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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/13/08
apparently in the time it took for me to type that it was fixed, just ignore this

Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/13/08

artgeek707 wrote:

Before anyone flames me, I'd like to point out that I know I'm breaking many CR forum rules with this thread and I highly apologize to everyone who reads it.

I have a glitch that prevents me from seeing anything on the forum page. I get the right URL, but with a blank webpage. It's not my computer, because I have two other buddies with the exact same problem. It started for me about an hour or so ago. I have PM'd animoo and one of my buddies has PM'd BK, that was a bit ago. I figure those two just aren't on right now.

So I figured that I didn't want to go through everymod who would be on at the moment and end up annoying a ton of people, I thought a thread would alert them to the glitch faster and would be more effecient. Apparently, it doesn't stop me from posting threads, just seeing them.

Feel free to quote me, tell me what a douche I am. I probably wont be replying as it's impossible for me to see your posts at the moment. Please only report this once as I don't wish to cause any more annoyence then necessary.


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Too Late.

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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/13/08
Yeah it happened to me too. but yeah its not really an issue anymore.
Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/13/08
It's a temporary glitch nothing too serious. You can PM one of the mod if you have a posting problem

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