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Post Reply Wu Chun wishes to marry Charlene Choi????????
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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
Charlene and Wu Chun are the leads to the love + action + myth film . Yesterday (June 11) they were in Beijing’s 5 star restaurant to celebrate the completion of filming. Male and female leads have met for 4 months, establishing a lot of chemistry, on stage and off stage they are like a duet, very similar to that of a couple of the early stages of a relationship. Wu Chun asked Ah Sa, “Are you willing to go to Brunei?”. With Ah Sa answering, “To go and be queen?” With the observer feeling mushy by their flirting!

Wu Chun Takes Responsiblity

While filming a scene of a hero saving beauty, Ah Sa in the confusion wrongly used force on her arm, thus spraining herself. Wu Chun then said “Don’t worry, I will take responsiblity!” With Ah Sa replying with bright eyes, “How are you going to take responsiblity?”. So, Wu Chun pats his chest and says, “Are you willing to go Brunei?”. Observer clearly sees this as an act of a marriage proposal. Although Ah Sa did not say “I Do”, she replied “I want to be Queen in Brunei, haha!”. The two have know each other for 4 months, with many of their conversations, being the center of attention, making all present laugh and clap. But, once asked about them realistically whether Wu Chun really proposed to Ah Sa, Ah Sa quickly said, “He is like a cow with four stomachs! There was once when we finished filming and went to a resturant to eat, but the dishes were slow to arrive, and he kept saying “Where is the food?” If we are really together…he might eat me poor! HAHA.”

From Wu Chun’s BLOG:

My debut movie is about to wrap up soon… Such a nice crew along the way and of course, I can now feel that I will miss each and every filming moment with all these wonderful people! Filming this movie has been the happiest decision I have made and though I don’t know what the outcome will be… like what I’ve always said, I did my best so what’s important to me is the experience that I encounter and the challenge… I met many nice people, 2 directors who are unbelievably thoughtful and hard working and most important of all, I find satisfaction in my work as an actor because I am willing to learn and they are very willing to teach…Marvelous! Michael Jordan once said “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” Hey Michael, I am listening! Hahaha

Translated by Beeboo of Asianfanatics Forum

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Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/15/08
super disagree..

I'm gonna watch BL for the sake of chun..

but I have to close my eyes whenever ah sa appears..

I don't like ah sa..

I hate it when she's flirting with wu chun besides from the fact that she has her bf..

and Wu Chun is for Ella Chen only...

nothing's gonna tear them apart..

can't wait for their upcoming concerts..

15 more days to go and CE will be back into each other's arms again..

CE forever!!
Posted 10/18/08 , edited 10/19/08

I want to see that drama.
But a definite no to the propose thingyy.
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08

He will not marry Ah Sa.
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