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[SEASON 2] Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

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Posted 11/29/07 , edited 4/6/08
* season 2 of code geass will be air after Gundam 00 reaches the 25th episode.
*for more information check out the official website:
CODE GEASS: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2


trailer 1:

trailer 2:
trailer 3:
trailer 4:
trailer 5:
trailer 6:

trailer 7:
trailer 8:
trailer 10:

Newtype review:


UPDATES INFORMATION (for more pictures with details go to):


'After one year...a new destiny has begun.
Knight of Rounds, Kururugi Suzaku
New Character, Rollo
And a new Zero appears

New TV series to be aired at spring '08!'

Confirmed by official sources

- 1 year time skip (official trailer)
- New character's name is Rollo (trailer, NewType January)
- Suzaku has joined the "Knight of Rounds" (trailer)
- Zero has a new look (trailer, NewType January)
- Zero might not be Lelouch (Kawaguchi in NewType January)
- New season starts Spring 08
- Season 2 will take place on a global scale

By Fake Yoshino
- Season 2 starts off with scenes that appear to depict normal, everyday life; he doesn't say whose
- Rollo is a character with an "interesting role", and that "(yaoi?) fangirls will probably like it very much" (Alluding to his being Lelouch's sibling?)
- Suzaku's new position will also be an interesting one (Most likely alluding to his joining the Knight of Rounds)
- New season will air in the Sat6 slot (currently Gundam 00's)
- Subtitle for season 2 hasn't been decided upon yet, but it'll be "mostly the same"

By Taniguchi
- Taniguchi: "Fu-kuyama will find himself in an interesting position in season 2." (NewType Taniguchi + Fu-kuyama interview)
- There'll be romantic developments for Lelouch in season 2; the writers deliberately kept them out of season 1 because they felt they needed to show what Lelouch's goals are without complicating matters (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Season 2 will have battles after battles after battles... (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- V.V. is one of the many "key person"s in the show, along with the new Chinese character. (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Some of the things that happened in Season 1 will come back to haunt Lelouch in Season 2; "he needs to learn that life is one continuous series of events, and that everything is connected" (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Lelouch will meet a lot of new people in Season 2; how he deals with them and gets them on his side will be something worth watching. Who knows, there might also be a betrayal... (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- "The story has only just begun. I'm really sorry about that. (bitter laugh)" (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Not many characters will die from here on (Koshimizu's interview, from the Complete Guide Book; she talks about being relieved to hear it, but then realizes that "not many will die" also means "some will die".)

By Kawaguchi
- While most of the battles in Season 1 relied on Lelouch, season 2 will test the Black Knights' strength as a proper organization. Lelouch using his Geass for outrageous schemes will still be part of the show, however. (NewType)
- "I want Lelouch to continue leading a double life in season 2" (NewType)
- Not many characters will die from here on... but there will be a living hell waiting. (NewType)

By Anonymous
- 1 Year Later
- New character's full name is Rollo Lamperouge (spoiler provided long before NewType January)
- Villetta becomes an Ashford teacher in order to look for Lelouch
- When asked what becomes of Suzaku: "He's busy with his Knightly duties. From what I've seen so far, I don't know if he ever goes back to school."
- Lelouch's hair is slightly longer (not quite shoulder-length)
- Lelouch remains the protagonist; his stance hasn't changed much
- Lelouch remains an Ashford student

By animators, through their blogs
- New Chinese character looks like Yasha from CLAMP's RG Veda
- Rollo has a helmet? (Rides a bike? Unless KMF pilots are suddenly required to wear helmets now)
- There is a scene where Lelouch moves a chess piece
- "The siblings (Lelouch and Rollo) are not much alike."

New!* - A character who looks like C.C. appears.
New!* - Most of the characters on the enemy side are "good-looking".
New!* - Lelouch is as "dark" as usual (the term used in the Dark Nunnally sense), while Suzaku appears to have gone back to being Ore-Suzaku for good.

Old spoilers (pre-episodes 24+25) by Fake Okouchi
- Kallen's story* has been moved to Season 2.
(*Whether the kiss with Zero has been removed entirely or moved to season 2 as well remains a mystery.)

