Post Reply FGP has split up. what do you think?
Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
how sad

hey everyone. Unfortunately i found out some very bad/sad news.
it turns out that four golden princess (fgp) has split up.
so no more making albums for everyone to watch them. but will have performances if anyone engages them.
the reason why they split up was that their really busy with their studies.
i also found out that Samantha is in Korea. i think for her studies, not to sure.
that means the other 3 members r still in Malaysia. probably working hard on their studies.

so sad. i support you 4ever fgp, good luck in ur studies. i will miss you all, you guys were so great together.
Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
this is sad
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Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/27/08
i knew this would happen do you thnk they'll make more albums in the future?? regroup???)
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/13/08
nooo!!!! REGROUP!
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