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I looked in my hand and there was the bullet in my hand the blood from my arm stop and healed up and the bullet from my arm fell out and hit the ground. I looked at the guy who shot me, “fuck” he said and grab his chest and then fell to the ground. “What happen to him” Ashley asked. “He is gone, and I am tired of playing games” I said.
I raised my hand in the air and clouds started to form around the area I was standing at. Lightning shot out of the sky and hit me. It flashed and Tom and Ashley knocked back. Smoke surrounded the area and Tom and Ashley was trying to make out what was going on.
Tom got up and brushed off his pants. And pulled out pipe and lit up a smoke. The smoke finally went away and there was Adam but he looked different. His hair and eyes were as white as snow. He was wearing a leather outfit that was as white as his hair it had a small design on the collar like a lightning bolt. He fell to his knees. “So much power… hard to control it all… trying to get out…” he said. “Go get mike, hurry” Tom told Ashley.
“Ok” Ashley said. Just then a portal ripped open and Ashley walked in and out within seconds with a scrawny thin guy named Mike came thought the portal with Ashley. “Wow you found him” Mike said. “Yeah hurry up and do your job” Tom told Mike.
“What do you think this little man will stop my power, Tom” Adam asked laughing out loud. Just then Mike put both of his hands in front of him and closed his eyes. And then a blue force field surrounded Adam while he was still on his knees.
“You think you can control my power do you Tom” “I see right through your plan” Adam told Tom. “You could never control me, Tom” Adam said. Just then Adam stood up and cracked his neck. “This should be fun” Adam said. With his eyes closed Mike shot back about 40 feet away from where he was.
The force field disappeared and Mike was unconscious. “So Tom you can see the future how come you didn’t see this coming” Ashley asked. “I did don’t worry he will stop” Tom said. Adam then looked at the other big guy who was standing there looking scared. “Look at what we got here boys” Adam said to him. “I can see through your soul” Adam told the big guy.
Just then the big guy fell to his knees and begged for his life. Adam pointed his finger at him. And his finger started to light up like it was about to shoot a bolt of lightning at him. Just then Ashley jumps in the way. “STOP IT” she yelled. Right at that moment the color of

Adams hair and eyes turn back to normal. And Adam was freaking out. “What the hell just happened and what am I wearing” Adam asked. Tom taking the pipe out of his mouth. “You unleashed about 0.01% of your power. “What how could that be he could have destroy the world” said Ashley. “Yes I know that is why we need to train him before he gets out of control” said Tom “but right now we should go to sleep and get mike some help”.
“To the house” said Tom. We all walked up to the castle and entered. It was amazing is was like the movies. I felt like I just got doing a million push up and could barely walk. I fell down to the floor and Ashley helped me up. “Thanks” I told Ashley. “No problem” she said.
Helping me up to my room and laying me on my bed. I closed my eyes and felt her staring at me. She went to touch my chest and quickly I grab her hand before she could touch me. “I was just wondering what it is like to control so much power” she asked.
“Well you tell me I don’t remember anything what happened” I asked. “Do you like me” she asked me. I blushed “I don’t know I just met you” I said. Knowing I was lying. “Why do you ask” I asked. “Well because you could have killed me but you didn’t” she said. “Oh really maybe I don’t know” I said. “Well I should get to bed” Ashley said as she was leaving. “Goodnight” I said but got no response back.
I fell asleep in a matter of seconds. KABOOM!! I woke up; I rushed out of my room and down the hallway into a large room where there was another kid about my age who was shooting flames out of his hands. I stood in amazement watching him control fire just with his hands.
And that wasn’t all he would stomp the ground and boulders would shoot up and he would blow them up with his fire. I jumped down about 30 feet down into the pit with him.
“Hey that is cool” I said. He didn’t pay any attention to me. And I was feeling better then yesterday. So I tried to unleash some of my powers to get his attention doing so my whole body burst out with energy and knocking him into the air.
Regaining his balance he landed on his feet. I was in my power form now my hair and eyes were white again. But this time I knew what I was doing. “So you must be Adam” he said to me. “My name is Joe” he said. “Care to fight before breakfast” I asked him. “Sure I don’t mind” he said. Just then he shoots a fire ball at me.
I dodged it and jumped in the air and shot lightning at him. He shot up a boulder that blocked my blast. And then we went into combat blocking all of each other’s moves like we knew what was going to happen next. But just then he hit me in the chin and knocked me back. I landed on my feet and spit up the blood that was in my mouth.
“Damn your fast” I said. “But not fast enough” I said. Just then clapping my hands together that sent a shock wave towards him he tried to block but it was too much for him to block it and was sent flying out of the arena into the wall. Falling down head first he put his hands in front of him and sends flames out to hit the ground which slowed his fall. And then he flipped and landed on his feet.
“Wow that was powerful” Joe said. “Enough” said Tom. I looked up where I first came into the room and there was Tom standing in the doorway to the room. “This training is not for you Adam” Tom said. “Come with me and we will start your training” Tom said. “Ok” I said just then teleported up to the balcony were Tom was standing.
We started to walk down the hallway and then I seen Ashley coming out of the bathroom with just a towel covering her body. I blushed and looked away acting like I didn’t see anything. “Ashley get dressed and meet us down stairs” Tom said. Ashley nodded her head in agreement and went to her room. In about 20 minutes we were all down stair and ready to leave. “Ashley take us to the desert” asked Tom.
“Ashley closing her eyes then drew in a lung full of air. And held it in, and then a portal ripped open and we all walk through it. On the other side it was hot as fire in my leather suit. I wanted to take it off but was scared that something bad might happen.
We all got settled in and seem like we was waiting for someone. “Ok when do I train” I asked Tom. “Don’t worry wait until he gets here” Tom said. “He better be strong because I have energy to burn” I said while grabbing my wrist. Just then a man formed out of sand and became a normal looking person.
“This is Atiler” Tom said. “He is from the tribe of Atrcaha in the Desert”. “And his power is what” I asked. “You will see” Tom said. “Go ahead attack him get to fighting” Tom said. “I don’t know it is kind of hot out hear I don’t want to fight” I said.
Just at that moment Atiler put his hands to the sand. And the ground around me started to open up and I fell into a hole that was squishing me I started to hear bones crack and then I passed out from the heat and lack of air.
“What happen to him” Ashley asked. BOOOM!!! I shot out of the ground into the air. Blood was coming out of his body. But at that very moment the blood went back into his body. “Ha you thought you could kill me” I said. Tom grabbed Ashley and started to run away from the fight.
Atiler not saying anything swing his arm in the air making sand shoot up in the form of a blade. I smacked away the sand blade like it was a fly. “You should stop now and bow before me, and I will spare your life” I said. Atiler smacked his hands together and a wave of sand the size of a large building flew towards me.
I clapped my hands together and sent a shock wave towards the sand. Both of them come together and burst and it sent sand flying in the air. I shot towards him going hand to hand combat he was about the same speed as me because I would get a hit off every five that I threw.
I caught him across the face knocking blood out of his mouth his body turned to sand and went into the ground and I giant sand hand shot up from the ground and grabbed me squeezing my body, I heard my bones cracking and breaking it was an intense pain. I couldn’t see him anymore my eyes were closed and I shoot a force blast from my body knocking his hand off of me.
I fell to the ground and jumped into flight mode so he couldn’t get me again. Giant hands started to shoot up from the ground trying to grab me; I was blasting them with high voltage shocks, so hot it was turning them to glass.
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