Strange hints from NewType
- There is a short feature on Naoto, with the question most 2chers have been asking since pretty much forever: "How did he know about the "poison gas" in episode 1, and what's happened to him?" (NewType November -- or was it December?)
- The "Live!" Geass on Suzaku is going to make him do something he really regrets, to the point of wanting to die for it, but obviously the Geass isn't going to let him do that (An old issue of NewType, pre-episodes 24+25)

update information:
Suzu just seemed to have gotten..Feminine? *Girly run in Knight Clothes*
It took me a while to realize Lelouch's hair has gotten longer.
So Lelouch is Zero...But..What about the new Zero..? O-o;

Apparently Rollo (confirmed to be Lelouch's younger brother) is living with Lelouch and they get along really well (I suppose this is what Fake Yoshino meant by the fangirls loving it). TRICKERY AND DECEPTION!

"Why is Lelouch with his younger brother, when Nunnally has been abducted? Where did Rollo come from? The existence of Rollo is the biggest mystery in R2."


wanna more information? check out:

# Production Info Begins airing Sunday, April 6th at 5 PM, a brand-new timeslot for anime
# Both the opening and ending song are going to be performed by ORANGE RANGE, the group that also did Bleach’s first OP. The OP is called 02 (pronounced oh-tsuu, similar to C.C.’s name) and ED is called Shiawase Neiro (Happy Tone). The ending sequence will feature new art by CLAMP.
# Director Taniguchi (in what appears to be a slip of the tongue in the PASH interview) and the animators (in their private blogs) have referred to the first episode of R2 as Stage 26; all the voice actors refer to it as “first episode of the sequel” or some variation of that.

# General R2 Info One year has passed since the end of the first season. Following the failed “Black Rebellion”, Britannia has demoted Area 11 in status to some sort of “Corrective Measures Required” territory (literally, “Remedial Area”), making laws stricter and punishments harsher.
# Britannia is currently in a rough situation with the EU. The Emperor put Schneizel in charge of the invasion. Britannia has been fighting Euro Universe for a long, long time now; the El Alamein front is an especially large spot of bother for Britannia because apparently a legendary commander is stationed there, keeping the Britannian forces at bay. Schneizel has been sent to try and break this deadlock, and for that purpose he’s “borrowing” Suzaku.
EU is in deep doodoo due to their longtime hostile relations with the Chinese Federation; with the Britannian Empire trying to break down their front door and the Chinese Fed fiddling with the lock on the back door, the EU runs a high risk of becoming a cornered rat. Taniguchi tells us this particular war will probably not get a lot of screen-time, but all the same he wants us to remember that the Britannian Empire has been fighting a drawn out war with the EU for a long, exhausting period of time (hinting at the Empire starting to tire out?), and that the world is still at war with each other.

# The Chinese Federation is a communist nation and a major power to be reckoned with on the global playing field; its figurehead Emperor (Tenshi-sama) once possessed absolute power. However, the eunuchs in his court are the ones running the country now. After General Zao’s unsuccessful attempt at creating a puppet government in Kyuushuu, the Chinese Federation again plots to take over Area 11 - without having to go to war with Britannia over it, this time. They have sent ambassadors to Area 11.
# Animedia’s editors suggest that the nine characters labeled as central figures in R2 are Lelouch, Suzaku, C.C., Kallen, and Nunnally from the first season, as well as four newcomers: Rollo, Zino, Anya, and Li Xingke (see below). Most 2chers think that these aren’t exactly the “main 9″ but the 9 “adolescents” who are trying (or will try) to change the world, as opposed to the “adults” who would rather maintain the status quo.
# Producer Kawaguchi made an assurance in Animage March that mysteries from the first series like the details of Lelouch and C.C.’s contract, Marianne’s death, etc will be revealed in R2.

# Lelouch/Zero Other than the fact that his hair is slightly longer, Lelouch at the start of R2 seems almost identical to how he was at the beginning of the series. However, magazines have noted that his expressions are a lot more gentle and kind than in the past.
# Despite the fact that Lelouch is confirmed to be Zero once more, the masked terrorist hasn’t been seen since the Black Rebellion. When he does return, he will sport a new costume that is somewhat tuxedo-like, and can become more casual.
# Interestingly, Lelouch doesn’t have the permanent Geass in his eye in most of the promotional material, though later ones show him using the Geass. PASH has colored line-art of Zero/Lelouch with the perma-Geass again. Also, the-animator-whose-blog-is-still-around’s cryptic line might have something to do with the Geass (in a blog entry with a sketch of normal, no-Geass Lelouch in his Ashford uniform): “I’ll have to say goodbye to this Lulu starting tomorrow”
# According to the spoiler source Fake Yoshino, Lelouch must overcome some obstacle before R2 can begin in earnest.
# Lelouch’s voice actor Fukuyama Jun commented in Animedia April on how “Lelouch is back where he started… in a lot of ways.” Sounds like a hint about his memories.

