu vs Amuto stuff going on, though I really am curious to hear the crack pairings you guys support. And, because I've gotta feeling at least one person's gonna ask...

Crack Pairing- A pairing or coupling that is unrelated to the canon storyline, meaning it's not one of the pairings shown throughout the anime or manga. Crack pairings tend to be weird, random and senseless, and sometimes even downright impossible, but that's part of their charm and appeal.

Oh, and as a rule of thumb, no one's allowed to make fun of anybody's crack pairings. These are all for fun, so we don't need any of that nonsence here. We get it enough with our OTPs, after all...

My crack pairings-
Amu/Seichiro (Though this probably doesn't count, because it's been shown in canon.)
Ami/Tadase (Ditto of above. Kinda...)
Saaya/Ikuto, one-sided (You know she'd go nuts if she ever laid eyes on Ikuto XD)
Amulet Cat/Black Lynx (My OTCP So help me, I WILL find a way to make this happen! XDDDD)
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