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Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
heya minna! we're hosting a beauty pageant in the academy! I hope you'd all participate! here are the rules!

1. register first... there is a forum for the registration... (deadline of registrations on Sept. 25)
2. there are 4 parts of this contest!(swim wear, casual wear, formal wear and question and answer)
~the first 3 are for every participant, the Q & A is for the lucky 5 girls and 5 boys who would be chosen through votation in the first 3 parts...
~you should use anime pictures(could be GA or non-GA)
~a contestant should only submit his/her entry after his/her registration is approved...
~you should have a total of 3 pictures, one for each part...
~the deadline for entries are on Sept. 30,2008 where the votation for the finalists would be chosen...
4. FOR THE FOURTH PART: (If you would be one of the lucky persons... )
~a moderator/creator would be asking you a question and you should answer what you think is right... this is mostly opinionated as most beauty pageant questions are...
~after this, the judges would finally declare the winner!
5. prizes:
>~Mr. and Ms. GA Empire
> ~First Runner-up
> ~Second Runner-up
> ~Mr. and Ms. Casual Wear
> ~Mr. and Ms. Swim Wear
> ~Mr. and Ms. Formal Wear
6. the champions would each raise their star rank
7. the people who won awards would be given a banner/medal...(not yet decided)
8. the votation period would last 2 weeks after the deadline of the entries...

creator: lacusxkira
Moderators: ukime,himura_d_yuri, pregal8, mariebern, lihuan1990, nakatsu_taiki, 2mizuiro_star8, tiachan and WinGs818

I hope a lot would join!!!

REGISTER! here's the link! (there's a sample registration in the forum)

thanks a lot!!!

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