# Suzaku Suzaku is now a member of the Knight of Rounds, the Emperor’s twelve elite soldiers. He is the seventh-ranked member, also called Knight of Seven. How he achieved this rank remains to be seen, but it apparently involves a deal with the Emperor himself.
# Even a year later, he still carries Euphemia’s death with him, and seems much more serious and morose than in the past.
# The Special Dispatch received a promotion for its success as well, and has officially been designated “Camelot” by the Emperor. Suzaku is now in charge of it, thanks to his new position.
# Suzaku took Arthur back with him to the Britannian mainland when he left Area 11.

# C.C. Is working with the Black Knights while Zero is missing.
# Wears a new costume, a black, vaguely Chinese-looking dress with the Black Knights’ emblem on the chest

# Begins the season working as a bunny-girl waitress at a casino in the Babel Tower, which forcibly employs Elevens as waitresses and even has a coliseum for them to battle each other in. The Babel Tower is located in Shinjuku Ghetto. The first series started in Shinjuku Ghetto, and that’s also the starting place for R2.
# Keeps the Guren Mk-II’s starter key with herself, disguised as a cigarette lighter (held between her cleavage).
# Will interact with Lelouch in the first episode, surprised at how he’s changed since they last met.
# Will join (or re-join) the Black Knights.

# Rollo Lamperouge Lelouch’s younger brother, who also attends Ashford Academy.
# Most prized possession is a locket Lelouch gave him for his birthday.
# Apparently has taken Rivalz’s place as the motorcycle guy at Ashford, and also ferries his brother to his chess bets. The bike (upgraded) still belongs to Rivalz, though; apparently Rollo took it without his permission.
# Rollo is, apparently, for all his endearing smiles, not very good with people. PASH suggests that “maybe it’s because he’s been separated from his brother for a long time…!?”
# The obvious inconsistency of Lelouch suddenly having a brother has never been commented upon; everyone seems to accept it as fact. However, there is obviously something sinister and hidden about Rollo that has yet to be revealed. The PS2/PSP game Lost Colors has the protagonist running from Rollo the first time they meet, feeling a murderous, maddening aura from the younger boy.
# Voiced by Mizushima Takahiro (Romeo x Juliet’s Romeo)

# Li Xingke (Lee Shinkuu) The bodyguard of Chinese ambassador Gaohai and has came to Area 11 to protect his charge. Gaohai is (voiced by Sekine Nobuaki) is a eunuch who has been dispatched to Area 11 as consul general.
# Is described as being as smart as Lelouch and as strong as Suzaku; wields a sword.
# Could be described as the Chinese equivalent of Lelouch. He is the son of a lowly officer and climbed his way up to central command. Believes that the Chinese Federation needs to change its ways - he’s planning a coup.
# It was originally believed that he would become Zero’s rival, but more recent speculation suggests that he’ll ally himself with the Black Knights and get along well with Lelouch.
# Voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru (Gundam Wing’s Heero Yuy and s.CRY.ed’s Ryuhou)

# Zino Weinberg The Knight of Three, a position he achieved through his incredible piloting skills.
# Comes from a very rich upbringing, and as such doesn’t quite understand how the real world works. However, his cheerfulness and friendly demeanor earn him many friends.
# Has a special interest in Suzaku, but the friendship seems slightly one-sided.
# Pilots the transforming Knightmare Frame, Tristan.
# Voiced by Hoshi Souichirou (Gundam SEED’s Kira and s.CRY.ed’s Kazuma)

# Anya Earlstreim The Knight of Six.
# Quiet and introverted, with a mysterious past. Has a Britannian emblem tattooed on her left arm.
# Wants to be remembered, so she maintains a blog which she frequently updates and is always snapping pictures with her camera-phone.
# Is friends with Suzaku and Zino due to their similar ages.
# Arthur takes a liking to her.
# Pilots the heavy assault Knightmare Frame, Mordred.
# Voiced by Gotou Yuuko (Suzumiya Haruhi’s Mikuru)

# The Knight of Nine; makes her first formal appearance in the Lost Colors game along with Rollo and Li Xingke.
# Attended the military academy with Cornelia, who considers Nonette her “sempai”. She also happens to be one of the few people Cornelia fears.
# Voiced by Arai Satomi (she also voices Sayoko)

The Knight of Rounds
# In addition to the four named members mentioned above, there are three more known: Knight of Ten, a laid-back guy who’s fiercely loyal to the Empire; the Knight of One, the strongest of the group; and the Knight of Twelve, a gentle-looking woman.

