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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/19/08

Black Knight v.s White Knight, is the first knight v.s. knight game that we launched on August 5, 2008. There are 2 teams: White Knights team and Black Knights team, each team has 4 knights who are playing against each other. The game is fun and simple, the team which gets the most points will win the game.

How to play:
+In every game there are 5
questions/topics that will be
answer by the players, Black
or White knights
+The first team that has the right
answer will gain 1 point
+Both teams will take turn to go

Round 1 had ended with White
Knights on the lead with 3 points
and Black Knights tried to win
over with 2 points.

Round 2 is continue with
Challenge #6

who will take the crown? the white knights or the black knights
Outstanding players of Game 1 (August)

If you are interesting in this game then you can check out how to play in HERE. You must be a knight and sign up in order to play, but worry not. Knight's applications are available HERE and you can SIGN UP here

Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch Group's Membership Cards is available
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Avatars, Banners and Wallpapers Competition

Avatars, Banners and Wallpaper making contest will be re-open on September 1st, 2008. Contestants will have two weeks to turn in their works. There is no limit on the number of works contestant can turn in, but be sure to turn it in time.The winning avatar and banner will be chosen to be our group's next month avatar and banner. Members will have the chance to vote for your favorite avatar or banner at our group forum when it is available to vote, usually after two weeks the competition started.

If you are interesting to check out the works or to turn in your work click here

Most popular couple of the month

Character of the the month ( July 1008 )

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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08

September's character of the month
by Ephroth

• Name: Rolo Lamperouge
• Age: Known to be 16
• Gender: Male
• Nationality: Britannian
• Occupation: Student of Ashford academy, Assassin, Black Knight supporter
• Family: Lelouch Lamperouge (Brother)
• Knightmare Frame: Vincent prototype
• Geass: Yes
• Geass Ability: The seal of absolute suspension (the ability to stop the sense of time of everyone in a given range)
• Weakness of Geass: His heart stops beating as long as his geass is used.

Rolo is a trained assassin, who killed many powerful (maybe even political) figures during his life. He had his geass since the age of 6. It is unknown with who he had made a contract. (V.V maybe? O:)

Rolo is a character who appears only in the second season, as Lelouch Lamperouge's younger brother, apparently which lead many to think that perhaps he was a long lost brother of Lelouch, half brother, spy and many others. In episode 2, it was revealed that Rolo is a spy to make sure that C.C doesn't come in contact with Zero. As of episode 3 and 4, Lelouch confronts Rolo and turns him over to his side by playing with his emotions. With this, Lelouch's "safe zone" is in ashford academy itself, because Rolo stays in the academy everytime Lelouch puts on his mask to give Lelouch an alibi.

When Jeremiah attacks the academy and Shirley regains her memory, Rolo encounters her in the train station. Shirley reveals that she has regained her memories to Rolo, with that Rolo kills her as he wants to remain as Lelouch brother and states that Lelouch only needs him. That just shows that Rolo is really obessessed with his brother. (In a good way)

During the battle for Tokyo, Lelouch entrusts Rolo with the retrieving of Nunnally, but Rolo's intentions are to kill her. Sayoko retrieves her, while Rolo covers them in a stolen Sutherland. When the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb destroys the government building which Nunally is in, Lelouch falls into despair as Rolo tells him that Nunally is dead. Rolo tries to play his part as Lelouch's brother but ends up angering Lelouch instead. Lelouch then calls Rolo a false brother, even admitting that he tried to kill him repeatedly.

Even after what Lelouch had said, Rolo still saves him when the Black Knights turned against Zero. Despite Lelouch's protests, Rolo uses his geass to the extent that it overtaxes his heart. But he does so knowing that the time he spent with Lelouch was real and, while he may have been used as a tool by everyone around him (possibly even Lelouch), his final action was of his own free will. He refuses to believe that Lelouch meant what he said before, and Lelouch claims to have been lying to make him happy. In the preview of episode 20, Lelouch claims that Rolo wasn't Lelouch vi Britannia's brother, but the brother of Lelouch Lamperouge.

Personally, I think Rolo is a great character in terms of his personality (and his geass) except for the fact that he is overly obsessed with Lelouch. Even after what Lelouch had said to Rolo, he still saves him. That just shows that his love for his brother was real even though they were not related by blood. I'd respect Rolo for that, saving a brother that is not related to him by blood at the expense of his own life.


