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Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
Basically we join together and make a a huge fan fic. About Hey!say!jump.
This whole fan fic Must include ,Hey!say!7 and Hey!Say!BEST.

The Topics that Must be included are =





and Trust.

The Girls =





and a girl of your choice.

(you can introduce yourselves into it if you want you but the aboves are a Must)

Each user must only use 250 words or less.
i will start XD

Chinen woke up early that sunny mourning, “it’s the First day back at school YAY!” He ran over to his wardrobe and took out his freshly washed uniform.
“I wonder what the New Year will be like?” chinen buzzed in his mind. “ahh got to get ready!” he hurried. Don’t want to be late!”
While yuto had his own problems…
“ooohhh DARN, my clothes are too short!, God why am I so tall! I’ve grown even more this summer! Ahhh!” yuto shouted.
“kaa-san, my clothes don’t fit me anymore!, with yuto’s uniform top, just over his belly button and his trousers up to his ankles. He found he had to go to school with it. That mourning, yuto and chinen walked to school together, “umm yuto-chan, what happened to your clothes!?” bizarrely asked chinen, “I grew! This summer! And now I’m going to be the schools number one freak!” shrieked yuto.
“Don’t say that!” said chinen, they both laughed, and carried on walking. Chinen stopped “I wonder where yama-chan is.?”
“Buz Buz Buz”….”Buz Buz Buz”…. (Alarm clock)
“…ehh..hmm..sleep, let me sleep, 5 minutes….”, …“huh what….”
“EHHH WHATS THE TIME! HOLY MOLY IM LATE!” screamed yamada. He rushed to the bathroom and got ready all in the space of 4 minutes.
“Lucky I took a shower last night”. Just as yamada was about to leave, he had one last look at himself, and took a deep breath “Here we go!”…

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