Other Characters:

# Villetta is now an Ashford gym teacher, popular with the students. Chasing Lelouch around the school, trying to get him to show for remedial gym classes appears to be some kind of daily routine for the both of them. Trailer suggests the possibility of Rivalz, in a black wig, leading her on a wild goose chase. She is also in charge of the Swimming Club, of which a certain amnesiac-girl-who-attempted-to-kill-Villetta-more-than-a-year-ago is a member. 2ch Spoilermen have also told us that Villetta is at Ashford to “look for Zero”, though it looks like she’s only keeping an eye on him for now.
# The Black Knights are in hiding, after several critical members (Ougi, Tamaki, Toudou, Chiba) were arrested. Diethard and Lakshata remain on the run.
# Nunnally will begin the season in “an interesting place”, according to the staff.
# Milly still attends Ashford, having failed to graduate last year. Rumors abound that she flunked on purpose to keep from leaving her friends. She’s still engaged to Lloyd.

# Nina’s back in Britannia and now continues her research under the employ of Schneizel, presumably in the field of nuclear energy.
# Sayoko is working with Diethard. She apparently knew that Lelouch and Nunnally were royalty from the very beginning, but still doesn’t know that Lelouch is Zero.
# Lloyd and Cecile are currently working under Suzaku’s direct command after he became the Knight of Seven. It is implied that the Special Dispatch, now rechristened “Camelot”, remains in charge of Lancelot R&D and maintenance.
# All information regarding Jeremiah is specifically being withheld by the staff.
# Cornelia is in hiding; Guilford and the Glaston Knights are still stationed in Area 11, waiting for her return.
# There is a Britannian called the Black King who gambles and plays chess at the Babel Tower. He is voiced by Satou Masaharu.
# The new Governor General of Area 11 is a cruel man named Carares, who holds executions in the garden Clovis built on top of the administration building.

# Mecha Guren Mk-II: Lost its radiation wave arm while fighting the Lancelot during the Black Rebellion. Has to make do with a less efficient arm from an earlier iteration of the Guren.
# Lancelot: With its Float Unit in place, it is officially dubbed “Lancelot Air Cavalry”.
# Vincent: The mass production version of the Lancelot. Still in the testing phase.
# Tristan: Zino’s Knightmare, a high-speed machine capable of transforming into a fighter-like Fortress Mode.
# Mordred: Anya’s Knightmare, a heavy assault machine mounting missile launchers and four hadron cannons.
# Panzer Hummel: The EU’s main Knightmare
# Misc.: The Gloucester seems to be Britannia’s main mecha now. Promotional artwork has shown a green, stripped-down Gekka (probably a production model), as well as minor enhancements to Tohdoh’s personal unit. The same poster also shows a blue Knightmare with a gold faceplate and headcrest, probably the personal unit of another of the Knights of the Round.


source: Soprano

The Empire's most elite legion of knights KNIGHTS OF ROUNDS

“Suzaku: Knight of Seven
The empire’s most elite legion of knights, Knights of the Rounds, carryforwards to the emperor himself and is activates around the world.

They are lead by Knight of One.
Suzaku’s Knight of Seven title means he’s ranked 7th in the 12.”

Knight round No.9 _The second princess Cornelia's senpai during their military academy days. Cornelia cannot oppose her.

Knight round No.3 _He is born of high nobility, and is a very capable KMF pilot. He became a Knight of the Round due to his piloting skills. He was born and raised in the nobility, and only know the world through an aristocrat's eyes, ignorant of how the world works. However, he is a very social and outgoing person, and gets along with people well. He acts friendly even towards Suzaku, an Eleven. He seems to take interest in Suzaku and approaches him frequently.

Knight round No.1 _The strongest knight at the top of the Knight of Rounds. Currently, his identity is unknown. Many knights admire him, The purist Jeramiah dreamt of being the Knight of One, was defeated, and then modified.

