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Post Reply Wu Chun wishes to marry Charlene Choi??????
Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
hate that charlene,
she's such a FLIRT
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Posted 12/6/08 , edited 12/6/08

joy26 wrote:

zygnet wrote:

joy26 wrote:

hahaha girls your so cute!
that will never happen in real life, in this news they were talking about the movie, because in the movie I think they will get married or something.
and Ah Sah has a singer boyfriend named Ronald Chen, they have been in an underground relationship for 4 years! hehehehe
while Chun-Ella relationship we speculated that they have underground relationship for two years now

I just read this morning news when the reporter asked if Ronald (bf of Ah Sah) was visiting her while there were filming, and you know what she did she cover her hands to her ears and said 'i dont want to hear it!"
for me that was already a give away answer
and remember Dingdong and Marian, (pinoy celebrity) they're not in a relationship but when they promote their show its was so sweet! right!
so dont worry about WuSah...its just promotions....................

0h! and hw b0ut josh chen xi? they said that he is ella's bf.....

who is josh chen xi? the infamous DJ guy? or Baron Chen or CCH?
well to explain that DJ guy is resurfacing again, (idiot!) he is releasing his first album and tried to ride on Ella's popularity...because he only became famous coz of ella remember? but now in his new songs his current gf is that one who wrote the I don't think they have a relationship
and the 2nd guy CCH or Baron Chen, the one who stars in FTLY the one she was caught giving the coat remember that???? actually its so funny that its just 2 weeks ago he was caught dating with his ex gf with "big" boobs named Xiong Xiong and they admitted that they got back together again....and the media is talking about how Ella is desperate to be "big" boobs in their latest MV Miss Universe where they computer enhance S.H.E. that Ella was facing difficult time in facing media because their album was about to lunch soon they're wring crap things about her! hump!~

anyway I just confirm that Josh Chen Xi now when I visited CEFC yes it is the famous DJ thing the ugly user, social climber monkey who until now using the name of Ella to sell his album, saying that he misses Ella and regret that they broke up and ended their 75 days relationship, even though he got already a gf who wrote his song and will be the female lead in his upcoming MV!
huh! what a jack [email protected]!!

i agree with you...that JERK DJ, hes really a big jerk...and he is no match to wu chun...hmp, stupid jerk...because i really think he made a big damage to Ella, and the write ups about her is not good....hmmmp....and im angry knowing it....
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Posted 12/26/08 , edited 12/27/08
i agree with you joy26 about that guy "DJ" grrr. i hate him so much! anyway i disagree with this question cause even wu chun said that they dont have any relationship (with Ah sa)...
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