The September game was so intense, you had trouble to predict what team was going to win but at the end, Jiggs was able to put off and defeat the proud Kumo-chan. Here, this is how they want to share they experiences with you guys.

by Kumo-chan

by jiggs_91290141


If you are interesting in this game then you can check out how to play in HERE. You must be a knight and sign up in order to play, but worry not. Knight's applications are available HERE and you can SIGN UP here


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Posted 10/31/08 , edited 10/31/08

Code Geass Fan Art Competition had been going on for a while now, 9 fabulous artworks were turned in, and we are holding a vote section from October 10 to November 10 remember to cast your vote now! to choose the best 1 from each section (A section & B section) to go to the final. In the Final we will be holding another voting section for members to decide which one would be crowned winner.


October's character of the month
by Ephroth

• Name: Jeremiah Gottwald (Orange-kun)
• Age: ?
• Gender: Male
• Nationality: Britannian
• Occupation: Britiannian army
• Knightmare Frame: Siegfried
• Geass: Yes
• Geass Ability: Cancels the effect of any geass
• Weakness of Geass: None. (Personally I think, the weakness is that it can't do anything but cancel)

In season 1:
Jeremiah is an elite Knightmare Frame pilot concerned with the maintenance of Purist supremacy within Britannian society. He is somewhat overconfident and passionate about furthering his goals, which makes him rash and impulsive in battle. He was a part of Empress Marianne's guard, and he is deeply affected after failing to stop her assassination. Jeremiah is disgraced after failing to move Suzaku Kururugi to his trial when Zero, uses his Geass to make Jeremiah help them escape. Zero calls Jeremiah "Orange," suggesting a hidden connection where none exists, which later becomes a nickname used in taunts by his peers. Jeremiah becomes obsessed with regaining his honor, which leads to his defeat in battle. He is found barely alive by Prince Schneizel's team of scientists, who enhance him with cybernetic implants. During the Black Rebellion, he awakens prematurely and steals the powerful Siegfried Knightmare to find Zero. C.C. drags him and his Knightmare into the ocean in her Gawain.

He eventually comes into contact with V.V. and the Geass cult, who perfect him and give him a Geass Canceler capable of nullifying the effects of any Geass, bulletproof armor, retractable blades on his wrists, and vision beyond the visible spectrum through his cybernetic eye. (Which to me its just too gay O:) He is eventually sent to kill Lelouch, though he soon pledges his allegiance after learning that Lelouch wants to avenge the death of his mother, Marianne. He now takes the nickname "Orange" as a compliment, seeing it as a mark of his loyalty. During the final battle against Schneizel and the Blacks Knights, he fights Anya. He manages to break open the Mordred by self-destructing his own Knightmare and then uses his Geass Canceler to restore her memories. He is later seen feigning protection of Lelouch when Suzaku returns as Zero to assassinate him, suggesting he was part of the promise between the two, Zero Requiem. In a twist of irony at the end of the series, he is shown cultivating an orange farm with Anya.

Personally I think Jeremiah is just weird during the beginning of the series. And in the later part of season one, it made me think even more that he was some psycopath. I practically didn't like him, but he was good for Lelouch kicking his ass. BUT, in season he was still a psycopath to me till he pledged his loyalty to Lelouch. Then, after seeing his past with Lelouch's mother, I gotta say now that his awesome in terms of his loyalty. And the fact that he has his geass canceller, Lelouch has like unlimited use of his geass. (How gay can that get? O: ) And the fact that Jeremiah also knew about Lelouch's plan, it just seems to me that Lelouch considers him someone in his circle of "close people" (C.C, suzaku, etc.) If this series was ever made into a game, he's be a difficult boss or a very good boost to your party. Yeah thumbs up for orange-kun! Oh yeah and, the last episode just made me keep thinking he's orange-kun. I nearly forgot his real name (:

"It's Happy Bunny"
October 24 to November 22

You are determined, intuitive, and passionate.

Other Scorpios are secretive, resentful, and stubborn. And believe me, they were not happy to hear that you were described so nicely. I’m sure that they’re scheming against you. Peek out the window. They’re hiding out there somewhere, right now.

Like Challenges, meaningful work, and being allowed to exercise their skills. And let’s be honest, look at those claws. Scorpios really like pinching people.

Dislike Being taken advantage of, insincerity, and getting slapped right after the pinching. C’mon, nobody gets mad when a Libra weighs something. If you don’t want to get pinched, don’t come around acting all pinchable and everything.

How Scorpio Sees the World: Cute but evil. Things even out.

Ruling Color: RED

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Ruling Lunch Meat: Olive Loaf

The Scorpio Method: Anybody can use the Scorpio Method to answer their questions, but Scorpios are especially good at it.

This method of divination is known as scrying. Fill a dark-colored bowl with water. Sitting alone in a quite room, relax, and stare intently into the water while you think about what you want to know about your future. With practice, you may begin to "see" the answers in the bowl.