Knight round No.7 (Suzaku) _Suzaku is Knight of Seven, and is still hurt by the loss of Euphie. He gets along well with Anya and Geno, both of which are close to his age. Arthur the cat is with Suzaku, at the mainland of Britannia.

Knight round No.6 _The youngest Rounds. Her position of being a knight is rare, has an introverted personality, and she does not show her emotions. She takes pictures with her cellphone and puts them in her blog. Uses the heavy Knightmare "Model Red". It seems that all kinds of things happened in Anya's past, but as of now, it is all covered in mystery

Knight round No.13_Pure of heart and beautiful, kind and peaceful girl... though that is what she looks like. One of the Knight of Rounds, she is one of the best in the empire.
If you tricked by her outer appearance, you could be in for some pain.

Knight round No.10
_ It is not absolute that there will be internal competition between the Knight of Rounds. Knight of Ten fulfills this position, choosing to do what he wishes to do, a free knight. But his loyalty to the Britannian Emperor and Empire is absolute.


Screenshot of Episode 1

Synopsis preview for the first episode.

One year has passed since the "Black Rebellion" by the Order of the Black Knights. The battle field of that ordeal, the Tokyo ghetto has recovered quite a bit since then. Lelouch Lamperouge spends his days at the Ashford academy, being chased by the PE teacher Viletta but otherwise peaceful days, and is starting to feel bored with the uneventful life. One day, he sets out to the Tower of Babel for Chess gambling with his brother Lolo, seeking for some excitement. Little did he know that a Zepplin was approaching the Tower. The Order of the Black Knights, led by C.C. and Urabe, are planning an operation on the tower...

>>The captured Eleven girls are forced to work as slave-ish bunny girls at a Britannian facility called "Tower of Babel".

>>The perverted looking man (which I believe gets his ass kicked by Kallen in the preview?) is a famous gambler, who goes by the name "Black King", and excels in chess. Racist and over-confident, of course.

>>Nina is now a researcher working directly under Schneizel.

>>Sayoko is working with Deithart.

>>Viletta is a PE teacher at the academy.

>>Both the theme songs (OP and ED) are by the band Orange Range.


according to
* Nunnaly knew all along who killed their mother.
* Kallen will leave the order of black knights.
* C.C will die but will be resurrected by Marien (dear okaa-san, for the woman so many lives are lost).
* That means Marien isnt dead.
* Marien is one of the most powerful of her kind, C.C and V.V and the others in a different world then ours (remember flashbacks).
* Mr. Brittania (meaning mr. otoo-sama of lulu is after ultimate geass to control the whole world, he wants submission from European union, the Chinese federation and Indian army) [What a selfish ass ><].
* Mina will be behind the loss of many lives in Ashford academy, possible victim might be either Cecile or Milley.
* Shirley will recover from her forgetting, at least she will understand that something went horrible between her and Lelouch.
* Suzaku might get a geass from V.V.
* Lelouch isnt Zero?!? New Zero might not be lulu.
* The masked man (Zero) might not be lulu in the picture above.
* The boy behind the scene is Zero’s Brother.
* Recognised as a knight by Cornelia, Suzaku is ready to kick some ass.
* Most importantly Euphemia might be just saved by V.V. (The princess who owned everyone in area 11 “Japan”).



post by Koshimizu (Lamperouge Bros dance!)

Spoiler for details about Lelouch and Rollo in the first episode.:
(Note: Rollo calls Lelouch "niisan". How he addresses himself is unknown.)

Lelouch and Rollo are on the way to Casino. Lelouch passes Rollo a piece of croissant. Rollo takes a bite and the motorcycle skid.
Lelouch: Isn't that dangerous?
Rollo: But it's because niisan passes me the croissant.
Lelouch: Well, you're right. (smiles)
Then they have a small talk on how Lelouch kept skipping classes.

In the parking lot, Lelouch says the illegal gambling is dangerous. So just sending him here is enough, Rollo doesn't have to go with him.
Rollo takes off his helmet, saying, "but niisan really wants the money, right?"

In the elevator, Lelouch is complaining about his current situation, and shows anxiety.
Rollo is worried by Lelouch's words. That's where his worried face come from in the scene which elevator door opens.

In the colosseum, they see the boxer brothers forced to fight each other.
Rollo feels uneasy and wants to leave. He urges Lelouch to move to the next room.
Lelouch criticizes about Britannia and the situation of Area 11. Rollo shows a rather complex expression (the one in NT trailer after Lelouch moves white queen), and urges Lelouch to leave again.

Lelouch challenges the Black King for chess.
Rollo says it's too dangerous to gamble with mafia, and asks Lelouch to stop.

Lelouch won, but the Black King accuses him of cheating.
Rollo and Kallen both protest, "there's no way to cheat in chess!"

The locket scene.

In the plaza, Rollo is glad to see the Britannia army. But when the killing spree starts, he's stunned.
Lelouch grabs him and the two flee.

In the warehouse-like place, Lelouch is saying things like, "at least I'll let you get away." Rollo shows a worried and complex expression again.

The soldier fires at them. When Rollo is about to be hit, Lelouch shields him.
Lelouch isn't hit, but is swept off his feet. Rollo reaches out for him but of no use.
Rollo screams "niisa----n!!" as Lelouch falls.

The magazine introduction weren't kidding when they say these two are very, very close.
Lelouch basically put Rollo's life above his. The only thing in Lelouch's mind after surviving that fall, is to go back and help Rollo, saying, "I should have the power to protect my brother at least!" while trying his best to climbing up ASAP.
As for Rollo, it's shown so many times that Rollo cares for Lelouch. It's not like an act, since he's doing it when no one is watching.

I don't think Rollo is the one spying on Lelouch, BTW. Even though he's holding a "Lelouch's Activity Log" in this month's Newtype.
In the log there's "have breakfast with his little brother", which is quite awkward and redundant if Rollo is the one writing it.
And he's the one getting shot first when they were caught.

In the preview, Lelouch is really pissed when knowing his memory has been messed with. But he doesn't seem to remember Nunnally yet.
I wonder how he would react to Rollo when he finds out.


The mysterious lines in the preview at the end of Ep25. (Watch the preview if you wish to refresh your memory. the color of text below matches those in the preview, except the first one because we don't have silver or white so I just put it black.) People has been guessing for months on who said these lines. Now most of them were revealed.
.Zero, foolish man. No matter how you struggle and resist, the world will not change anyway.
 -- By Lelouch, monologue on the way to Tower of Babel.
.Let me tell you one thing. In the world of grown-ups, doing the right thing doesn't worth a cent.
 -- By the Black King, before he tries to kil Lelouch. (People thought this would be from Schenizel! XD)
.Something... is (there/here). Something is happening somewhere I don't know.
 -- Not appeared yet.
.People without power must tolerate, right? Even if justice is on our side.
 -- By Kallen, when cleaning Lelouch's clothes in casino. It's like a refrain of what Lelouch Lamperouge said to her in the park in Ep9. It's not what Kallen/Lelouch truely believes in, but has to say it under this situation. Does this mean she understands Lelouch better?
.Stop! They are still alive!
 -- By Lelouch, when hearing the wails and screams when the army burns the bodys and kills anyone that's still moving.
.If being powerless is a sin, does that make power justice?!
 -- By Lelouch, speaking to the army when he regains memory. Followed by, "In the name of Lelouch Vi Britannia, all of you, die!"
.It's not me who is wrong. It's the world!
 -- By Lelouch, in front of the Black Knights, while commenting how those who have power keep abusing the ones who don't have.

The lines in the preview in DVD Magazine 1. (Watch the preview if you wish to refresh your memory.)
.Lelouch! Die with that demon eye of yours!
 -- Not appeared yet. But since Suzaku shot Lelouch, it's hard to imagine anyone else.
.Isn't that said in the news? The army already surrounded (here/there) completely.
 -- Not appeared yet.
.It's a contest of unrequited love.
 -- Not appeared yet.
.Rollo is unlike ni-san, when it comes to being naive. (ni-san = elder brother, it's how Rollo addresses Lelouch.)
 -- Not appeared yet. (Just from this sentence, it's also hard to tell which one does the speaker think is more naive.)
.Thank goodness. It's the Britannia Army. I'm looking for ni-san...
 -- Not appeared yet. Very likely to be Rollo, since he was so happy to see the Britannia Army when at the top of the tower. I wonder if he's learnt his lesson to not trust Britannia?
.Show it to Chinese Federation. Show them the Emperor His Majesty's might and power!
 -- Not appeared yet. Are they still picking on Gao Hai and Li Shinku? Or are they planning on crushing the OotBK to show them their powers?
.You're here, huh. You've came, Rollo.
 -- Not appeared yet. It seems that this person is expecting Rollo to appear, but doesn't want to see him. Very mysterious.
 -- By Rollo. When Lelouch falls.
.The boy's name is Rollo Lamperouge.
 -- Not appeared yet. Although this one could be simply introducing him in the trailer instead of being an actual line.