**Note that if you get too relaxed, you may slump over into the bowl and drown, which could damage your future somewhat.

like "It's Happy Bunny"? buy the book to read the full version of your zodiac or
You can also read the full version HERE

Scorpio: 3 days Overview



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Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/2/08

opens December 1st

Avatar Claiming forum will be open for people with coupon (from December's Newsletter) to claim many beautiful avatars made by us, the staffs of Code Geass - Hangyaku No Lelouch GROUP @ crunchyroll.


Free Avatars (character from August-November)

August & September

October & November

Picture design from season 1

Pudding Earl
November's character of the month
by Ephroth

• Name: Lloyd Asplund, (ロイド・アスプルンド)
(Pudding Earl)
• Age: ?
• Gender: Male
• Nationality: Britannian noble, Earl
• Occupation: Head of the Scientific Research Team Camelot
• Knightmare Frame: None
• Geass: None

Lloyd Asplund is an earl of the Britannian nobility and the head of the scientific research team Camelot, since the start of the series he is the one developing the elite Knightmare Frame Lancelot. To keep himself from being reminded of the fragility of human lives and friendship, Lloyd immerses himself in science and has come to view people as nothing more than tools. For example, he regards Suzaku as a mere component of the machine that he pilots. He has a tendency to mock others and is often rebuked for this behavior by Cecile Croomy, his assistant. Prior to joining the military, he attended the Imperial Colchester Institute. Lloyd's research organization, is an irregular division of the Britannian Military and has been granted permission by Prince Schneizel to operate outside the command structure and regulations of the regular Britannian armed forces.

Rakshata refers to Lloyd as the Earl of Pudding, as pudding is his favorite food. He is engaged to Milly Ashford in the first season, having agreed to the union mostly in hope that he might obtain the designs of the Knightmare Frame Ganymede. As such, he is forced into doing nice things for her by Suzaku, though Milly breaks off the engagement after she graduates to become more true to herself.

During season two, he is confronted by a distraught Nina, who is shocked by the destruction her weapon caused. Lloyd tells her that she has to make a choice between protecting her heart or sacrificing it to science. When asked by Nina if he had already made that choice, he replies that he was 'broken from the beginning'. He willingly joins Lelouch's new regime, remarking that he and Cecile have become "parts" without ever realizing it. He expresses an interest in studying Lelouch's Geass, only to be warned off by Jeremiah. He works with Nina and Cecile to create a countermeasure to F.L.E.I.J.A. and assists Sayoko during the rescue of the hostages on board the Avalon. He and Cecile are last seen in Ohgi and Viletta's wedding picture.

Okay to me, Lloyd is just weird too, but his nickname Pudding earl is cool (: Makes me feel hungry though, cause I keep thinking about puddings. But anyway thats besides the point, you can obviously see he is smart. Creating a knightmare that can beat the crap out of all the other knightmares, well of course with the help of Suzaku. (You have to give him some credit too) And still after watching the WHOLE code geass series, I still do not understand what happened between him and Rakshata except for the competition of technology. I mean it can't be just that they wanted to compete to see who could create better technology that they fall out with each other. It has to be something else definitely O: (Oh maybe they explained what happened between them but I wasn't paying attention during the show.) So I wouldn't say that Lloyd is character with much character O: I mean he doesn't do anything major except for the creation of knightmares. Hmm in a game, I think he'd be your mission assigner or your shop keeper O:

"It's happy bunny!"
The Archers
November 23-December 21

are honest, optimistic, and savvy.

Other: Sanitarians are careless, blunt and irresponsible. Also, those other parties-shooting arrows everywhere and clomping around, alsways asking for hay sandwiches and apologizing the next day for pooping on the lawn.

Likes: Traveling, freedom, and having a person head and horse body instead of the other way around.

Dislikes: Standing around, fussy people, and huge slobs that always want a horse-back ride.

Ruling color: PURPLE

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Ruling Lunch Meats: Oats

How Sagittarius sees the world?

I just realized. I don't care.

The Sagittarius Method:
any body can use the Sagittarius Method to answer questions, but Sanitarians are especially good at it.

People do this with tea leaves, but you might find it works just as well with the yuck left at the bottom of a coup of hot chocolate. Think about your future as you drink your hot chocolate. When it's almost gone, swirl the cup three times with your left hand and dump it out. Now look for the shapes in the yunch that remains in the cup.

If you see a heart, it could mean love in your future. If you see a dagger, it might mean a enemy in your future. If you see a dead fly, it may mean you'll be getting your hot chocolate someplace else in the future.

like "It's Happy Bunny"? buy the book to read the full version of your zodiac or
You can also read the full version here


these wonderful greeting cards can be sent to your friends, family through email or cruchyroll message or can be use as a header or banner in your profile. You can tell them you care... and Happy Winter Holidays!

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