Spoilers on Prop Plus Petit. We get to see the words on the bases of the figurines in those photos taken in the premiere.
1. In Ashford uniform: I'm not the one who's wrong. The world is! --at the end of Ep1.
2. In casual clothes: (asks someone out) --not appeared yet.
3. As Zero: Japanese people! I have returned! --in his speech in Ep2. Fukuyama said this during the premiere.
1. In Ashford uniform: I'm Kururugi Suzaku. Nice to meet you. --not appeared yet.
2. In knight uniform: Yes, Your Majesty. --at the end of Ep1
3. In pilot suit: I will not shoot someone who put down his weapon. --not appeared yet.
Now to break the seal! --in Ep1
(I/someone) want to know... the truth... --not appeared yet.
I'm disappointed, Zero. --not appeared yet.
Well, attend class like you're supposed to! --in Ep1.

Rough Summary of episode 1 from

* A previously explains how the Elevens try to fight Britannian under Zero's command but they failed. Zero is presumed dead.

* A Zeppelin-like plane called Britannian Farm hovers on top of Area 11, inside it, C.C can be seen smiling. A group of Japanese is seen toasting for a mission they're about to undertake.

* Lelouch is seen running away from his physical education class even though Villetta (who is now his PE teacher) already tells him that he needs to take supplementary lesson. He runs into a science room and is cornered but he drops a vial into a petri dish, turning the liquid into a pink gas, using the distraction it provides to run away. On his way, he meets Millay who pass him a bread. Millay gets scolded by Villetta because even though she's a Student Council leader, she's helping Lelouch.

* Villetta jumps out of a window thinking that she finally catch Lelouch only to find that the guy that she caught is Rivalz wearing black wig. Lelouch himself manages to escape by riding the side of Rivalz' motorbike. The driver, however, is not Rivalz but his brother, Rollo Lamperouge (yeah, insert "Huh?" here). The two are off to go gambling as usual.

* Area 11 has degraded due to the reform placed by the tyrannical Karr Les (?) governor. Under his directive, Britannia army are ordered to shoot Eleven dead if necessary. He also reconstruct settlements using Eleven slaves. The face of the Black Knights who are captured are featured on TV. However, Diethard and Larksharta's face has WANTED written on it. It seems they have not been caught yet. And there is also a mug shot of zero where the word EXECUTED is written.

* Unknown to Lulu, he and Rollo has been under the surveillance of Britannia army, who recognises him as "Zero" and "the target". Lelouch and Rollo then arrive at the Tower of Babel (a skycrapper which host the casino where Lelouch does his chess gambling). Rollo wonders why Lelouch gambles since he's not lacking money after all. Lelouch thinks how he feels some kind of unease and boredom. Upon entering the place, it's obvious that Elevens are working as slaves here. Lelouch then bumps into a bunny girl who is none other than Karen. Karen tries to pass off some kind of a transmitter to Lulu but she gets scolded by a man. Lelouch proceeds to challenge the man in a chess fight.

* While Lelouch check-mate his chess partner, the Airship with Black Knights hover above the Babel Tower and starts an assault. Karen kicks the man who assaulted her in the face before running away with Lelouch.

* Meanwhile, a representative of the Chinese Federation and his bodyguard, Li Xingke, are visiting Kara Les. Britannia soldiers orders Li to take off his blue dragon sword turned but he tore the belt containing the gun with the blue dragon sword, claiming that it's an important sword for him.

* Meanwhile, Karen loses the sight of Lelouch, who is now running away with Rollo. Karen informs the others that her attempt at containing the target had failed. Karen then activates a control which hides her Guren Nishiki somewhere. On the other hand, Lellouch and Rollo escape to the entrance but before they can get out, they are confronted by a Knightmare frame which offers its hand out.

* Lelouch gets shot by Britannia army while trying to escape. He falls off a ledge and even though Rollo tries to catch his hand, he couldn't stop his brother from falling. Lelouch arrives at an area where there are a lot of dead body. The Knightmare Frame that appeared before appear again.

* The cockpit opens and from within it, C.C comes out. Although Lelouch is perplexed, he seems to recognize her. Suddenly a gun can be heard and C.C is shot in the heart and falls off from the cockpit. Lelouch runs forward and catches her body.

* A soldier comes out and starts roasting the dead body with flame thrower even though some of them are still alive. A general then arrives and tells Lelouch that they always observe him. He then dish out a Lelouch Activity Log, listing all of his activities. He also tells Lulu that he was used to lure out C.C. When the army tries to shoot him, however, Lelouch becomes angry and wishes he has power.

* All of a sudden, C.C grabs him and kiss him in the mouth, taking him into her plane. She tells him that if he wants power, he already has it. He simply forgets about it so she urges him to open the door to memory. Lelouch who now remembers everything orders the army to die. Guren Nishiki then arrives with Karen piloting it as well as another Knightmare frame.

* At the same time, Zino Weinberg, Anya Earlstreim, and Kururugi Suzaku stand before the Britannia emperor. Suzaku claims that he was the one who killed Zero.

for more detail summary :
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26 / M / m'sia
Posted 11/30/07 , edited 12/1/07
i think no one got shot..
theres realli goin to be season 2 ...
thats a relief to hear...
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27 / F / to a place you ca...
Posted 11/30/07 , edited 12/1/07
I think Suzaku will shoot Lelouch but then Karen will jump out and take the bullet. Karen will die and she will tell Lelouch to save Japan. Touched by her words, Lelouch will go and meet V.V. and save his sister and find out about some big secrets. Then he will defeat Great Britian and The Order of Black Knights will rise again.
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27 / F / to a place you ca...
Posted 11/30/07 , edited 12/1/07
And of course Suzaku will know that all of his actions are wrong and he will join the Order of Black Knights as well.
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27 / F / beside your heart
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 12/1/07
That sounds nice. And they can work together as a team, huh? I hope C.C. is not going to die.
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29 / M / Malaysia
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 12/2/07
Hmm....let's say C.C. dies and Karen takes her place?
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27 / F / to a place you ca...
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 12/2/07

grande_lich wrote:

Hmm....let's say C.C. dies and Karen takes her place?

No, C.C. can't die. Remember, she cans heal from any wounds (just like Clair in Heroes) And Karen is just a normal human, C.C. is a witch.
Kya! >_< C.C. is so cool.
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29 / M / Malaysia
Posted 12/2/07 , edited 12/3/07
I didn't mean she dies literally. It's not that she lives or dies, it's more like the fact that she's on the ocean floor.

Yeah, C.C. is cute...after Karen, of course
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28 / M / .. None of Your B...
Posted 12/3/07 , edited 12/3/07
i think that karen shoot , but he couldnt kill suzaku , he has the geass ( and he can run on walls and the kick cameras on the cealing .. ahah ) also i dont think C.C die , Grande_lich is right she is on the ocean floor but she is got shoot in the head and was still alive .. so she cant die
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27 / M / Argentina
Posted 12/3/07 , edited 12/3/07
I think lelouch won't kill suzaku, just like lelouchsama said. and C.C... what can I say about her HOOOT. karen is hot too but C.C with that pizza bear ( dunno what it really is)
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27 / M / Argentina
Posted 12/3/07 , edited 12/3/07
what I'm trying to say is that it's impossible that nor C.C or Suzaku or lelouch could die, karen maybeee srry lelouchsama, but I'm almost sure karen will die
something unexpected must happen, right?
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29 / M / Malaysia
Posted 12/3/07 , edited 12/4/07
Ugh. Kakashi, take back these very unpleasant thoughts you planted in my head. Childish I may sound, but Karen must not dieeeeeeee!!!!

That something unexpected lies with V.V. I think. Maybe he'll have some kind of power to control the limbs of any person. That way both Suzaku and Lelouch can't pull the trigger
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28 / M / .. None of Your B...
Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/6/07
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27 / F / beside your heart
Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/7/07
have you guys notice there are some changes in Zero's clothes. awesome!

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26 / M / On my couch being...
Posted 12/6/07 , edited 12/7/07
haha well considered that lelouch wants to overthrow the britinia army and they control like most of the world...but what about the countries that are not under control by great britan? Will they join with the order or britania?
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